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Touch 1/2
However, as far as touch was concerned? He was a connoisseur. In fact, in some circles, Jim Kirk was considered a bit of a savant on the subject … until he met the exception. Because there's always an exception to prove the rule. Touch is a Switch-verse i
startrek  kirk/mccoy  slash  ceres-libra  jamestkirk  leonardmccoy  introspection  characterstudy  establishedrelationship  series  futurefic  pov-kirk  pov-3rd  length-medium  tarsusiv  dreams 
june 2010 by ratcreature
The Introspective Geek - Fic: "Secret Garden" PG-13
Captain Kirk has a garden. Like Kirk, there's more to his garden than his crew might imagine.
startrek  st:aos  characterstudy  jamestkirk  pov-multiple  pov-3rd  leonardmccoy  spock  uhura  scotty  sulu  garden  botany  plants  tarsusiv  mijan  length-medium 
june 2010 by ratcreature
blcwriter: Mulled Cider, Turkey and Madeleines
Jim and Leo are stranded on a planet at Christmas-- Leo's memories of Christmas are bittersweet. It turns out Jim's are just bitter. Angsty and schmoopy with mentions of Tarsus. Many thanks to sangue for the beta and for the idea of the [info]space_wrappe
startrek  st:aos  crashlanding  christmas  blcwriter  angst  tarsusiv  jamestkirk  leonardmccoy  length-medium  stranded  slash  kirk/mccoy  characterstudy  winter  shuttle  food  allergy  pov-3rd  pov-mccoy 
december 2009 by ratcreature
vaingirlfic: Fic: Like Lightning
Teenage Jim, tattoos, Tarsus, anger. I don't know why, sometimes you just shouldn't ask.
startrek  st:aos  gen  tarsusiv  jamestkirk  characterstudy  tattoo  pre-canon  pov-kirk  pov-3rd  vaingirl  length-short  tense-past 
november 2009 by ratcreature
in the dark - STXI Fic: Collecting Fallout from the Blast
Gen. Kirk-centric, James and introducing the infamous Man with Only A Name, Tiberius Kirk. Special guest shot from McCoy at the end.
startrek  st:aos  jamestkirk  tiberiuskirk  leonardmccoy  family  tarsusiv  grieving  characterstudy  pov-multiple  childabuse  abuse  frank  earthside  pre-canon  pov-winonakirk  pov-kirk  iowa  christopherpike  pov-pike  northatlantic  length-short  tense-present 
august 2009 by ratcreature

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abuse  academy  allergy  angelqueen  angst  au  bigbang  birthday  blcwriter  botany  ceres-libra  characterstudy  childabuse  christmas  christopherpike  crashlanding  danahid  delinquent-kirk  dreams  during-movie  earthside  emluv  establishedrelationship  ever-obsessed  family  fivethings  food  frak  frank  futurefic  gaila  garden  gen  georgekirk  grieving  het  hoshi  humor  impliedhet  impliedslash  introspection  iowa  jamestkirk  janicerand  kirk/mccoy  kirk/spock  kobayashimaru  language  lazulisong  length-medium  length-short  leonardmccoy  mijan  movies  northatlantic  originalcharacter  panicattack  phonecalls  plants  pov-3rd  pov-frank  pov-kirk  pov-mccoy  pov-multiple  pov-oc  pov-pike  pov-samkirk  pov-winonakirk  pre-canon  roadtrip  roses  sam/aurelan  samkirk  scotty  series  series-brightlight  shuttle  slash  smart-kirk  spock  spock-prime  st:aos  starfleet  startrek  stranded  sulu  tarsusiv  tattoo  teenage-kirk  tense-past  tense-present  thistlerose  tiberiuskirk  uhura  usskelvin  vaingirl  vulcan  vulcans  waldorph  walksbyherself  winona/frank  winona/george  winonakirk  winter  yuma 

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