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We’ve got to stop using valuation as the primary measure of a startup’s worth - Quartz
Measure yourself on whether your employees are happy. Measure yourself on whether your customers are happy. Measure yourself on how much free cash flow your business is generating. Measure yourself on how your brand is known and appreciated around the world. Measure yourself on how your spouse and children feel about you when you come home from work each day. You control all of those things, at least to some degree.
startup  valuation 
may 2015 by natasjagiezen
The 3 Most Important Characteristics When Hiring at a Startup
To find an honest person, ask candidates this question, “Since you have the unfair advantage of knowing everything about yourself, please tell me the one thing about yourself that, if I knew it, would cause me to seriously question whether I should hire you. Oh, and don’t try to spin a weakness into a strength.” 
hiring  startup  hr  interviewing 
october 2014 by natasjagiezen
The Wrong Kind of Research: Stop Throwing Your Dreams Into the Deep End | Lauren Bacon
Don’t let your comparison–your fears, disguised as The Voice of Reason–stop your nascent dream from unfolding. Let them remind you, instead, that you’re on exactly the right track.
fear  advice  startup  life 
february 2014 by natasjagiezen
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