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Template:Songkick - Wikipedia
I made a Wikipedia template for adding @Songkick links to artist pages on Wikipedia, using values from @Wikidata
tweetit  Songkick  mywpcreation  myWikidataProperty 
13 hours ago by pigsonthewing
Moraea sisyrinchium - Wikipedia
Over breakfast in sunny Algarve, I wrote a Wikipedia article on 'Moraea sisyrinchium' - a local iris species
tweetit  mywpcreation  Algarve  botany  species 
5 days ago by pigsonthewing
Flavio Poli - Wikipedia
I started a Wikipedia article on glassmaker Flavio Poli, as seen on @BBC_ARoadshow just now
tweetit  biography  glass  artists  mywpcreation 
11 days ago by pigsonthewing
Witness seminar - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia on Witness seminars - a method of collecting oral history material
mywpcreation  tweetit  OralHistory  history 
11 days ago by pigsonthewing
Synalpheus pinkfloydi - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about the newly described species, Synalpheus pinkfloydi, the Pink Floyd pistol shrimp
tweetit  mywpcreation  PinkFloyd  taxon 
15 days ago by pigsonthewing
Pygmephorus lutterloughae - Wikipedia
I wrote Wikipedia articles on the species 'Pygmephorus lutterloughae', and on its two parent taxons
tweetit  mywpcreation  taxon 
16 days ago by pigsonthewing
Initiative for Open Citations - Wikipedia
I created a Wikipedia article about @i4oc_org - The Initiative for Open Citations
tweetit  mywpcreation  I4OC  OpenData  Wikicite 
21 days ago by pigsonthewing
Karl Hagedorn (1889-1969) - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about artist and illustrator Karl Hagedorn (1889-1969) / @artukdotorg
tweetit  mywpcreation  art  biography 
28 days ago by pigsonthewing
Lefevre Gallery - Wikipedia
I created a Wikipedia article about the historic Lefevre [art] Gallery
tweetit  mywpcreation  art  history 
5 weeks ago by pigsonthewing
Brynhild Parker - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article on artist and illustrator Brynhild Parker
tweetit  mywpcreation  biography  art 
5 weeks ago by pigsonthewing
Edward Thomson Davis - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article on Worcester artist Edward Thomson Davis, who died young
tweetit  mywpcreation  art  biography 
6 weeks ago by pigsonthewing
Iraq and Afghanistan Wars Memorial, London - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about the new Iraq and Afghanistan Wars Memorial, in London
tweetit  mywpcreation  WarMemorials  London 
7 weeks ago by pigsonthewing
Leekfrith torcs - Wikipedia
Today's announcement of major archaeological find in Staffs, Leekfrith Iron Age Torcs, now on Wikipedia
tweetit  mywpcreation  archaeology  Staffordshire 
8 weeks ago by pigsonthewing
Pheasey - Wikipedia
Today I largely rewrote the Wikipedia article on Pheasey, near here I live.
tweetit  mywpcreation  Pheasey  localhistory  Walsall 
8 weeks ago by pigsonthewing
Walsall Silver Thread Tapestries - Wikipedia
I enjoyed seeing the 'Walsall Silver Thread Tapestries' today, so wrote a Wikipedia article on them
tweetit  mywpcreation  walsall  art  tapestries 
10 weeks ago by pigsonthewing
Urban District of Perry Barr - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article on Urban District of Perry Barr, where the place I live was, from 1894-1928
tweetit  mywpcreation  PerryBarr  GreatBarr  Birminghamuk  localhistory  localgov 
11 weeks ago by pigsonthewing
RNLB Queen Victoria - Wikipedia
I created a Wikipedia article about historic lifeboat 'RNLB Queen Victoria', as just seen on @AntiqueRoadTrip
tweetit  mywpcreation  lifeboat  RNLI 
january 2017 by pigsonthewing
The Open Definition - Wikipedia
I created a Wikipedia article on 'The Open Definition'; a vital doc in understanding open content & open data
tweetit  mywpcreation  OpenData  opencontent  OpenDefinition 
january 2017 by pigsonthewing
Vaclav Jelinek - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia biography of the Czechoslovak spy, Vaclav Jelinek, aka Erwin van Haarlem
tweetit  mywpcreation  espionage  Czechoslovakia  biography 
january 2017 by pigsonthewing
Cecil W Bacon - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia bio of Cecil W Bacon - English poster artist from 1920s-1960s
tweetit  mywpcreation  biography  art  LondonTransport 
december 2016 by pigsonthewing
Savay Farm - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about Grade-1 listed Savay Farm, Buckinghamshire - needs a pic!
tweetit  mywpcreation  Buckinghamshire  architecture 
december 2016 by pigsonthewing
Windy Hill, Kilmacolm - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about Windy Hill, a house in Kilmacolm, by Charles Rennie Mackintosh
tweetit  mywpcreation  architecture  CharlesRennieMackintosh  Scotland 
december 2016 by pigsonthewing
St. Margaret's Church, Great Barr - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article on St. Margaret's Church, Great Barr; on border of Birmingham, Walsall & West Brom
tweetit  mywpcreation  GreatBarr  church 
december 2016 by pigsonthewing
Harry Mitchell (brewer) - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia bio of Harry Mitchell, MD of Mitchells & Butlers, of Smethwick, England
tweetit  mywpcreation  Smethwick  biography  MitchellsButlers 
november 2016 by pigsonthewing
Monument to the X-ray and Radium Martyrs of All Nations - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about the 'X-ray Martyrs' Memorial' in Hamburg, Germany
tweetit  Hamburg  mywpcreation  XRays 
november 2016 by pigsonthewing
Tuberolachnus salignus - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about the giant willow aphid, Tuberolachnus salignus, supposedly the largest aphid
tweetit  mywpcreation  zoology 
november 2016 by pigsonthewing
Lines family - Wikipedia
I made a short Wikipedia article about the Lines family, artists, of Birmingham
tweetit  mywpcreation  art  Birminghamuk  biography 
november 2016 by pigsonthewing
Snead's Green - Wikipedia
I started a Wikipedia article about Snead's Green, an area of Droitwich, Worcs, England
tweetit  mywpcreation  Worcestershire  DroitwichSpa 
november 2016 by pigsonthewing
Willem van Dedem - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia biography of Dutch art collector and donor Willem van Dedem
tweetit  mywpcreation  biography  art  Netherlands 
november 2016 by pigsonthewing
The Senses (Rembrandt) - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article on Rembrandt's series of paintings, 'The Senses', which I saw today.
tweetit  mywpcreation  Rembrandt  art 
november 2016 by pigsonthewing
Henry Gough, Knt - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia bio of Sir Henry Gough, Knt (1649-1724) of Perry Hall in Perry Barr, also MP for Tamworth
tweetit  mywpcreation  biography 
november 2016 by pigsonthewing
Charlotte Thompson-Edgar - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia bio of Squadron leader Charlotte Thompson-Edgar, seen on #FestivalofRemembrance tonight
tweetit  mywpcreation  biography  nursing  FestivalofRemembrance 
november 2016 by pigsonthewing
York and Lancaster Memorial, Sheffield - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about the York & Lancs Regt War Memorial in Weston Park, Sheffield
tweetit  mywpcreation  warmemorials  Sheffield 
november 2016 by pigsonthewing
Croydon Cenotaph - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about Croydon Cenotaph
tweetit  mywpcreation  warmemorials  Croydon 
november 2016 by pigsonthewing
The Tree of Knowledge (mural) - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about 'The Tree of Knowledge', a listed mural by Alan Boyson, in Salford
tweetit  mywpcreation  salford  mural  PublicArt  AlanBoyson 
november 2016 by pigsonthewing
Alan Boyson - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia bio of English muralist Alan Boyson, who taught at Wolverhampton Art College
tweetit  mywpcreation  biography  art  Wolverhampton  AlanBoyson 
november 2016 by pigsonthewing
Co-Op Mosaic - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article on the Co-Op Mosaic in Hull. There's a petition to get it listed.
tweetit  mywpcreation  Hull  mural  PublicArt  AlanBoyson 
november 2016 by pigsonthewing
Greta Binford - Wikipedia
I wrote a short Wikipedia biography of the arachnologist Greta Binford, professor at @lewisandclark
tweetit  mywpcreation  biography  spiders 
november 2016 by pigsonthewing
Austrarchaea binfordae - Wikipedia
I wrote a short Wikipedia article about the Australian spider Austrarchaea binfordae
tweetit  mywpcreation  taxon  spiders  NewSouthWales 
november 2016 by pigsonthewing
Nathaniel Cholmley - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about 18th century MP Nathaniel Cholmley
tweetit  mywpcreation  biography  NathanielCholmley 
november 2016 by pigsonthewing
Diasporus ventrimaculatus - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about Diasporus ventrimaculatus, a species of dink frog
tweetit  mywpcreation  biology  frogs 
october 2016 by pigsonthewing
Species novae - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about the taxonomic term 'Species novae'
taxonomy  tweetit  mywpcreation 
october 2016 by pigsonthewing
Pristina railway station - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about Pristina railway station #fb
mywpcreation  tweetit  Pristina  railways  fb 
october 2016 by pigsonthewing
David Watts (teacher) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I wrote a Wikipedia bio of amateur wildlife sound recordist David Watts. I want to be like him.
tweetit  mywpcreation  biography  wildlife 
october 2016 by pigsonthewing
John Parslow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I wrote a Wikipedia biography of the ornithologist John Parslow
tweetit  mywpcreation  biography  ornithology 
october 2016 by pigsonthewing
Washington Principles on Nazi-Confiscated Art - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article on the 1998 "Washington Principles on Nazi-Confiscated Art"
tweetit  mywpcreation  NaziGermany  art  WW2 
october 2016 by pigsonthewing
The Family of Man (Karl Dallas) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In memory of my friend Karl Dallas, I wrote a Wikipedia article about his song 'The Family of Man'
tweetit  mywpcreation  KarlDallas  songs 
september 2016 by pigsonthewing
Kenneth Chance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I wrote a Wikipedia bio of Birmingham industrialist & ornithologist Kenneth Macomb Chance
tweetit  mywpcreation  biography  ornithology  localhistory  Birmingham  Oldbury  oology 
september 2016 by pigsonthewing
Geoffrey Mitchell (conductor) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I wrote a Wikipedia bio of choirmaster Geoffrey Mitchell, who worked with Pink Floyd
tweetit  mywpcreation  biography  PinkFloyd 
september 2016 by pigsonthewing
Wikipedia:WikiProject Wikidata - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I started English Wikipedia's "WikiProject Wikidata" to improve integration with @Wikidata
tweetit  mywpcreation  wikidata 
september 2016 by pigsonthewing
Samuel Dixon (artist) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I started a Wikipedia article on Samuel Dixon, artist, as featured on tonight's @BBC_ARoadshow
tweetit  antiquesroadshow  mywpcreation  biography  Ireland 
august 2016 by pigsonthewing
Whistling kettle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Remarkably, Wikipedia had no "Whistling kettle" article. So I wrote one. With audio.
tweetit  mywpcreation 
august 2016 by pigsonthewing
Template:United Kingdom properties
All(?) the @Wikidata properties that are UK (or constituent part) specific
Wikidata  mywpcreation  myWikidataProperty  tweetit 
august 2016 by pigsonthewing
List of public art in Nottinghamshire
I started a 'List of public art in Nottinghamshire', on Wikipedia. Can you help to complete it?
tweetit  mywpcreation  PublicArt  Nottinghamshire 
august 2016 by pigsonthewing
List of public art in Derbyshire
I started a 'List of public art in Derbyshire', on Wikipedia. Can you help to complete it?
tweetit  mywpcreation  Derbyshire 
august 2016 by pigsonthewing
Ernest Durig
I wrote a Wikipedia bio of art forger Ernest Durig, as featured in tonight's #FakeOrFortune
tweetit  mywpcreation  biography  art  sculpture  FakeOrFortune 
july 2016 by pigsonthewing
Andrés Ruzo
I wrote a Wikipedia bio of explorer Andrés Ruzo, @georuzo
tweetit  mywpcreation  TED  biography 
july 2016 by pigsonthewing
Stephen Petranek
I wrote a Wikipedia bio of science writer Stephen Petranek
mywpcreation  tweetit  biography  TED 
july 2016 by pigsonthewing
Zak Ebrahim
I wrote a Wikipedia bio of peace campaigner Zak Ebrahim
tweetit  mywpcreation  TED  biography 
july 2016 by pigsonthewing
Telipogon diabolicus
I wrote Wikipedia article about newly-discovered, critically-endangered Orchid, 'Telipogon diabolicus'
tweetit  mywpcreation  Orchids  Telipogon  Telipogondiabolicus 
july 2016 by pigsonthewing
Kofoworola Abeni Pratt
I wrote a Wikipedia article on Kofoworola Abeni Pratt, as featured on #WomansHour this morning
tweetit  mywpcreation  nursing  Nigeria  blackhistory  NHS  WomansHour 
july 2016 by pigsonthewing
I wrote "how institutions can add @ORCID_org iDs for their staff/students/authors to Wikipedia"
tweetit  Wikipedia  ORCID  mywpcreation  howto  tutorial 
july 2016 by pigsonthewing
Michael Gove
I created a Wikiquote page on Michael Gove. What quotes should we add?
tweetit  mywpcreation  Wikiquote  MichaelGove 
june 2016 by pigsonthewing
Varenna-Esino-Perledo station
I made a Wikipedia article about Varenna-Esino-Perledo station in Italy. #Wikimania
mywpcreation  Italy  railways  tweetit  Wikimania 
june 2016 by pigsonthewing
J. Ashford & Son building
I wrote a Wikipedia article about Grade II*-listed J. Ashford & Son building, in Birmingham.
tweetit  mywpcreation  listedbuildings  Birminghamuk  localhistory 
june 2016 by pigsonthewing
Arezzo War Cemetery
Wrote a Wikipedia article about Arezzo War Cemetery, where my dad's cousin Eric Ray (d. age 21) is buried.
tweetit  mywpcreation  Italy  WW2  cemeteries 
june 2016 by pigsonthewing
Eastham bridge
I wrote a Wikipedia article about Eastham bridge, Worcestershire, which collapsed today.
tweetit  mywpcreation  Worcestershire  bridges 
may 2016 by pigsonthewing
I wrote a Wikipedia article about @BirdTrack (CC @WiciCymru)
tweetit  mywpcreation  BirdTrack  BTO 
april 2016 by pigsonthewing
VocalEyes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I wrote Wikipedia article on @VocalEyesAD & the #LondonBeyondSight audio they donated @ Wikipedia
tweetit  mywpcreation  LondonBeyondSight  VocalEyesAD 
january 2016 by pigsonthewing
John Joseph Mechi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I wrote a Wikipedia bio of inventor & farming science pioneer John Joseph Mechi, Alderman of London
tweetit  mywpcreation  biography 
january 2016 by pigsonthewing
Kathy Townsend - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I wrote a Wikipedia bio of marine biologist Kathy Townsend of @ProjectManta @UQ_News @earthwatch_org
tweetit  mywpcreation  biography  marinebiology 
january 2016 by pigsonthewing
Must Farm Bronze Age settlement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about @MustFarm Bronze Age settlement - needs pics & coordinates
tweetit  mywpcreation  archaeology  Cambridgeshire 
january 2016 by pigsonthewing
Witold Sobków - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I wrote a Wikipedia bio of Witold Sobków, the Polish ambassador to the United Kingdom / @PolishEmbassyUK
tweetit  mywpcreation  Poland  biography 
january 2016 by pigsonthewing
Labib (mascot) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Was intrigued about this character in Tunisia last April; teamwork means we've put him on En & Fr Wikipedia
tweetit  mywpcreation  WikiArabia  Tunisia 
december 2015 by pigsonthewing
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