Crossfire | huggle
Finch is a victim of non-con. Reese is there to deal with the aftermath. I will love you forever if there's loads of hurt/comfort and a tender/protective!Reese.

Reese, Finch, or Reese/Finch, either is equally wonderful.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!NonCon  !Mature  OMC  HaroldFinch  JohnReese  CarlElias 
november 2013
Of Bones Are Coral Made | callmecathy
Reese is in a bad mood, either over a case that's gone bad, or he's reminded of something in his past, any reason that gets him down is good.
His way of dealing with it is to let off some steam. He gets drunk and gets into a fight on purpose, holding back because he 'deserves the pain'. He gets arrested.

It's a Friday night so he'll have to stay in jail for the weekend if nobody comes to bail him out. He knows that Finch would come for him in a heartbeat but doesn't want to call him and would rather stay in jail for the time being so he won't have the chance to hurt anyone else. He figures he can still think about it on Monday.

Little does he know that Finch was worried about him already so he knows exactly where Reese is and comes to get him anyway. Reese is surprised and doesn't want to talk about it, Finch thinks that's not healthy, yadda yadda.

I'd prefer Reese/Finch friendship.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  !Teen  !!NoMemeWarnings 
november 2013
After Action | huggle
Finch is going to have to speak to John about not telling him everything - because it's Fusco who reports the state he found John in, tied to a chair, post torture, towel around his neck.

Finch ends up feeding John pain killers and cleaning up everywhere the needles were inserted and sending John off to bed because he still hurts.

And John is still angry with himself for making that mistake and allowing himself to get close enough to his opponent for pressure points to be used on him.
#Round001  =Fic  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  Slash  HaroldFinch  JohnReese  LionelFusco  Complete 
november 2013
Breadcrumbs | huggle
I want, really quite badly, a fainting Finch. Reese on hand to make sure he was alright would just about leave me kissing your feet...
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!NonCon  !Mature  D/s  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Slash  Finch/Reese 
november 2013
No Half Measures | huggle
Fusco's willing to do anything if Reese will only help him stay out of prison. Anything.
#Round001  =Fic  !Teen  !!NoMemeWarnings  Complete  LionelFusco  JohnReese  Slash  Fusco/Reese 
november 2013
Middle Distance | huggle
Finch's injuries make treading water and swimming very difficult.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!GraphicViolence  !Teen  HaroldFinch  JohnReese  Gen  LionelFusco 
november 2013
Afterwards | astolat
Because Reese would absolutely enjoy being Finch's sub.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!NoMemeWarnings  !Explicit  Slash  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Finch/Reese 
november 2013
Misconceptions | huggle
Carter mistakenly thinks Finch has taken up with Fusco and gets pissed with Finch and/or Fusco on Reese's behalf.

When Finch tells Reese about it as a "funny story" (like Reese would ever be interested in him), the truth comes out.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!GraphicViolence  !Teen  Gen  JohnReese  HaroldFinch 
november 2013
In the Middle of the Night | huggle
When Finch is forced to stay over at Reese's apartment Reese discovers Finch is a somnambulist with very strong feelings about Reese.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!GraphicViolence  !Teen  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Slash  Finch/Reese 
november 2013
Reese is a kitty | lazulisong
Somehow, Reese gets turned into a cat, but still has to save the Number and be a badass. :3
#Round001  =Fic  AU  Complete  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Gen  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences 
november 2013
Technical Support | astolat
John really likes the tech support guy, Harold. He only sees Harold when something breaks, but John is very good at breaking things. Harold figures it out, but he lets John play hid game until one day, he's very abruptly sick of seeing good tech broken. Pissy Harold, fascinated (turned on) John.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  AU  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Slash  !Explicit  !!NoMemeWarnings  Finch/Reese 
november 2013
When You Least Expect It | huggle
Fusco gets captured. He's not really expecting anyone to come for him. Meanwhile, Reese, Finch and Carter are tearing the city apart trying to get him back.
#Round001  =Fic  !Teen  !!GraphicViolence  Gen  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  LionelFusco  JossCarter 
november 2013
Back Rub | aprilvalentine
Reese starts rubbing Finch's back for him, and Finch both loves it (because Reese is so good at it, and Finch needs it so badly, because he should be getting regular massages with his fucked-up back but he's not because trust issues) and hates it (because it's embarrassing and kind of humiliating and sometimes he can't help making noises and he's perfectly aware that Reese is using this to fuck with their power balance) but for Reese it's really just about the fact that no one ever touches him, and he's completely starved for touch.

Link to fic:
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !GeneralAudiences  !!NoMemeWarnings  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Gen 
november 2013
Affirmation | Huggle
Reese undercover as a hooker, attempted non-con/drugging, violence
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!NonCon  !!Rape  !Teen  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  OMC  Slash  Finch/Reese 
november 2013
Untitled | anon
It's just chance, but Elias is in a bar watching to see if one of his lieutenants is on the take (because sometimes you just have to see to things yourself) when he sees Reese. He knows something is wrong with him straight off - looking like he's drunk but not really, and the guy he's with is practically pawing him in a private booth. Despite their opposite paths, Elias respects Reese and he can't stand there and watch this. So he intervenes, forcing the stranger to admit to drugging Reese. Elias drags Reese out of there, and puts him in a hotel room. He stays long enough to make sure Reece is out of danger, and then calls Finch to come and get him.

And then sends two of his guys to go after Reese's would be rapist.

Finch in not so many words, and without telling Reese, promise Elias a get of out jail free card in thanks for saving John.
#Round001  =Fic  !Explicit  !!NonCon  Slash  WIP  CarlElias  JohnReese  OMC  Reese/OMC 
september 2013
Rattlesnake Breaths | orockthro
The trope where Finch is poisoned by a substance that will be fatal if he doesn't get the the antidote. Maybe the "bad guys" injected him to get Reese to do something for them (i.e., give up damaging documents or the location of a safe house where Reese or Finch took a number to keep them safe).
Just anything that involves Reese being worried/anxious/competent/afraid-for-Finch, and Finch in desperate need of saving. Bonus points for hurt/comfort aftermath. <3
#Round001  =Fic  !Teen  !!NoMemeWarnings  Complete  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Gen 
september 2013
Be Still | callmecathy
Remember the scene in T2 where the T1000 stabs Sarah in the shoulder and tells her "I know this hurts, call to John." Someone does something similiar to Harold, but he won't do it. And then, finally, he tells the bad guy 'I don't have to,' because John is now standing behind him.
#Round001  =Fic  !Teen  !!GraphicViolence  Slash  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Finch/Reese  Complete 
august 2013
All Work | anon
After eliminating a target in a mission, Kara urged John to have sex with her.
!Explicit  !!NonCon  #Round001  =Fic  Het  JohnReese  KaraStanton  John/Kara  Complete 
august 2013
Dead Men Don't Date | callmecathy
So at the beginning of 2x17 Proteus, Finch & Reese have gone to the movies together... which is about the most adorable thing that has EVER happened. Can I have like fifty stories of HOW that happened? Was it an actual planned thing, or did Finch just try to go the movies by himself and Reese stalked him there? If it was planned, whose idea was it? Who paid? Did Reese tease about it being a date-like activity? Just, tell me more about the movie date plz.
#Round001  =Fic  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  Finch/Reese  Slash  Complete  HaroldFinch  JohnReese 
august 2013
Ring Fence | huggle
While Reese is undercover with the bad guys, Finch is captured. Reese is commanded to interrogate him. Reese must torture Finch, or appear to do so, else he'll be outed and they'll both be killed.
#Round001  =Fic  !!GraphicViolence  !Mature  Complete  Slash  Finch/Reese  JohnReese  HaroldFinch 
august 2013
Inscribed | astolat
1. Either Finch or Reese discovers the other has a tattoo (while performing first aid for some injury?)

2. ????

3. Sex!!!
#Round001  =Fic  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  Slash  Finch/Reese  HaroldFinch  JohnReese  Complete 
august 2013
Keep Breathing | astolat
Reese ends up hooded and restrained in a abandoned building somewhere - for once he can't free himself. It's getting hard to breathe, his mouth is duct taped under the hood and he's pretty sure this could be it. But he still his ear piece and Finch manages to figure out he is in dire need of help. He keeps talking to Reese, keeping him calm, while he uses the GPS in his phone to track John down and then comes for him. Reese won't admit how badly shaken he is, but waking from a nightmare at the library he finds Finch has sat up watching him, despite how sore it's made his back, as if he was expecting the nightmare. But Finch is having his nightmare while awake, imagining if Reese had suffocated before he got there.

Can be slash if writer wishes!
#Round001  =Fic  !!NoMemeWarnings  !Mature  Slash  Finch/Reese  HaroldFinch  JohnReese  Complete 
august 2013
Foot in the Door | astolat
Logan Pierce/John (whether as John Warren or as himself).

Pierce is reckless and arrogant and smug; there's no love there, but there's lust and a play for dominance - that Pierce ends up on the bottom of, and loving it.

Consensual, please.
#Round001  =Fic  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  Slash  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  LoganPierce  Finch/Reese  Logan/Reese  Complete 
august 2013
Other Side of the Connection | callmecathy
Reese is seriously injured and the bloodloss is making him dopey. He doesn't think it's too bad, it can't be when it doesn't hurt all that much, right?

He doesn't want Finch's help and perhaps struggles against him, just generally acts really stupid.

I'd love if it started with Reese out on his own and Finch at the library trying to reason with him over the comm and finally realizing that he needs to go and get John to safety because he won't do so on his won.
#Round001  =Fic  !!NoMemeWarnings  !Teen  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Finch/Reese  Slash  Complete 
august 2013
When Night Doesn't End | callmecathy
Someone pushes Reese into the water while his hands are tied, stopping him swimming to safety. Finch doesn't hesitate - he jumps in right after him, and saves him, just as Fusco arrives and hauls the two of them out. John had just assumed Finch either didn't know how to swim or wouldn't be able to, and Harold tells him the story he told Carter, while John dries off.

// Link to fic down the thread.
#Round001  =Fic  Slash  Finch/Reese  JohnReese  LionelFusco  HaroldFinch  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  Complete 
august 2013
Who Needs Tomorrow | eyeus
Reese and Finch have to share a hotel room and a bed.

1. Awkward, unacknowledged humping in the night
2. They throw off all pretense in the morning and fuck face to face while Reese cries with happiness


// Link at the bottom of page.
=Fic  #Round001  !!NoMemeWarnings  !Explicit  !!Angst  HaroldFinch  JohnReese  Slash  Finch/Reese  Complete 
july 2013
Fledgling | anon
In which Harold Finch is a ten year old genius (or whatever age you want him to be) who hired Reese to work the numbers with him as well as protecting him from government agents who will do anything to capture him and handed him to CIA or Division.

Reese is understandably confused and a bit reluctant at first to accept a job offer from a ten year old billionaire with thick glasses. The boy is too mature for his age and Reese get protective of him eventually.
#Round001  =Fic  WIP  HaroldFinch  JohnReese  AU  Gen  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences 
july 2013
The Aurora | killalla
Finch fixed Reese with a look that was equal parts helplessness and incredulity.

"You can't possibly mean *that* thing."

Reese's answering expression was a combination of smirk and scowl.

"Oh, dear."

(Art, fic, whatever works! I just want to see what you guys come up with ;D )
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  Gen  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  AU 
june 2013
Burn Up the Ashes | orockthro
(I made myself sad thinking about Finch and the bomb in the stroller (Number Crunch) and then Reese in the bomb vest on the roof in context with Nathan's death.)
Finch doesn't handle people he loves being put in soon-i'll-explode-and-you'll-be-left-alone situations. Go
#Round001  =Fic  !!ChooseNotToWarn  !GeneralAudiences  Gen  JohnReese  HaroldFinch 
may 2013
[Two fills] The Shaw and Leon and Bear Show artwork & Title Sequence
SHAW AND LEON AS B-TEAM, SOLVING A NUMBER. IN DUBIOUSLY LEGAL WAYS. With Bear. And Leon deeply disturbed(/strangely turned on) re: Shaw and Root's sexy antagonism.

Basically I would watch this spinoff show. The Shaw and Leon and Bear show.
#Round001  =Art  =Fic  Complete  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  LeonTao  SamanthaShaw  Bear 
may 2013
Do not disturb | anon
Can we get an outsider POV from Finch's security guys in the pilot, who clearly were the ones who had to drag passed-out-drunk Reese from his motel and zip tie him to a headboard for Finch? Because really. What were they *thinking* was going on?
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  OMC  Gen 
may 2013
Night's Candles | hedda62
There are some lovely stories out there where our heroes acknowledge that their relationship is not a one time thing, but because I love bittersweet downer endings, I'd also like to see a story where they only get one night together.

So, perhaps Reese finally gets his suicide mission, and this gives him the courage to confess and ask Finch as a last request? Or vice versa? Bonus points for the other not guessing, not even imagining that there was mutual attraction until the very end, and one or both of them facing their death with a laugh and a smile.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!NoMemeWarnings  !Explicit  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Slash  Finch/Reese 
may 2013
Field Support | orockthro
The Machine(or Finch) offers Shaw the dubious choice of either Leon or Root as her new tech support?
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!NoMemeWarnings  !Mature  SamanthaShaw  Root  Femslash  Root/Shaw 
may 2013
Total Knee Arthroplasty | anon
I just want to read the one about the NYC hospital and their ongoing pool as to how many people will come in that day because of a gunshot to the knee. And maybe their competition with that cross town hospital as to who will get more.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  OMC  OFC  JohnReese  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences 
may 2013
Trackers | astolat
The one where Harold willingly lets John implant a subdermal tracker in him so he never has to lose him again (because this is how these crazies say I<3u).
#Round001  =Fic  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  HaroldFinch  JohnReese  Slash  Finch/Reese  Surveillance 
may 2013
all the things we don't talk about | anon
I know it's an old and overused trope but I love it.

I'd love it if they both get dosed, rampant sex ensues and then we get to see the fall out afterward. Lots of angst with a happy ending please.

(Tags are for first part.)
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  Finch/Reese  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  SexPollen  Slash 
may 2013
She Kisses Harder Than You | sarcasticsra
In 2x21 Root said to Harold she wished she had a pet like John.
Somehow she gets to 'borrow' him (by threatening to harm Grace for example). John is unwilling but has to comply anyway, hoping he can go back to Harold soon.

Wouldn't mind dub-con/non-con Root/Reese, or Finch/Reese at the end.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!Rape  !Mature  Het  Slash  HaroldFinch  JohnReese  SamanthaShaw  Root  Reese/Root  Finch/Reese 
may 2013
Untalked of and Unseen | hedda62
Reese and Finch, holed up somewhere with Reese hallucinating his past and no way for Finch to leave or not notice.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!NoMemeWarnings  !Teen  HaroldFinch  JohnReese  Slash  Finch/Reese 
may 2013
A Children's Primer to Code | Orockthro
Still emoting here after 2.21, but I so badly want the children's book written by Root and illustrated by Grace. About a little bird named Harold. With a HAT.

Or anything about Root and Grace, really.
#Round001  =Art  Complete  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  HaroldFinch  Root  GraceHendricks  Gen 
may 2013
When I care about someone | yunitsa
In 2.21 we learn that Reese has a tracking device in Finch's glasses. How did he manage that one? Generally people only take off their glasses when they sleep...
#Round001  =Fic  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Slash  Finch/Reese  Complete 
may 2013
Not State Secrets | orockthro
Reese suspects past Finch/Nathan Ingram.

Reese doesn't have hard evidence, but he's pretty sure.

Could be unrequited Finch/Ingram -- up to the author. Reese/Finch preslash or first time is an added bonus!
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  NathanIngram  OFC  ZoeMorgan  Finch/Reese  Backstory  Bear  Slash  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences 
may 2013
[Two Fills] A Very Private Person | anon & Enough | killala
The backwards remix of this ( When Harold asks John to have sex, he says yes even though he's not sexually interested in him, because it's Harold, and he wants Harold to have everything he needs or wants.

Up to the author whether John ends up liking it/falling in love with Harold or not.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!DubCon  !Explicit  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Slash  Finch/Reese  !Mature  !!ChooseNotToWarn 
april 2013
Vine and Vervain | anon
Finch/Reese, coffee and/or bookshop AU

I just... I just really like coffeeshop AUs okay

am I kicked out of the fandom yet or
#Round001  =Fic  WIP  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  Slash  Finch/Reese  CoffeeshopAU 
april 2013
We All Fall Down | anon
But what if Finch is a plant? A CIA plant or worse? I want that AU. Reese/Finch would be a bonus.
#Round001  =Fic  WIP  !!GraphicViolence  !Explicit  KaraStanton  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Slash  Finch/Reese  D/s 
april 2013
Psych AU doodle | anon
I guess Finch would have to be not "dead" for this to work, or I guess he could do it under one of his other identities... but, ok, the Machine gives him numbers, and to cover up that trail... he pretends to be psychic, and that's how he explains knowing things about people & being able to predict trouble. He has an office and a PI license and Reese is his partner, and Carter & Fusco are the long-suffering cops who put up with their shenanigans. :D
=Art  #Round001  !GeneralAudiences  !!NoMemeWarnings  Gen  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  CrossoverAU 
april 2013
Are you ready (for what I'm about to do to you?) | anon
Basically Finchs gets super turned on when he hears or sees Reese fighting. He orchestrates situations wherein Reese will end up fighting (preferably to protect Finch), thentheydoitlikebunnies. I love Dom!Finch and a Reese that gets off on orders.
=Fic  WIP  !!ChooseNotToWarn  !Explicit  Slash  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Finch/Reese  #Round001  D/s 
april 2013
Brains and Brawn | KayQy
Brainship--anyone read Anne McCaffrery?

I was just struck with the idea of Finch's injuries we see in the show being such that he ends up a shellperson in a Brainship ... and of course Reese is his Brawn.
HaroldFinch  JohnReese  Gen  !!ChooseNotToWarn  AU  #Round001  =Fic  Complete 
april 2013
the dark and quiet | anon
Drugged and Semi-Conscious

Finch or Reese, gen or slash
HaroldFinch  Gen  !!NoMemeWarnings  #Round001  Drugged  =Fic  Complete 
april 2013
the mightiest and fairest | eris
Someone is an elf. More than one someone! Go for it.
JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Gen  !!NoMemeWarnings  #Round001  Complete  =Fic 
april 2013
Taking His Measure | annchi
Finch/Reese, leg massage

wanted this since "Mission Creep" back in 1st season. and in "Booked solid" Finch had to stand still at the reception desk all day long, that must've been hell.
JohnReese  HaroldFinch  !Explicit  !!ChooseNotToWarn  Finch/Reese  Slash  #Round001  Complete  =Fic 
april 2013
The Rest Is Silence | hedda62
Reese bets Finch that he can make Finch come without touching him. Plus, Finch cannot touch himself. This is ONLY using Reese's voice. Or you could switch 'em up if you're feeling adventurous.
Finch/Reese  HaroldFinch  JohnReese  !!NoMemeWarnings  !Explicit  #Round001  Complete  =Fic 
april 2013
Eating In | astolat
John is Harold's driver (could be an AU or could be on a case). They end up having sex in the back seat.
Finch/Reese  HaroldFinch  JohnReese  !Explicit  D/s  #Round001  Complete  Slash  =Fic 
april 2013
Manifold | Minnominate
They fall in to a habit of having sex after certain numbers, sex that is never discussed and treated like it never happened.

Pile on the angst and pining on either side or both, as it gets to be too much for one of them who finally says no.
HaroldFinch  JohnReese  Finch/Reese  !Explicit  !!ChooseNotToWarn  #Round001  Complete  Slash  =Fic 
april 2013
[Two fills] Asking | astolat & Untitled | moralis
Reese is a hungry, greedy bottom and Finch gives him everything he needs.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !Explicit  !!ChooseNotToWarn  HaroldFinch  JohnReese  Slash  Finch/Reese 
april 2013
You Can Drive My Car | anon
Inspired by this awesome gifset by redfar:

John is Harold's driver (could be an AU or could be on a case). They end up having sex in the back seat.
#Round001  =Fic  Complete  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  HaroldFinch  JohnReese  Slash  Finch/Reese 
april 2013
Secret Identity | killalla
so a number is going to be killed at Comic-Con or an anime convention or something, and some combination of the main characters have to dress up in order to infiltrate without being recognized.
=Fic  Complete  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  HaroldFinch  JohnReese  OMC  OFC  Gen  #Round001 
april 2013
The Founder Program | orockthro
omg I don't want to co-opt the ghost prompt but wouldn't it be awesome if Harold wrote a Nathan AI after his death (or wrote him into the Machine itself maybe). I just really want him to obsessively 'talk' to Nathan via terminal when no one else is around, please.
=Fic  Complete  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  Gen  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  NathanIngram  ArtificialIntelligenceAU  #Round001 
april 2013
[Two fills] Titanomachy | killala & Epiphanies | faith_manages
Greer's infiltrator AI (Decima) infects Finch's Machine (Aurora) but Greer and Decima Corp. don't gain control of the infected systems the way they expected to, and the Machine is known to be functioning as normal again. Did they acquire awareness of each other and make peace? Is the Machine an Observer-Infiltrator hybrid AI now? What happened?

This assumes A LOT about interpretation of current canon and future developments but I think it could be interesting for anyone who wants to attempt to write a little Machine luurrve story.
=Fic  Complete  HaroldFinch  TheMachine  Decima  !GeneralAudiences  !!NoMemeWarnings  Other  Decima/Machine  Gen  ArtificialIntelligenceAU  #Round001 
april 2013
Middle of Nowhere | anon
So there was this great prompt on the Sherlock kink meme, "what if the show took place in YOUR area," and it resulted lots of cool little drabbles & ficlets. So, what would it be like if PoI wasn't in NYC, but in the place where you live?

(Sadly, no fun for actual New Yorkers.)
=Fic  Complete  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  JohnReese  Gen  #Round001 
april 2013
[NSFW] Protocols | sarcasticsra
OK, look, I just want a story where Harold turns out to have a ludicrously large cock and Reese finds out and can't stop thinking about what it would feel like to have Harold fuck him with it. Bonus: Reese gets to find out!
=Fic  Complete  !Explicit  !!NoMemeWarnings  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Finch/Reese  Slash  #Round001 
april 2013
Well Met By Moonlight | icarus_chained
Zoe Morgan is an inane lesser noblewoman by day, a dashing highwaywoman plying the kingdom's roads by night. Joss Carter is the guardswoman sent to hunt her down and bring her to justice.
=Fic  Complete  !Teen  !!NoMemeWarnings  Femslash  Carter/Morgan  JossCarter  ZoeMorgan  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  LionelFusco  HistoricalAU  #Round001 
april 2013
Differential Pressure | eris
Absolutely sure they're going to die, Reese confesses his feelings to a surprised Finch,feelings he never would have mentioned otherwise.

Before Finch can respond, they're rescued.

I basically want Reese in hardcore avoidance mode although a happy ending would be nice.
=Fic  Complete  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  Slash  Finch/Reese  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  LeonTao  #Round001 
april 2013
Trophy Husband | killalla (Second fill)
(Parent thread:

I'd also started a response to this prompt, so I thought I'd go ahead and post the completed fic. It's a different industry (kidnap and ransom insurance), and a different set of talents (war gaming), but you might enjoy it anyway?

Linked here:
=Fic  Complete  !Teen  !!ChooseNotToWarn  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  OMC  Slash  Finch/Reese  TrophyBoyfriend  #Round001 
april 2013
Half Past the Point of No Return | sarcasticra
So I really just want Finch to kiss Reese and Reese be like, no, that's not what I want (it's totally what he wants) and then they try to work together but Reese is going crazy with how much he wants Harold and how much he wants Harold to just tell him to come home with him and he gets super weird and all "don't buy me stuff, don't dress me, don't create my entire world, that's not what I want" (it's totally what he wants!) And I want Harold to just FIX it somehow like a boss (fix it with his cock).

// Note: includes some references to self-destructive drinking and depression.
=Fic  Complete  !GeneralAudiences  !!NoMemeWarnings  Slash  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Finch/Reese  #Round001 
april 2013
In Death We See Clearly | orockthro
The one where Reese rescues Nathan from an eeevil faction of the government who faked his death and imprisoned him to get him to do something machiney.

And Finch is so happy! His friend is back! And look what I did Nathan, we're saving the irrelevants, just like you wanted aren't you proud of me Nathan come let's have dinner and I'll tell you about the time I stole a baby.

And Reese is happy! Because he made Finch happy by saving his friend and making Finch happy is the best thing in the world and he wants to be here with Finch and count how many types of smiles he shows and where are you going with Nathan, Finch? Sure, I'll look after Bear while you go to a baseball game with your new/old best friend. Again. I never see you anymore do you like him better than me my life is so hard.

And Nathan is happy! When he isn't PTSD-ing, anyway. And finally understands why Harold never gets involved with people, since he doesn't even notice his guard dog pining after him. And maybe he'll point that out eventually, but he spent two years in a windowless cell and a man's got to find his fun where he can.
=Fic  Complete  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  NathanIngram  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Slash  Finch/Reese  #Round001 
april 2013
6 Revisions | anon
When Finch and Reese go undercover in a club / at a resort / at a billionaire get-together, Reese is not cast as Finch's armcandy. It's the other way around, with Finch being the trophy boyfriend of millionaire Reese.

This takes a bit of set-up, but there are ways! For example, it could be a get-together of billionaire businessmen in the software industry, and Reese's cover identity is that of an IT tycoon who isn't actually good with the techy stuff, but did manage to woo the right boyfriend with his money and charms...? And of course, everyone at the conference ends up incredibly jealous (and lustful) after some demonstrations of Finch's mental acuity.

Or it could be some other situation entirely!
=Fic  !!ChooseNotToWarn  !Unrated  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  OMC  OFC  Finch/Reese  TrophyBoyfriend  Hacking  Complete  #Round001 
april 2013
Allegiance | anon
The dragons have always watched humanity, ever since the world began, and now the Last needs a little help to keep chaos at bay...

Definitely not a self-prompt to spur me into writing. Definitely not.
=Fic  Complete  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  FantasyAU  DragonsAU  Gen  HistoricalAU  #Round001 
april 2013
John & Zoe | orockthro
John/Zoe (friendship preferred): John is injured and because he doesn't want Harold to worry he goes to Zoe for help.
=Fic  Complete  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  JohnReese  ZoeMorgan  Gen  #Round001 
april 2013
Finch backstory | orockthro
Finch backstory - anything would be great, though I'd really love to read about Finch as an undergrad.
=Fic  HaroldFinch  NathanIngram  Backstory  Gen  !GeneralAudiences  !!NoMemeWarnings  Complete  #Round001 
april 2013
Bear's Number 1 enemy | aqua_eyes
Harold has Root as his counterpart/enemy, and Reese gets Stanton. Who does Bear get?
=Art  Bear  Gen  !GeneralAudiences  !!NoMemeWarnings  OMC  OFC  Complete  #Round001 
april 2013
Hold | anon
holding hands! can be platonic or slashy, either way
=Fic  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Slash  Finch/Reese  !GeneralAudiences  !!ChooseNotToWarn  Complete  #Round001 
april 2013
Distractions | sarcasticsra
On a case, as part of a cover identity? Finch wears casual clothes or similar and Reese can't keep his eyes off him (or his hands to himself).
=Fic  !!NoMemeWarnings  !Teen  HaroldFinch  JohnReese  OMC  Slash  Finch/Reese  Complete  Clothing  #Round001 
april 2013
Robot AU | laurakaye
THE ONE WHERE REESE IS AN ESCAPED/DEFECTIVE GOVT-ENGINEERED AI BUT FINCH IS THE BETTER ROBOT. Human robot. Better at being a robot, even as a human. >___> I just want Finch to tinker with Reese's insides okay, and Reese to have so many feelings for his metallic soullll. [Kara is probably a robot, too! I love Kara! Go anywhere with pairings/ratings/etc. BE FREE, robot prompt!]
=Fic  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Gen  RobotAU  KaraStanton  Complete  #Round001 
april 2013
Legend | arduinna
I honestly do not care how you manage it, or how you make the intervening 20-odd years of time go away, but the POI team meeting Robert McCall. Hell, maybe Reese plays chess with him in the park or something? I don't know.

// PoI/Equalizer crossover
=Fic  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  OMC  CrossoverAU  Complete  Gen  !Teen  !!ChooseNotToWarn  #Round001 
april 2013
John Buys Cupcakes | lazulisong
From the FAQ:

...if a story begins, "On Monday, John went to the post office. On Tuesday, he shot some guys in the kneecaps and punched some guys in the face. On Wednesday, he bought cupcakes," and the rest of the story is about John picking out cupcakes, it would not require the [Graphic violence] label.

Now I must have the story where John buys cupcakes. Up to you whether the final story does or does not in fact require the graphic violence label. Pairing optional, would prefer Reese/Finch if you have one
=Fic  Gen  Food  Bear  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Complete  !GeneralAudiences  !!NoMemeWarnings  #Round001 
april 2013
Swordspoint AU | anon
In which Lord Harold Finch, the tragically crippled Count of York, seeks to avenge the death of his cousin and mentor Nathan Ingram using a vast and increasing network of commoner spies and the talents of swordsman John Reese, who he rescued as a derelict soldier and incipient alcoholic from the streets of Riverside.

This could also include Alec Campion and Richard St. Vier, or they could be generational precursors or successors to Alec/Richard. (Although I'm particularly fond of the thought of someone commenting that they hadn't seen talent with a sword like that since St. Vier!)
=Fic  CrossoverAU  Finch/Reese  WIP  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Slash  !GeneralAudiences  !!NoMemeWarnings  #Round001 
april 2013
Change of Heart | anon
Different prompter from the one on the first page, but I came here with a similar idea: I'd love a story where Jim slowly comes to realize that John is in love with Harold. Like, not that directing choices are being imposed on him that might be interpreted that way -- that his *own* understanding of the character is heading in that direction, and he's torn between his authenticity as an actor and the stereotypes that his church has been selling him.

(Oh Jim, just come on over to the progressive end of Christianity, already. You can still love Jesus and not be a dick! You know you want to.)
=Fic  RPF  Finch/Reese  JimCaviezel  MichaelEmerson  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Complete  Slash  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  #Round001 
april 2013
Out of It | neery
Whatever reason comes to mind: a hastily improvised cover, Finch got roofied again, Fusco is semi-delirious after a rescue, whatever. Just Finch and Fusco and something clumsy and sort of sweet?
#Round001  HaroldFinch  LionelFusco  Finch/Fusco  Drugged  Complete  Slash  !!NoMemeWarnings  !!DubCon  !GeneralAudiences 
april 2013
Cuffed | kayqy
Reese in handcuffs

Any time, any place, any pairing!
=Fic  JohnReese  HaroldFinch  Complete  Handcuffs  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  #Round001 
april 2013
Booked Solid | neery
There's only one bed in the hotel room (again). This time, it's really too cold not to share.
Cuddling  Carter/Reese  =Fic  JossCarter  JohnReese  Complete  Het  !!NoMemeWarnings  !GeneralAudiences  #Round001 
april 2013
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