Setting up an asynchronous task queue for Django using Celery and Redis - Michał Karzyński
article on setting up celery/pytho/redis on aws, looks a little out-dated however.
article  django  python  celery  redis  old  amazon  celery_events  aws 
3 days ago
One Year Using Go
good uptdated article looking at the golang frameworks and what is up
golang  oneyear  learning  article  reference  links  libraries  frameworks 
7 weeks ago
Managing your AWS Container Infrastructure with Python | Caktus Group
great article on the many approaches to configuring infrastructure on amazon for python/django. lots of links to other articles and tools
article  amazon  aws  django  python  docker  ec2  troposphere  cloud_formation  ecs 
7 weeks ago
Google is now operating its own Root Certificate Authority to increase product security | 9to5Google
article about good and becoming a CA.... slightly wrong, the GlobalSign is still a private company according to wiki
ssl  hickory  google  provider  ca 
7 weeks ago
SSL Certificates | Website Encryption
so learning now that rapidssl is most likely getting booted as well. After googling, found some documentation indicating Google acquired this company and will eventually enter into the ssl market as a CA.
ssl  google  ssl_certificates  support  tls  server  future  rapidssl 
7 weeks ago
Do’s & Don’ts of Re-publishing Content on Medium or LinkedIn
great tips about using medium, specific to use their import tool if you want to cross-post as it tells medium to that it is dupe content and medium does some additional stuff to it like adding links back to the real article and places some other meta-info.
medium  article  writing  blog  blogging  strategy  pj:mgan 
8 weeks ago
NS and SOA Resource Record Sets that Amazon Route 53 Creates for a Public Hosted Zone - Amazon Route 53
great info on how you get nameserver records generated with a hosted_zone and you feed those back to your register (godaddy) takes 1-2 DAYS, so 48 hours'ish
route53  dns  nameservers  ns  soa  godaddy  hosted_zones  servers  aws 
9 weeks ago
Say hello to IconJar format - The Iconfinder Blog
should probably start using icon jar and begin an icon layer / design for hickory, derp
icons  management  icon_finder  iconjar  ui  ux  design  hickory 
9 weeks ago
Flow is a typeface built for wireframing by Dan Ross
interesting font type that makes it easy to do text stubs in wireframes
font  wireframe  type  typography  lines 
9 weeks ago
ssl - How to get .pem file from .key and .crt files? - Stack Overflow
great article explaining the difference between .pem and csr files, pretty much same depending on how generated.
ssl  pem  key  csr  aws  openssl  https  rapidSSL 
9 weeks ago
SSL Checker | GeoTrust CryptoReport
a better SSL checker than some of the others I've seen. even gets a vuln report
ssl  checker  validator  openssl 
9 weeks ago
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