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Academia - SummerFrost - Check Please! (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
A collection of fics for my Kent Goes to Samwell AU! Infinity, Plus One is the main story and should be read first, and the rest can be read in any order. Ficlets are not in chronological order; where they fall in the timeline will be discussed in the author's notes.
checkplease  au  college  kentparson  ericbittle  length-novel  eric/kent  jackzimmermann  jack/kent  summerfrost  comingout  drunk  alcoholism  angst  cuddling  bullying  infidelity  pining  pov-bitty 
january 2017 by ratcreature
gone_ashore - Any Road Will Take You There (1/?)
This is a slow-developing K/M story, that begins just after the shuttle ride. Contrary to most fics, I don't actually think Jim and Bones would be instant friends. Some things take a while.
startrek  slash  kirk/mccoy  jamestkirk  gone_ashore  academy  st:aos  firsttime  pov-mccoy  pov-3rd  angst  injured-kirk  allergy  tarsusiv  earthquake  collapsedbuilding  bullying  christopherpike  length-novel 
march 2010 by ratcreature
insaneidiot: [Star Trek Reboot] Hold Me Down (This Starless City): Part 1
Iowa is a cage with invisible chains, and Jim is living in captivity. (Or, The Epic Tale of James Tiberius Kirk, from the ages of 5 to 22.)
startrek  st:aos  pre-canon  teenage-kirk  delinquent-kirk  barfight  bar  smart-kirk  gen  jamestkirk  samkirk  frank  childabuse  alcoholism  depression  winonakirk  pov-kirk  pov-3rd  school  bullying  angst  iowa  car  bigbang  length-novel 
november 2009 by ratcreature
The Omnivorous Geek - I Feel the Failure of Protection in My Bones
"Well, something has happened, yes," the principal said slowly. "Not to your son, per se. More accurately, he did something to someone else."
supernatural  series  series-rainfallingdown  maychorian  bobby  johnwinchester  length-short  castiel  au  deanwinchester  bullying  jimmynovak  angst  childabuse  pov-johnwinchester  pov-3rd  tense-present  school 
november 2009 by ratcreature
When I was young and fever fell 1/?
AU in which Spock grows up on Earth and meets Kirk as a kid. A series of snapshots of their bond and its growth over the years. In this installment, you'll see the boys at ages 5 and 8.
startrek  au  kidfic  jamestkirk  spock  school  amanda  sarek  winonakirk  spock-raised-on-earth  folklore  kirk/spock  slash  fighting  bullying  fluff  pov-kirk  pov-3rd  earthside 
august 2009 by ratcreature
blcwriter: Reverse Order
Jim has regularly hit on Pike since the bar incident. Although attracted to Jim - because who wouldn't be?? - Pike has always kindly turned him down. After Jim rescues Pike, Jim turns into a really good friend by regularly checking in on him, etc. After
startrek  kirk/pike  wip  slash  het  pike/numberone  christopherpike  pov-pike  st:aos  pre-canon  academy  blcwriter  childabuse  winonakirk  jamestkirk  leonardmccoy  pining  pining!pike  bar  pool  smart-kirk  angst  pike/omc  flashbacks  mentor-pike  originalcharacter  georgekirk  bullying  protective-mccoy 
august 2009 by ratcreature
reve/sans fin/ni treve/a rien - Spirits That Just Wouldn't Seem To Be Made Of Glass
From this prompt on the kink meme. Basically, Spock has spent his entire life being suicidally depressed, trying to find a perfectly logical reason to kill himself. Kirk finds out.
startrek  st:aos  spock  jamestkirk  angst  kirk/spock  slash  firsttime  suicide  depression  thelilytriad  pov-spock  pre-canon  bullying  length-short  tense-past  pov-3rd 
august 2009 by ratcreature
Writ Large - Fic: Dear Diary
Mandy gets a new lab partner. He has long legs, a gorgeous smile, and a brother with a really cool car.
supernatural  pre-canon  gen  samwinchester  highschool  outsider_pov  diary  teen-chesters  rivers_bend  originalcharacter  pov-oc  pov-1st  bullying  sam/ofc  prom  length-short  deanwinchester  impala 
july 2008 by ratcreature
Balance of Power, a Supernatural fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Dean and Sam get into a fight at school, and John finds himself in the principal’s office. Lucky for the boys, his standards for behavior are a bit different from hers.
supernatural  gen  pre-canon  wee-chesters  school  teachers  bullying  fighting  samwinchester  deanwinchester  johnwinchester  pov-3rd  pov-johnwinchester  length-short  tense-past  philote  injury  injured-sam  injured-dean  protective-sam  protective-dean 
july 2008 by ratcreature
lyra_wing: I love high school
Sam at 16. Adjusting to a new school, once again. Going through everything a 16-year-old goes through – bullies, family issues, school, plans for college, and yes, questioning his sexuality.
supernatural  gen  pre-canon  lyra_wing  sam/omc  samwinchester  highschool  sexualidentitycrisis  training  bullying  theater  schoolplay  teen-chesters 
june 2008 by ratcreature
sga_flashfic: Fat My Dust, by Speranza
From 1976 to 1979, or, in other words, from the third to the sixth grade, John's family moved no fewer than thirteen times.
sga  mckay/sheppard  pre-canon  highschool  bullying  flashbacks  dadt  slash  impliedhet  rodneymckay  johnsheppard  firsttime  rodney/katie  cesperanza  angst  jeanniemckay  homophobia  clueless!john  misunderstanding  jealousy 
july 2007 by ratcreature
Muse-o-rama - New SPN Fic: Dazzleland, Chapter 1/10
“Someone goes over Niagara in a barrel. You gonna jump in and try to save them?” – Dean Winchester, Crossroad Blues. Sam’s making plans, and they don’t include his father or hunting. They might not even include Dean. High school in two time peri
supernatural  gen  deanwinchester  samwinchester  plotty  pre-canon  big-pink  highschool  episoderelated  ep-crossroadblues  demon  johnwinchester  yed  niagara  ghost  suicide  schoolshooting  bullying  stanford-era  angst  het  sam/ofc  teachers  teacher!sam  fighting  hunting  psychic!sam  telepathy  demonkids  sacrifice  teen-chesters 
june 2007 by ratcreature

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academy  alcoholism  allergy  amanda  angel  angst  au  badass-sam  bar  barfight  basketball  big-pink  bigbang  blcwriter  blueiris08  bobby  bodyswitch  breakup  bullying  bus  car  castiel  cesperanza  characterstudy  charlieeppes  checkplease  chemm80  childabuse  christopherpike  clueless!john  coach  collapsedbuilding  college  comingout  cuddling  cupiscent  dadt  dean/ofc  deanwinchester  delinquent-kirk  demon  demonkids  depression  diary  diner  dodger_winslow  dolimir  domestic  doneppes  drunk  during-season4  earthquake  earthside  embroiderama  ep-crossroadblues  episoderelated  eric/kent  ericbittle  fbi  fighting  firsttime  fivethings  flashbacks  fluff  folklore  frank  friendship  gambling  geek!john  gen  georgekirk  ghost  gone_ashore  hell  het  highschool  homophobia  hunting  impala  impliedhet  infidelity  injured-dean  injured-johnwinchester  injured-kirk  injured-sam  injured-spock  injury  iowa  jack/kent  jackzimmermann  jamestkirk  jealousy  jeanniemckay  jess  jess-survives  jimmynovak  johnsheppard  johnwinchester  kellifer_fic  kentparson  kidfic  kikkimax  kindergarten  kirk/mccoy  kirk/pike  kirk/spock  lemonpoptart  length-long  length-medium  length-novel  length-short  leonardmccoy  lilith  lyra_wing  margareteppes  mary  maychorian  mckay/sheppard  meeting-as-children  mentor-pike  misunderstanding  moving  music  neglect  niagara  numb3rs  originalcharacter  outsider_pov  pastorjim  pheebs1  philote  pike/numberone  pike/omc  pining  pining!pike  plotty  pool  pov-1st  pov-3rd  pov-bitty  pov-bobby  pov-dean  pov-johnwinchester  pov-kirk  pov-mccoy  pov-multiple  pov-oc  pov-omniscient  pov-pike  pov-samwinchester  pov-spock  pov-uriel  powerful-dean  powerful-sam  pre-canon  pregnancy  prom  protective-dean  protective-don  protective-mccoy  protective-sam  psychic!sam  quantumleap  rivers_bend  rodney/katie  rodneymckay  sacrifice  sam/jess  sam/ofc  sam/omc  samkirk  samwinchester  sarek  school  schoolplay  schoolshooting  series  series-rainfallingdown  sexualidentitycrisis  sga  slash  smalltown  smart-kirk  sparring  spn_summergen  spock  spock-raised-on-earth  spock/uhura  st:aos  stanford-era  startrek  storm  suicide  summerfrost  supernatural  superpowers  tarsusiv  teacher!sam  teachers  teen-chesters  teenage-kirk  telekinesis  telepathy  tense-past  tense-present  theater  thelilytriad  tigriswolf  training  trekkinthestars  uriel  wee-chesters  winonakirk  wip  yed  zjofierose  _inbetween_ 

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