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Dinner for Two - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky had followed him to the kitchen and was kneeling naked in the doorway. He was staring up at Steve with the slightly glassy expression Steve knew all too well, although he'd never seen it like this.

Bucky called it going into a pattern, not programming, because his actions weren't predetermined; he just had a limited range of responses to whatever was happening around him.
captainamerica  slash  steverogers  steve/bucky  buckybarnes  hydra  dubcon  food  eatingdisorder  sushi  dirasudis  length-medium  establishedrelationship  feeding  raperecovery 
february 2015 by ratcreature
Thawed Out - auburnnothenna (auburn), eretria - Captain America (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
He's not the Asset. He's not the Winter Soldier. But neither is he Bucky Barnes. With the help of Steve, Sam and the Avengers, James takes the long, slow road to recovery. Nothing is as easy as either of them thought it would be.
captainamerica  avengers  slash  steverogers  buckybarnes  wintersoldier  samwilson  tonystark  brucebanner  pepperpotts  recovery  auburn  eretria  h/c  injury  injured-bucky  post-movie  hydra  length-novel  eatingdisorder  steve/bucky  firsttime  meetingfamily 
december 2014 by ratcreature
coconuts on tv - Much Madness, the Divinest Sense 1; X-Men: First Class (2011)
Charles Xavier, newly released from a mental hospital, vows never to use his powers again. He accompanies his cousin Hank McCoy to the remote island of Pala to work on his thesis. There, he meets Erik Lehnsherr, a marine biologist who has a few secrets of his own
x-men  gen  au  charlesxavier  eriklehnsherr  hankmccoy  modern-au  raven  telepathy  mentalillness  hospital  telepathic-killing  hank/raven  eatingdisorder  charles/erik  moira  dolphins  psychiatrist-moira  dolphin-emmafrost  emmafrost  alexsummers  biologist-erik  length-long  angst  drugs  mik0migi 
august 2011 by ratcreature
hollow_echos - An Apple a Day pt. 1/2
An apple a day keeps the doctor away - or so little Jimmy clung to when he was recovering from Tarsus. He wanted out of the hospital and away from all those too-kind and pitying nurses and doctors, dammit! Now, however, he's pretty much stuck with McCoy f
startrek  st:aos  slash  kirk/mccoy  jamestkirk  leonardmccoy  tarsusiv  hollows-echos  angst  eatingdisorder  pts  h/c  length-medium  pov-kirk  pov-mccoy  pov-3rd  tense-past 
april 2010 by ratcreature
To Strain for Glimmers - Fic: The Words That Bind (14 Valentines Day 1: Body Image)
It started out as a Teyla Learns About Earth And Is Not Always Pleased story, and ended up as the Rodney And Teyla Have Girl Talk story. (Because in my head, Rodney and Teyla have girl talk all the time.)
sga  gen  rodneymckay  chandri  teylaemmagan  bodyimage  pov-teyla  pov-3rd  alienculture  magazine  eatingdisorder  length-short  tense-present  introspection 
february 2009 by ratcreature

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