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Field Support | orockthro
The Machine(or Finch) offers Shaw the dubious choice of either Leon or Root as her new tech support?
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!NoMemeWarnings  !Mature  SamanthaShaw  Root  Femslash  Root/Shaw 
may 2013 by meme_of_interest
Well Met By Moonlight | icarus_chained
Zoe Morgan is an inane lesser noblewoman by day, a dashing highwaywoman plying the kingdom's roads by night. Joss Carter is the guardswoman sent to hunt her down and bring her to justice.
=Fic  Complete  !Teen  !!NoMemeWarnings  Femslash  Carter/Morgan  JossCarter  ZoeMorgan  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  LionelFusco  HistoricalAU  #Round001 
april 2013 by meme_of_interest

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