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the dark and quiet | anon
Drugged and Semi-Conscious

Finch or Reese, gen or slash
HaroldFinch  Gen  !!NoMemeWarnings  #Round001  Drugged  =Fic  Complete 
april 2013 by meme_of_interest
Out of It | neery
Whatever reason comes to mind: a hastily improvised cover, Finch got roofied again, Fusco is semi-delirious after a rescue, whatever. Just Finch and Fusco and something clumsy and sort of sweet?
#Round001  HaroldFinch  LionelFusco  Finch/Fusco  Drugged  Complete  Slash  !!NoMemeWarnings  !!DubCon  !GeneralAudiences 
april 2013 by meme_of_interest

bundles : Tropes and Kinks

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