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Field Support | orockthro
The Machine(or Finch) offers Shaw the dubious choice of either Leon or Root as her new tech support?
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!NoMemeWarnings  !Mature  SamanthaShaw  Root  Femslash  Root/Shaw 
may 2013 by meme_of_interest
She Kisses Harder Than You | sarcasticsra
In 2x21 Root said to Harold she wished she had a pet like John.
Somehow she gets to 'borrow' him (by threatening to harm Grace for example). John is unwilling but has to comply anyway, hoping he can go back to Harold soon.

Wouldn't mind dub-con/non-con Root/Reese, or Finch/Reese at the end.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!Rape  !Mature  Het  Slash  HaroldFinch  JohnReese  SamanthaShaw  Root  Reese/Root  Finch/Reese 
may 2013 by meme_of_interest
A Children's Primer to Code | Orockthro
Still emoting here after 2.21, but I so badly want the children's book written by Root and illustrated by Grace. About a little bird named Harold. With a HAT.

Or anything about Root and Grace, really.
#Round001  =Art  Complete  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  HaroldFinch  Root  GraceHendricks  Gen 
may 2013 by meme_of_interest

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