Espers in FFXII
for Wardens of Ivalice research
january 2016
Sententiola - Pro tip
really excellent overview on why "innocent until proven guilty" isn't a trump card in personal debate
feminism  law  mooreandme 
december 2010
Everyone needs chords of doom on demand.
movies  funny  music  in-case-of-emergency 
october 2010
Darths & Droids - #50
Updated with a new layer every 50 strips.
comic  funny  webcomic 
september 2010
Fandom Wank - The famous Anne Rice wank
Interrogating the text from the wrong perspective
blog  wank  fandom  history 
june 2010
Bitch Ph.D. - Do You Trust Women?
Classic argument on abortion, and also (although she doesn't use these words) the "tone argument".
blog  feminism  essays 
november 2009
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