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Middle Distance | huggle
Finch's injuries make treading water and swimming very difficult.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!GraphicViolence  !Teen  HaroldFinch  JohnReese  Gen  LionelFusco 
november 2013 by meme_of_interest
Misconceptions | huggle
Carter mistakenly thinks Finch has taken up with Fusco and gets pissed with Finch and/or Fusco on Reese's behalf.

When Finch tells Reese about it as a "funny story" (like Reese would ever be interested in him), the truth comes out.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!GraphicViolence  !Teen  Gen  JohnReese  HaroldFinch 
november 2013 by meme_of_interest
In the Middle of the Night | huggle
When Finch is forced to stay over at Reese's apartment Reese discovers Finch is a somnambulist with very strong feelings about Reese.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!GraphicViolence  !Teen  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Slash  Finch/Reese 
november 2013 by meme_of_interest
When You Least Expect It | huggle
Fusco gets captured. He's not really expecting anyone to come for him. Meanwhile, Reese, Finch and Carter are tearing the city apart trying to get him back.
#Round001  =Fic  !Teen  !!GraphicViolence  Gen  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  LionelFusco  JossCarter 
november 2013 by meme_of_interest
Be Still | callmecathy
Remember the scene in T2 where the T1000 stabs Sarah in the shoulder and tells her "I know this hurts, call to John." Someone does something similiar to Harold, but he won't do it. And then, finally, he tells the bad guy 'I don't have to,' because John is now standing behind him.
#Round001  =Fic  !Teen  !!GraphicViolence  Slash  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Finch/Reese  Complete 
august 2013 by meme_of_interest
Ring Fence | huggle
While Reese is undercover with the bad guys, Finch is captured. Reese is commanded to interrogate him. Reese must torture Finch, or appear to do so, else he'll be outed and they'll both be killed.
#Round001  =Fic  !!GraphicViolence  !Mature  Complete  Slash  Finch/Reese  JohnReese  HaroldFinch 
august 2013 by meme_of_interest
We All Fall Down | anon
But what if Finch is a plant? A CIA plant or worse? I want that AU. Reese/Finch would be a bonus.
#Round001  =Fic  WIP  !!GraphicViolence  !Explicit  KaraStanton  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Slash  Finch/Reese  D/s 
april 2013 by meme_of_interest

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