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Why Crunch Modes Doesn't Work: Six Lessons | IGDA
Reading: Why Crunch Mode Doesn't Work (via @newsycombinator)
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july 2012 by gmwils
(14) Edmond Lau's answer to What makes a good engineering culture? - Quora
RT @sbtourist: How to build a great engineering culture: /via @systems_we_make
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may 2012 by gmwils
LukeW | Quotes from Steve Jobs Lost Interview
Reading: Quotes from Steve Jobs Lost Interview
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november 2011 by gmwils
Artificial intelligence: Difference Engine: Luddite legacy | The Economist
AI-based automation threatens to supplant the brain-power of large swathes of middle-income employees.
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november 2011 by gmwils
Vi söker Sveriges bästa EPiServer utvecklare at Know IT in Göteborg Area, Sweden - Job | LinkedIn
I'm hiring! Vi söker Sveriges bästa EPiServer utvecklare at Know IT - Göteborg Area, Sweden
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april 2011 by gmwils
John Sculley: The Secrets of Steve Jobs’ Success [Exclusive Interview] | Cult of Mac
Reading: John Sculley: The Secrets of Steve Jobs’ Success [Exclusive Interview] | Cult of Mac
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october 2010 by gmwils
Pacific Brands posts loss, set to axe 1850 jobs
"This company has received million of dollars of government assistance over many years. And some of these businesses are profitable." - faint praise indeed. If the company requires govt. handouts, it isn't profitable.
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february 2009 by gmwils
Economist Group axes 13 staff | Media |
"The group, which publishes the weekly business title in markets around the world, is to make 13 staff redundant out of a total of 127 UK employees."
newspapers  media  market  change  economist  jobs 
january 2009 by gmwils
Employment website prepares for a monstering |
"The site is competing with the Seek-backed Chinese job site Zhaopin. But Mr Hollings said the joint venture with News would focus on Australia, with no plans to work together in other Asian markets."
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november 2008 by gmwils
Steve Jobs speaks out - On the birth of the iPhone (1) - FORTUNE
“We do no market research. We don’t hire consultants. The only consultants I’ve ever hired in my 10 years is one firm to analyze Gateway’s retail strategy so I would not make some of the same mistakes they made.”
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march 2008 by gmwils How to hire the best people you've ever worked with
"People with drive push and push and push and push and push until they succeed."
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june 2007 by gmwils
Extreme Jobs (and the people who love them)
"Even workers who think they can handle the demands often find the trade-offs not worth the price." ... "it's the next step -- having a family -- that seems to be the point at which extreme jobs often become unsustainable." It is fun while it lasts
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january 2007 by gmwils
HBR IdeaCast - Extreme Jobs
Criteria for exterme jobs and the implications of them. Podcast only. Interesting concept.
extreme  jobs  work  business  management 
january 2007 by gmwils
Cracking Your Next Company's Culture
How to figure out if a company is a good fit for you
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october 2005 by gmwils

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