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Pure Bodies and Clean Hearts
"You," the village elder said, pointing her long, crooked finger at John, who sighed and thought, yeah, of course, me.
fic  sga  mckay/sheppard  slash  nc-17  offworld  teamfic  angst  firsttime  humor  virgin  alienritual 
september 2010 by kittycat78
elandrialore | New Fic: In the Hands of Fate - SGA
This started out as a handporn quickie and sort of expanded to an under the influence of alien drug ficlet.
fic  sga  mckay/sheppard  slash  nc-17  pwp  offworld  aliensmadethemdoit  alienritual  drugged/drunk 
july 2010 by kittycat78
McSmooch: Over Six Hundred Served! - The Kissing Game, PG
Rodney was a ridiculously good kisser. So much so that after the fourth - fifth? - drink he got back in line to kiss him again.
fic  sga  mckay/sheppard  slash  pg  offworld  alienritual  blindfold  firsttime 
july 2010 by kittycat78
Term of Service
"You're telling me that you would sell your bodies for curiosity, orbital shielding, and a quarter-charged ZPM?" "Well, yeah. Who wouldn't?"
fic  sga  mckay/sheppard  mckay/ofc  sheppard/ofc  slash  het  nc-17  offworld  slavefic  firsttime  angst  hurt/comfort  alienritual 
april 2010 by kittycat78
"Rodney, you are the strangest man I've ever met. And ... almost the strangest woman."
fic  sga  mckay/sheppard  het  slash  nc-17  pwp  offworld  genderswap  transformations  alientech  alienritual  firsttime  humor 
april 2010 by kittycat78
Today's Disaster Forecast
Why is Rodney so determined to get out of the upcoming mission with John?
fic  sga  mckay/sheppard  slash  nc-17  pwp  offworld  firsttime  humor  alienritual  jealousy 
april 2010 by kittycat78
Let's Kiss Afresh - apple_pi - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
Give me a kisse, and to that kisse a score;
Then to that twenty, adde a hundred more;
A thousand to that hundred; so kisse on,
To make that thousand up a million;
Treble that million, and when that is done,
Let's kisse afresh, as when we first begun.
~Robert Herrick, "To Anthea (III)"
fic  sga  mckay/sheppard  slash  various  alienritual  offworld 
april 2010 by kittycat78
Vapor - eretria - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
"Sheppard feels stripped bare under McKay's gaze, naked and horribly vulnerable." -- Heat, a steam hut and UST
fic  sga  mckay/sheppard  slash  pg-13  alienritual  firsttime  offworld 
march 2010 by kittycat78
sga_flashfic: Bondsman by Casspeach
"I didn't get an unctor." John whined, and Rodney gave him a sympathetic and faintly pleased look.
fic  sga  mckay/sheppard  slash  nc-17  firsttime  kink  slavefic  aliensmadethemdoit  alienritual  voyeurism/exhibitionism  bondage  dancing  dubcon 
november 2009 by kittycat78
I'm not a complete idiot. - 14 Valentines 9: Fixation (John/Rodney, PG-13)
John didn't have anything against huddling up, per se. It was just that his team seemed determined to make him huddle up to Rodney.
fic  sga  mckay/sheppard  slash  pg-13  teamfic  firsttime  offworld  hurt/comfort  angst  kidnapped/captured  sick/injured  alienritual 
september 2009 by kittycat78
toftoft - fic: 'Posture'
Sequel to 'Skintight'. Aliens make John dress up. Again. Oh, I’ll ask General O’Neill next time I see him if he’s ever had to dress up for aliens with a Pride and Prejudice-themed cult, I’m sure he gets it all the time.
fic  sga  mckay/sheppard  slash  nc-17  established-relationship  kink  pwp  offworld  crossdressing  alienritual  d/s 
april 2009 by kittycat78
smittywing: [SGA fic] Close Only Counts in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
It should have been a brilliant arrangement. Sex that didn't count was vastly superior to no sex at all and had the added benefit of no attachments and no expectations.

It was really kind of pissing John off.
fic  sga  mckay/sheppard  slash  nc-17  angst  firsttime  humor  alienritual  aliensmadethemdoit 
april 2009 by kittycat78

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