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Stone and Still Water - Fic: From the Desk of Leonard McCoy
While at the Academy, McCoy chooses to do a study on Tarsus IV, having no idea about his best friend's past.
startrek  st:aos  gen  tarsusiv  linelenagain  documentation  reports  academy  jamestkirk  emails  leonardmccoy  length-short 
april 2010 by ratcreature
Black Helicopters at Dawn
Screw the bet. Rodney was going to prove the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. Oh, and incidentally, he might just catch the United States Air Force with their pants around their ankles.
sga  earthside  mckay/sheppard  au  whizzy  pre-canon  slash  ust  pining!rodney  rodneymckay  johnsheppard  radekzelenka  puddlejumper  ancienttech  crashlanding  pov-rodney  pov-3rd  length-novel  tense-past  sabotage  hacking  stranded  radio  geek!john  humor  flying  helicopters  injury  injured-sheppard  conspiracy  canada  friendship  games  shootingpractice  recruiting  atagene  emails  series-blackhelicopters 
march 2009 by ratcreature
anatratrope - The (Dr.) Manhattan Project
John gives Rodney a Valentine's Day present... and things don't turn out quite how he expected. Pretty much light-hearted PWP.
sga  mckay/sheppard  slash  humor  anatratrope  valentinesday  establishedrelationship  postcards  e-card  during-season5  ep-sga-05x20-enemyatthegate  earthside  pov-3rd  length-short  tense-past  pov-sheppard  emails 
march 2009 by ratcreature
maisierita: New SGA fic: The Sheppard Sipher (R, 1 of 2)
He almost misses the key words, because it's been years since he and John played this game, and maybe if the military hadn't come around knocking on his door three weeks ago he wouldn't have noticed the key words at all.
sga  maisierita  gen  johnsheppard  davesheppard  length-medium  tense-present  pov-3rd  pov-davesheppard  earthside  cryptography  cipher  fugitive  mystery  suspense  torture  doppelganger  emails  clone!sheppard  replicator-sheppard  non-human!sheppard 
february 2009 by ratcreature
sg1_jubilee: fic for bluflamingo: Joy! 'Tis Christmas Morning
The party had a surreal feel to it, the cheerful celebration clashing badly with his own internal state of anxiety. He checked his watch, wondering how much longer he had to stay for, then realized that if he left, he'd be alone in his room again. He coul
sga  sg-1  christmas  sheppard/mitchell  slash  establishedrelationship  mia  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  samanthacarter  party  teylaemmagan  ronondex  angst  pov-sheppard  pov-3rd  tense-past  length-short  emails  captive  dadt  sg1_jubilee 
december 2008 by ratcreature

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