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Mise en Place
He can admit, at least to himself, that he was hoping to impress John by inviting him to Sateda.
SGA  AU  McShep  earthside  series:MooseButtHoney  dogeared 
september 2011 by indybear
Apply When Needed
A fluffy ficlet inspired by Chkc's adorable [info]help_haiti chibi drawing for sheafrotherdon.
SGA  McShep  chkc  Cesare 
september 2011 by indybear
Touch and Go
Rodney doesn't ask because he knows John won't tell.
SGA  McShep  stealmyhorses 
september 2011 by indybear
Hold On, Here We Go
“What?” Holland had said, shrugging. “Everyone knows you’re the only reason I’m not dead right now. Makes it hard to get rid of you.”
SGA  AU  SG-1  Sheppard/Mitchell  earthside  bluflamingo 
september 2011 by indybear
Clementine Tart
Part of the Foster's Bakery AU. Follows Pear & Gorgonzola.
SGA  McShep  AU  earthside 
september 2011 by indybear
The John Sheppard Affair
An homage to The Thomas Crowne Affair
SGA  AU  McShep  JiM  from delicious
july 2011 by indybear
Beasts of War and Burden by Santa
"Oh my God. We've landed on fucking Pern."
sga  au  mcshep  jeannie/lorne 
january 2011 by indybear
My Favorite Colonel
This is an AU based on the Cary Grant/Irene Dunne 1940s classic movie, "My Favorite Wife."
sga  au  mcshep  mckay/keller  pir8fancier  earthside 
december 2010 by indybear
Planet Of The Weevils
Blame [info]le_mousquetaire for this. It was her prompt that inspired me.(Crossover Torchwood/SGA --- UST Rodney/Jack, Jealous!Sheppard.)
sga  torchwood  crossover  moodymuse19  mcshep 
december 2010 by indybear
The Rift has a sense of humour and is not afraid to use it. Torchwood/SGA crossover.
sga  crossover  torchwood  crack  McShep  copperbadge 
december 2010 by indybear
Chandri MacLeod - A birthday snippet! And re: amplificathon.
For [info]dogeared, a Sweater 'Verse sneak-preview written yesterday, on my phone, on the bus
SGA  MurderSheWrote  crossover  Series:SweaterVerse  ChandriMcLeod 
december 2010 by indybear
Working Double Time On The Seduction Line
In which Rodney commits a social blunder, John acquires a pair of leather pants, Ronon wrestles a tiger, and Cadman always gets the last word.
SGA  McShep  Minervacat 
december 2010 by indybear
Because John's a huge geek and Rodney totally gets off on that.
sga  mcshep  humor  resonant 
december 2010 by indybear
Catalysis (1/5)
After Rodney is held hostage on a trading mission, he starts to slowly fall apart. When he won't admit anything's wrong, he's sent back to Earth to recover, and it's up to John to pick up the pieces.
sga  mcshep  earthside  jeannie  chandri 
december 2010 by indybear
Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead
Rodney thinks that he can detect Sam Carter's well-meaning hand in the fact that they're put up at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs (five stars according to rather than on base in Cheyenne Mountain. Everyone seems to take it for granted that they'll have people to see and things to do. "They've been in another galaxy, sir," Sam probably said, rolling her eyes, and the generals probably looked nervously at each other and agreed that, yes, the senior staff of Atlantis might well want to have a steak, or visit their mothers, or both.
sga  earthside  mcshep  speranza 
december 2010 by indybear
The Universe Is Not Enough
Based on [info]ficklememeer’s postcard. Deadly-calm, deadly-serious: “I’m a spy,” Rodney said.
sga  au  mcshep  chuck  crack  trinityofone 
december 2010 by indybear
Bait And Switch
John and Rodney learn the hard way what it means to 'walk a mile' in each other's shoes...
sga  McShep  bodyswap  madison 
december 2010 by indybear
The Wisdom of Children
When it happens, no one notices until after they skid back through the gate, a hail of bullets pounding uselessly against the gate's shield.
sga  McShep  kidfic  cloudyjenn 
december 2010 by indybear
My Home And Native Land 1/4
Ronon's friendship with Chuck, the head Gate Tech of the Atlantis mission, leads him to discover the strange and alien ways of Canadians and helps him lay his past to rest.
sga  gen  mcshep  ronon  chuck  SamtheStoryteller 
december 2010 by indybear
iibnf: Stargate: Atlantis - The Post-Trinity phenomenon
I love Stargate: Atlantis 'Post-Trinity' stories, shamelessly, and am putting together a list of those I can find easily and that I feel represent the best of the genre.
sga  recs  mcshep  post-trinity 
december 2010 by indybear
Make it All Count
Cam goes to a gay bar for the first time to get Sheppard out of his head but he gets a surprise instead.
SGA  SG-1  Sheppard/Mitchell  writinginct 
november 2010 by indybear
Life After
Picking up after season five ended.
SGA  futurefic  AU  McKay/Keller  McShep  earthside  sian1359 
november 2010 by indybear
A Question of Quantum Physics, Molecular Attraction and Timing
Rodney tries to guess what his new neighbour does for a living. John is amused.
SGA  AU  McShep  gottalovev 
october 2010 by indybear
the number of a man
Rodney McKay will leave no man behind—especially when there's a simple solution involving nanites, alien technology, and Legos.
SGA  kidfic  McShep  busaikko 
october 2010 by indybear
(AU) John saves a man from drowning and takes the long way home.
AU  SGA  earthside  McShep  purna 
october 2010 by indybear
The Lonely Sea
This was written to satisfy TWO challenges!
1. LJ anotheratlantis challenge 41. (Waterworld)
2. LJ Fanfic100 challenge 051. Water.
SGA  SG-1  AU  McShep  Tarlan 
october 2010 by indybear
Familiar Intimacy
It should have freaked Dean out how easily they still fit together after all this time, how right if felt to be back in Rodney's bed.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Sequel to Rewards
SGA  spn  crossover  Rodney/Dean  sequel:GoodDeeds  forcryinoutloud 
october 2010 by indybear
This is a sequel to [info]laytoncolt's awesome SGA/Supernatural fic "Good Deeds".
SGA  crossover  spn  Rodney/Dean  sequel:GoodDeeds  forcryinoutloud 
october 2010 by indybear
Good Deeds (PG-13)
"Oh god," Rodney said, eyes flickering towards the road and back. "You're not some escaped mental patient, are you?"
SGA  crossover  spn  earthside  Rodney/Dean  nixa_jane 
october 2010 by indybear
How Not to Fly
When Dave is in an accident, John comes home to take care of his children.
SGA  McShep  AU  kidfic  toomuchplor 
october 2010 by indybear
Ladies and gentlemen, your driver of the Number 21 Air Force Ford Fusion, John Sheppard.
SGA  AU  earthside  nascar  McShep  celli 
august 2010 by indybear
Pictures, Pizza, and Peyton Manning
"I'm home," he offers, shutting the sliding glass door behind him and dropping his keys and wallet onto the small table.
SGA  AU  McShep  series:ParadigmShift  kidfic 
august 2010 by indybear
The Honour of Canada is At Stake Here (aka "Lick, Lick, Spit")
This is a missing scene that takes place starting the night before Rodney goes back to California at the beginning of "And Then There Was Finn".
SGA  AU  Iowaverse  McShep  squidgiepdx 
august 2010 by indybear
In the annals of SGC history, it will forever be debated whether the decision to remove then-Major John Sheppard from the Atlantis expedition was an act of great folly or one of great fortune.
SGA  gen  AU  deathfic  miss_porcupine 
august 2010 by indybear
First Sign of Madness
He wasn't ever alone anymore.

Except that he *was*, and there was no one to go 'McKay, shut up and take a deep breath', except he could *hear* it as clear as a fucking bell in his god-damned head, but he didn't tell anyone that.
SGA  csi  crossover  McKay/Sheppard/Sanders  AU  Perryvic/Zaganthi 
august 2010 by indybear
The Sentinel and Guide of Atlantis
Jim and Blair find themselves in Atlantis at a crucial time. Back in Cascade, Daryl follows his own path. And the people in Atlantis will never be the same.
SGA  Sentinel  Jack/Daniel  McShep  AU  crossover  belladonna 
august 2010 by indybear
Learning Wesley
What if the SGC were the ones trying to recruit Wesley, not Wolfram and Hart? What if they succeeded?
SGA  crossover  BtVS  Lorne/Wesley  allyndra 
july 2010 by indybear
Steven Caldwell wasn't disappointed in Rodney McKay. Steven Caldwell was disappointed that the weapon hadn't worked out.
SGA  McKay/Caldwell  tzigane 
july 2010 by indybear
Impossible Choices
Rodney is a policeman, John is a mystery.
SGA  AU  McShep  puddleofgoo 
july 2010 by indybear
Top Secret/General Inspection
General Stanley A. McChrystal got himself relieved of duty in Afghanistan on purpose. He has other problems to solve and the answer to at least one of them seems to be in Pegasus.
SGA  gen  goddess47 
july 2010 by indybear
John's unusual method for rescuing Rodney leads to long-term consequences for both of them.
SGA  AU  mpreg  McShep  aliensmadethemdoit  series:Miracles  elayna 
july 2010 by indybear
The Naming
A series of ficlets following the fic "Miracles."
SGA  AU  kidfic  McShep  series:Miracles  elayna 
july 2010 by indybear
(AU) John saves a man from drowning and takes the long way home.
SGA  AU  earthside  McShep  purna 
july 2010 by indybear
Construction Work
construction going on outside Rodney's apartment when he's on a furlough to Earth
SGA  AU  earthside  McShep  neery 
july 2010 by indybear
Relative Dimension
When Rodney showed up ranting and raving in the middle of the night, wearing a two-day old uniform and stubble to rival John's own, and insisted he had found—well, he'd better be temporarily insane, because it was the only thing standing between him and John's revenge.
SGA  crossover  DoctorWho  mad-maudlin 
july 2010 by indybear
Zombie Fever (Or How Rodney's Bomb Saved Atlantis)
“So, you want to venture out into the zombie filled hallways to go rescue other people?” John asks. “I had no idea you were so selfless.”
SGA  AU  McShep  ZOMBIES!!!!  wolfelements 
june 2010 by indybear
There is an Earth where things have turned out a little differently, and the people who go to Atlantis aren't quite the ones we know.Lesser AU.
SGA  AU  McShep  beckett/cadman  MagusMinor 
june 2010 by indybear
The Hostage Major, Part One
Okay. This is 15,625 words of CRACK with a totally cop-out title and a plot stolen from four lines of plot summary for this Harlequin novel. (Note: don't click on that if you don't want to be--*snort*--spoiled! *dies laughing*) I apologize for the title, but if I hadn't picked a title and posted this, I would have kept editing it, and every time I edited it, it grew. (It's aliiiive...)
SGA  AU  earthside  McShep  harlequin  frostfire 
june 2010 by indybear
Five Lies John Told (And Then A Whole Lotta Truth)
Author's Note: Thanks to Lim and Terri for beta; a weird and late response to the sga_flashfic "Five Things" challenge.
SGA  McShep  Jeannie  speranza 
june 2010 by indybear
Thicker Than Water
This was supposed to be a short, stupid story about bacon, for the Culture Clash challenge on sga_flashfic. It charged off into the sunset instead, taking me kicking and screaming with it. Vaguely futurefic, branching from canon sometime prior to The Siege/Moebius.
SGA  earthside  McShep  AU  Jeannie  julad 
june 2010 by indybear
Bar Harbor's Best
Rodney McKay had been a consternation in Bar Harbor for nearly a decade, having left a good three years before John had ever set foot in the place.
SGA  AU  earthside  McShep  wojelah 
june 2010 by indybear
The Real McCoy
Pianist Rodney McKay is in trouble and FBI Agent John Sheppard and his partner Agent Evan Lorne are sent to protect him.
SGA  AU  crossover  x-files  01100100  McShep  Sheppard/Mulder 
june 2010 by indybear
The Alexandrian Tablet (1/15)
AU, Contemporary, No Stargate program
SGA  SG-1  McShep  giogio 
june 2010 by indybear
N.O.R.W.I.C.H. by Kat Reitz and Tzigane
John Sheppard was thirty-four years old, a math whiz, and a busy man.
SGA  earthside  AU  dadt  McShep  KatReitz  Tzigane 
june 2010 by indybear
a hundred happy things
Harlequin AU (no Stargate). Kaleb's long gone, Jeannie's got a career, Madison has problems, Rodney's got Inner Power!, and Sheppard. . . is pretty much the same.
SGA  AU  earthside  McShep  genderfuck  busaikko 
may 2010 by indybear
Fight the Future
Post-Last Man Standing. John doesn't like the future he'd discovered.
SGA  AU  McShep  margarks 
may 2010 by indybear
Imaginary Boys
Mitchell and Sheppard get together during The Return, and if it wasn't impossible it'd be perfect.
SGA  SG-1  Sheppard/Mitchell  AU  busaikko 
may 2010 by indybear
Curiouser and Curiouser
When Teyla Emmagen is put in charge of an interplanetary expedition to find the lost world of Earth, she does not expect to find herself stranded on an alien base, fighting an enemy of unbelievable power .
SGA  AU  gaia 
may 2010 by indybear
Shakespeare Never Wrote a Vampire Play, Part 1
This fic contains what may be appear to be an inconsistency in timing with [info]melagan 's Sensual Magic.
SGA  AU  McShep  vampires  rosiepaw 
may 2010 by indybear
The Ratio of Burning
So, this one should be subtitled ‘Rodney McKay and the Planet of the Pot Smokers’. That would give the unfair impression that it’s going to be silly and light-hearted, however, and this one is a little too dark for that. Not dark!fic, but sunshine and roses it ain’t. If you need further proof, look to the drabbly offshoot predecessor. (Incidentally, the title refers to an insurance term relating losses suffered to the amount of coverage in effect.)
SGA  McShep  deathfic  AU  stillane 
may 2010 by indybear
John's ex needs some help.
SGA  AU  McShep  sian1359 
may 2010 by indybear
Slow and Steady
He rolled onto his side and narrowed his eyes. “You do realise I’m armed, don’t you?” he asked.
SGA  McShep  kellifer 
may 2010 by indybear
Untalented And Completely Unprepared, But Giving It His Best Shot Anyway
"Rodney, I know you've hacked your personnel file. You've read the letter that goes into great detail about how your strong suit isn't compassion or kindness, that your arrogance makes you incapable of rational judgment, and that you should never be trusted in positions of authority."
SGA  McShep  h/c  dasha 
may 2010 by indybear
The Conversation
Sheppard overhears a conversation
SGA  McShep  LadyRa 
may 2010 by indybear
Themed list - Rodney McKay, CSO of Atlantis: sex god
Five seasons of SGA (and some SG-1 episodes) showed many of us that Rodney McKay -- slightly overweight, receding hairline and all -- is, well, hot. But is he more than just hot? Fanfiction says: yes, and it's not only John who gets it.
SGA  McKay  skaredykat 
may 2010 by indybear
A New Explanation
Relationships and perspectives change once Atlantis is back on Earth.
SGA  McShep  earthside  bluespirit 
may 2010 by indybear
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