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SES-verse - arsenicarcher Arsenic - Avengers Marvel - All Media Types, Marvel Avengers Movies Universe, Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers 2012 Archive of Our Own
An AU where Steve s essentially a failed experiment, corporal punishment is the predominant form of discipline and team leaders take the punishments for those under them. Series
avengers  au  dystopia  h/c  injury  injured-steve  arsenic  length-medium  discipline  whipping  steverogers  tonystark  natasharomanov  clintbarton  thor  team  nickfury  punishment  captive  torture 
august 2013 by ratcreature
Exegesis - aesc - X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men (Comicverse) [Archive of Our Own]
Ahead of them the City loomed with the pale eye of the sun falling behind its half-fallen towers like jagged teeth gummed with ice. Erik had heard legends of it, Babylon the abomination, the home to those who denied the godhead of En Sabah Nur. Sebastian had gone on endlessly about the City and the heretics who had protected it, loving descriptions from the chronicles and his own imagination concerning the destruction visiting upon it and how the Savieri had been made to pay for their blasphemy and had perished along with the humans they sheltered. [Or, the one where dystopia meets vague social allegory meets XMFC.]
x-men  aesc  au  dystopia  wip  worldbuilding  alpha-omega  eriklehnsherr  slash  sebastianshaw  charlesxavier  charles/erik  mutants-are-public  mutants-rule  apocafic  fugitive  moira  raven  logan  religion  winter 
march 2012 by ratcreature
The King's Gambit Chapter 1: Moving Pieces, a x-men: the movie fanfic - FanFiction.Net
AU after X-Men: First Class. In a world where mutants are ruthlessly hunted by the government, the combined forces of Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr encounter a man who could be their undoing. A man who has fully earned the title of "monster."
x-men  gen  charlesxavier  eriklehnsherr  dystopia  mutant-resistance  capture  rescue  injury  injured-xavier  stryker  gambit  deathstroke  hankmccoy  seancassidy  jasonstryker 
august 2011 by ratcreature
waketosleep | Star Trek Big Bang: Looking For a Place to Happen (master post)
In a timeline where the Vulcans never allowed Earth freedom from their oversight, Jim Kirk doesn't fit in. All he needs to get away is a fast ship and a crew as crazy as he is; luckily, some things are universal constants.
Notes: An AU expanded and conti
startrek  au  st:aos  dystopia  humor  vulcans  prison  delinquent-kirk  pre-canon  slash  pov-kirk  bond  telepathy  escape  jamestkirk  spock  spaceship  waketosleep  thieves  spock-raised-on-earth  earth-occupied  romulan  spacestation  ferengi  uhura  leonardmccoy  scotty  chekov  bigbang  length-long  kirk/spock 
november 2009 by ratcreature
ennyousai_fic - Chiaroscuro
Massive AU, as in the Federation doesn't even exist and Earth's First Contact with an alien species didn't go too well. As a result, humans are pretty much all slaves, as they're not seen as being good for much else. The Vulcans don't approve of this, but
startrek  au  slash  dystopia  spock/mccoy  st:aos  slavefic  slave-mccoy  leonardmccoy  spock  cardassians  amanda  vulcans  pov-spock  pov-3rd  dubcon  orions  earth-occupied  ennyousai  length-short  tense-present 
august 2009 by ratcreature
waketosleep | Star Trek: The Sky Was Made for Us Tonight
The Vulcans thought that humans in space, unsupervised, would be too much for the galaxy to handle. And that was before Jim Kirk came along.
startrek  au  st:aos  dystopia  humor  vulcans  prison  delinquent-kirk  pre-canon  kirk/spock  slash  pov-kirk  bond  telepathy  escape  jamestkirk  spock  spaceship  waketosleep  thieves  spock-raised-on-earth  earth-occupied 
august 2009 by ratcreature
Through a Glass, Darkly: a Stargate Atlantis fanfic
When an injured John Sheppard shows up at his door in the middle of the night, David Sheppard finds himself in the middle of a desperate adventure. Hunted by implacable enemies and haunted by past misunderstandings, the two brothers struggle to survive in
sga  gen  earthside  dystopia  paralleluniverses  doppelganger  davesheppard  johnsheppard  ronondex  rodneymckay  reconcilliation  patricksheppard  daedalus  h/c  injury  injured-sheppard  pov-3rd  pov-davesheppard  length-medium  tense-past  rhymer23  quantummirror  angst 
december 2008 by ratcreature
raselghethi: "M" Is for Monster
Declared a monster by society, John Sheppard is resigned to a life of nothing much. Until one day, he meets a brilliant and rebellious scientist.
sga  slash  remix  au  seleneheart  dystopia  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  pov-sheppard  pov-3rd  tense-past  homophobia  mckay/sheppard  laborcamp  science  length-medium  angst  atagene  dubcon  astronomy  earthside 
july 2008 by ratcreature

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