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Of Bones Are Coral Made | callmecathy
Reese is in a bad mood, either over a case that's gone bad, or he's reminded of something in his past, any reason that gets him down is good.
His way of dealing with it is to let off some steam. He gets drunk and gets into a fight on purpose, holding back because he 'deserves the pain'. He gets arrested.

It's a Friday night so he'll have to stay in jail for the weekend if nobody comes to bail him out. He knows that Finch would come for him in a heartbeat but doesn't want to call him and would rather stay in jail for the time being so he won't have the chance to hurt anyone else. He figures he can still think about it on Monday.

Little does he know that Finch was worried about him already so he knows exactly where Reese is and comes to get him anyway. Reese is surprised and doesn't want to talk about it, Finch thinks that's not healthy, yadda yadda.

I'd prefer Reese/Finch friendship.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  !Teen  !!NoMemeWarnings 
november 2013 by meme_of_interest
No Half Measures | huggle
Fusco's willing to do anything if Reese will only help him stay out of prison. Anything.
#Round001  =Fic  !Teen  !!NoMemeWarnings  Complete  LionelFusco  JohnReese  Slash  Fusco/Reese 
november 2013 by meme_of_interest
Middle Distance | huggle
Finch's injuries make treading water and swimming very difficult.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!GraphicViolence  !Teen  HaroldFinch  JohnReese  Gen  LionelFusco 
november 2013 by meme_of_interest
Misconceptions | huggle
Carter mistakenly thinks Finch has taken up with Fusco and gets pissed with Finch and/or Fusco on Reese's behalf.

When Finch tells Reese about it as a "funny story" (like Reese would ever be interested in him), the truth comes out.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!GraphicViolence  !Teen  Gen  JohnReese  HaroldFinch 
november 2013 by meme_of_interest
In the Middle of the Night | huggle
When Finch is forced to stay over at Reese's apartment Reese discovers Finch is a somnambulist with very strong feelings about Reese.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!GraphicViolence  !Teen  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Slash  Finch/Reese 
november 2013 by meme_of_interest
When You Least Expect It | huggle
Fusco gets captured. He's not really expecting anyone to come for him. Meanwhile, Reese, Finch and Carter are tearing the city apart trying to get him back.
#Round001  =Fic  !Teen  !!GraphicViolence  Gen  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  LionelFusco  JossCarter 
november 2013 by meme_of_interest
Affirmation | Huggle
Reese undercover as a hooker, attempted non-con/drugging, violence
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!NonCon  !!Rape  !Teen  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  OMC  Slash  Finch/Reese 
november 2013 by meme_of_interest
Rattlesnake Breaths | orockthro
The trope where Finch is poisoned by a substance that will be fatal if he doesn't get the the antidote. Maybe the "bad guys" injected him to get Reese to do something for them (i.e., give up damaging documents or the location of a safe house where Reese or Finch took a number to keep them safe).
Just anything that involves Reese being worried/anxious/competent/afraid-for-Finch, and Finch in desperate need of saving. Bonus points for hurt/comfort aftermath. <3
#Round001  =Fic  !Teen  !!NoMemeWarnings  Complete  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Gen 
september 2013 by meme_of_interest
Be Still | callmecathy
Remember the scene in T2 where the T1000 stabs Sarah in the shoulder and tells her "I know this hurts, call to John." Someone does something similiar to Harold, but he won't do it. And then, finally, he tells the bad guy 'I don't have to,' because John is now standing behind him.
#Round001  =Fic  !Teen  !!GraphicViolence  Slash  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Finch/Reese  Complete 
august 2013 by meme_of_interest
Other Side of the Connection | callmecathy
Reese is seriously injured and the bloodloss is making him dopey. He doesn't think it's too bad, it can't be when it doesn't hurt all that much, right?

He doesn't want Finch's help and perhaps struggles against him, just generally acts really stupid.

I'd love if it started with Reese out on his own and Finch at the library trying to reason with him over the comm and finally realizing that he needs to go and get John to safety because he won't do so on his won.
#Round001  =Fic  !!NoMemeWarnings  !Teen  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Finch/Reese  Slash  Complete 
august 2013 by meme_of_interest
Untalked of and Unseen | hedda62
Reese and Finch, holed up somewhere with Reese hallucinating his past and no way for Finch to leave or not notice.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!NoMemeWarnings  !Teen  HaroldFinch  JohnReese  Slash  Finch/Reese 
may 2013 by meme_of_interest
Well Met By Moonlight | icarus_chained
Zoe Morgan is an inane lesser noblewoman by day, a dashing highwaywoman plying the kingdom's roads by night. Joss Carter is the guardswoman sent to hunt her down and bring her to justice.
=Fic  Complete  !Teen  !!NoMemeWarnings  Femslash  Carter/Morgan  JossCarter  ZoeMorgan  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  LionelFusco  HistoricalAU  #Round001 
april 2013 by meme_of_interest
Trophy Husband | killalla (Second fill)
(Parent thread:

I'd also started a response to this prompt, so I thought I'd go ahead and post the completed fic. It's a different industry (kidnap and ransom insurance), and a different set of talents (war gaming), but you might enjoy it anyway?

Linked here:
=Fic  Complete  !Teen  !!ChooseNotToWarn  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  OMC  Slash  Finch/Reese  TrophyBoyfriend  #Round001 
april 2013 by meme_of_interest
Distractions | sarcasticsra
On a case, as part of a cover identity? Finch wears casual clothes or similar and Reese can't keep his eyes off him (or his hands to himself).
=Fic  !!NoMemeWarnings  !Teen  HaroldFinch  JohnReese  OMC  Slash  Finch/Reese  Complete  Clothing  #Round001 
april 2013 by meme_of_interest
Legend | arduinna
I honestly do not care how you manage it, or how you make the intervening 20-odd years of time go away, but the POI team meeting Robert McCall. Hell, maybe Reese plays chess with him in the park or something? I don't know.

// PoI/Equalizer crossover
=Fic  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  OMC  CrossoverAU  Complete  Gen  !Teen  !!ChooseNotToWarn  #Round001 
april 2013 by meme_of_interest
Touch | anon
Finch listens to everything - and Reese knows it, and uses it to tease and ultimately seduce him.
WIP  Voyeurism  =Fic  Reese/OMC  Finch/Reese  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  OMC  Slash  !Teen  !!NoMemeWarnings  #Round001 
april 2013 by meme_of_interest
For King and Country | killalla
Generally, I want a Finch as a seemingly boring medieval low level crippled landlord, who actually is the BFF of a beloved earl/duke/whatever Nathan. However, he's actually a recluse wizard whom created the omniscient 'Machine'.

Anyways, he's forced out of his cover when news reaches him that Nathan was beheaded in the Capitol.

Meanwhile, in the slums of the Capitol... ex-Knight Reese continues to get drunk at 10am.

These two meet, proceed with the mystery of Nathan's execution. All the while falling in love!
FantasyAU  =Fic  Finch/Reese  HaroldFinch  JohnReese  Complete  Slash  !Teen  !!ChooseNotToWarn  HistoricalAU  #Round001 
april 2013 by meme_of_interest

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