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Building an online or learning all by yourself is hard. When I started it was lonely and full…
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march 2018 by gmwils
Work at different management levels | Lara Hogan
RT @lara_hogan: I promise managers actually do work all day. Here's what my work has looked like at different levels:
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october 2016 by gmwils
The Pivotal Stories Every Startup Leader Should Be Able to Tell | First Round Review
Reading: The Pivotal Stories Every Startup Leader Should Be Able to Tell (failure, good examples, inspiration)
storytelling  marketing  business  ceo 
july 2016 by gmwils
Why Diversity Programs Fail
Reading: Why Diversity Programs Fail (and some things that work)
discrimination  hbr  diversity  management  business 
july 2016 by gmwils
Goodreads | Drew Johnson (Southlake, TX)'s review of Seeking Wisdom: From Darwin To Munger
4 Filters for investing: 1) Can i understand it 2) Does it have a sustainable competitive advantage 3) is management able and honest 4) is the price right

4 laws of business: 1) any org will resist any change in current direction 2) projects will materialize to soak up available funds 3) any desire of the leader will be supported by detailed analysis 4) behavior of peer companies will be mindlessly imitated.
wisdom  business  investing 
march 2016 by gmwils
16 Startup Metrics | Andreessen Horowitz
One part of my job as a mere journo in common w/ a powerful VC. Keeping an eye out for these
metrics  startups  finance  startup  business  ceo  from twitter_favs
august 2015 by gmwils
Great Teams, Great Products
Reading: Great Teams, Great Products • Cap Watkins
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july 2015 by gmwils
Organizational Debt is like Technical debt – but worse | Steve Blank
Reading: Organizational Debt is like Technical debt – but worse | Steve Blank
business  culture  management  startup  org  debt 
june 2015 by gmwils
Amazon's Jeff Bezos on profits, failure, succession, big bets - Business Insider
Watching: Amazon's Jeff Bezos on profits, failure, succession, big bets - Business Insider
amazon  business  bezos 
december 2014 by gmwils
Uber's Sydney fiasco: the problem with surge pricing is everyone hates it - Vox
RT : Not just Uber: on how surge pricing backlashes undermine using prices to address parking & congestion
uber  pricing  business  economics  economy  psychology  from twitter_favs
december 2014 by gmwils
Our Canadian CEO of the year you’ve probably never heard of - The Globe and Mail
Reading: Long form profile of the CEO of Shopify – Our Canadian CEO of the year you’ve probably never heard of
business  ceo  shopify 
december 2014 by gmwils
Spotify Seems to Be Gaining on YouTube's Streaming Dominance (Infographic) | Billboard
Reading: Spotify Seems to Be Gaining on YouTube's Streaming Dominance (Infographic) | Billboard
business  data  music  statistics  spotify  youtube 
november 2014 by gmwils
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