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Not So Comfortably Familiar
Most of the time the Pegasus galaxy feels familiar to Rodney, not in the way Atlantis does to Sheppard, more in a better the devil you know kind of a way. Gen Buffy Crossover
SGA  BtVS  crossover  gen  astheblackrosewilts 
may 2010 by indybear
Renewing Old Acquaintances
Rodney meets someone he didn’t expect in Pegasus.
SGA  BtVS  crossover  astheblackrosewilts 
may 2010 by indybear
No Place Like Home by
Rodney's finally had enough, he's going home. Set after Michael
SGA  crossover  Eureka  angst  AU  astheblackrosewilts 
march 2010 by indybear

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