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When was the last time you looked at a website’s menu and thought “gosh, that is just so pretty.” Unless you’re a designer, chances are it’s never. People don’t visit your website to admire the UI. They go there for the content. They go there to get shit done.
20 hours ago
tom crabtree (manual) interview
DB: please could you tell about your background and why you decided to form your own studio? TC: I began my career working at a handful of boutique design studios in london, working with clients in music, arts, culture, and fashion.
21 hours ago
Chris Sacca on Product Hunt
Exclusive "Here's a pre-release build of Swipe, just for Product Hunters" Marwan Roushdy
Facebook Unveils Its Own Anonymous App | Re/code
Facebook unveiled an anonymous app Thursday, entering an increasingly crowded field of startups offering nameless sharing. In order to set itself apart, Facebook’s version, called Rooms, is designed around chat rooms.
It's Nice That : Fantastic animations for Harvard's online neuroscience course
Nothing helps the brain learn better than a good old visual aid, so what better way to tackle Harvard’s online neuroscience course than to watch these clever animations.
Facebook's new Rooms app brings bite-sized forums to your iPhone | The Verge
These aren’t the words you expect to hear from the guy building Facebook’s next big app. Facebook has spent the last two years cloning Snapchat, trying to buy Snapchat, and eventually creating a pseudo-Snapchat. None of these plans have worked, so now it’s building… a blogging platform?
This Chrome extension will brighten your day every time you open a new tab – Quartz
If you use Google Chrome as your web browser, do yourself a favor and install this extension right now. Just do it: The extension, released earlier this month by Google, displays a beautiful satellite photograph from somewhere in the world every time you open a new tab.
The Fight over San Francisco’s Public Spaces - The New Yorker
On most mornings in San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza, elderly Asian women practice tai chi under the pollarded sycamore trees.
Why You Should Risk Sharing Your Idea - Andreessen Horowitz
A while back I suggested that datacenter infrastructure would move from an on-premise operation to the cloud. It may have seemed counter-intuitive that the infrastructure itself would become available from the cloud, but that’s exactly what’s happening.
2 days ago
13 Ways Designers Screw Up Client Presentations — Medium
The hardest part of design is presenting work. You can’t even argue about this. I’ve seen people who did amazing work get up in front of a client and lay eggs. I’ve also seen people do alright work and work clients around their little finger.
2 days ago
Why #Gamergaters Piss Me The F*** Off — The Cauldron — Medium
Do you know why you piss me the fuck off? Because you’re lazy. You’re ignorant. You are a blithering collection of wannabe Wikipedia philosophers, drunk on your own buzzwords, incapable of forming an original thought.
3 days ago
It's Nice That : We interview the editor of Wired.co.uk about the game-changing redesign
Redesigns are so often chewed up and spat out in the design world, so when one comes along that simultaneously blows the socks off each and every one of your colleagues upon seeing it, you know it’s going to be worth digging a little deeper.
3 days ago
James Victore and Ben Barry: How to Build Your Own Career - 99U
About this interview In a world where there is no more “traditional path” how to we take our career where we want it to go? In this interview with 99U Director Jocelyn Glei, artist James Victore and Ben Barry (formerly of Facebook) share the lessons learned from forging their own path — both
3 days ago
Neil Blumenthal: 3 Lessons Learned From Building Warby Parker - 99U
About this presentation Warby Parker started, like most businesses, with frustration. Co-CEO Neil Blumenthal and his co-founders found purchasing glasses extremely tedious and unnecessarily expensive. So, they created their own solution.
3 days ago
Joe Gebbia: Executing Your Idea Starts With a Small Single Step - 99U
We all have that idea that we can’t shake out of our head, the one that we think about in the shower or daydream about.
3 days ago
Joshua Davis: Never Let Success Get In The Way of Creativity - 99U
As creatives we strive for some form of success — some mountaintop, goal, or recognition.
3 days ago
Tony Fadell: On Setting Constraints, Ignoring Experts & Embracing Self-Doubt - 99U
From the iPod and the iPhone to the Nest Learning Thermostat, Tony Fadell’s incredible creations have disrupted industries, introduced beautifully designed solutions, and changed the way we live.
3 days ago
David Bowie’s 75 Must-Read Books | Brain Pickings
From poetry to history to theory of mind, with plenty of fiction and a few magazines for good measure.
3 days ago
Bench — Bookkeeping Services for Your Business
Bench is the online bookkeeping service that provides you tax-ready financial statements from professional accountants.
3 days ago
Hi, I’m Jason.
I’m a graphic designer who loves the web, design, beauty and things that are enjoyable to use. I am as excited by smart mark-up and clever CSS as I am by the single pixel that makes that button perfect.
3 days ago
Getting Crafty With OSM Buildings
OpenStreetMap (OSM) is the largest open-source map in the world. As you may surmise from its name, it notably maps streets. But the database holds more than just streets. Oh my, yes.
3 days ago
How to Tweet Like a Robot on Mars - Atlantic Mobile
Hadfield was right, but not just because the spacecraft continues to deliver data back to NASA. The official @NASAVoyager account is also active, tweeting updates, posting images, and, after Hadfield tweeted his exchange with Timur
3 days ago
Significant Objects | ...and how they got that way
Significant Objects, a literary and anthropological experiment devised by Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn, demonstrated that the effect of narrative on any given object’s subjective value can be measured objectively.
3 days ago
Skip to main content Season One: Episode 04 Serial is a podcast designed to be listened to in order. If you're just landing here please go back and start with Episode 1. Play ALL EPISODES Ep. 01 Play Episode 01 The Alibi Episode Details Ep. 02 Play Episode 02 The Breakup Episode Details Ep.
3 days ago
Jerry Seinfeld ripped apart the advertising industry on its biggest night – Quartz
“I love advertising because I love lying,” comedian Jerry Seinfeld told a banquet hall full of advertising executives at the industry’s annual awards show on Oct. 1. He didn’t appear to be joking.
3 days ago
“The great ideas have come from people who weren’t paid to have great ideas” | chris dixon's blog
It is only afterward that a new idea seems reasonable. To begin with, it usually seems unreasonable.
3 days ago
Dave Hickey: 'I Will Never Retire From Art or Writing' | John Seed
Whatever you think of writer/critic Dave Hickey, you have to give him this: He speaks his mind.
3 days ago
Wayward Wild
Formerly No Little Plans, Wayward Wild marks a new partnership for Ryan and Tina Essmaker, cofounders of The Great Discontent, and Brad Smith, founder and former CEO of Virb, who have come together under the W/W banner.
3 days ago
graydon2 | always bet on text
I figured I should just post this somewhere so I can make future reference to how I feel about the matter, anytime someone asks me about such-and-such video, 3D, game or "dynamic" multimedia system. Don't get me wrong, I like me some illustrations, photos, movies and music. But text wins by a mile.
4 days ago
The Generation X Gap | Nassau Weekly
Douglas Coupland’s exhibit in the Vancouver Art Gallery this summer was called “everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything,” and from the instant I saw the title, before I even set foot in the museum, I was not feeling it.
4 days ago
It's Nice That : We ask six brilliant illustrators to tell us about their weapons of choice
Because no return to school is ever complete without a mammoth haul of stationery – think gel pens, scented glitter rollerballs, erasers as big as your 12-year-old fist and some kind of novelty pencil sharpener – we asked some of our favourite creatives to tell us what one piece of kit in the
4 days ago
I wish I could photosynthesize - but does it float
Drawings by Moonassi Title: Theodore Roethke via Zeloot Will 50 Watts
5 days ago
Storm Tharp | In The Make | Studio visits with West Coast artists
On my shelves are numerous books on the craft of fiction, many of which are vestiges of my grad school days that I now don’t open up nearly as often as I should.
5 days ago
The Millions : Do Not Tell Me This Is Not Beautiful: On the Collaborative Art of Words and Images
When Walker Evans accompanied James Agee on an assignment for Fortune in 1936, the two came to a certain realization that the bounds of magazine journalism would not permit a full portrayal of the Woods, the Gudgers, and the Ricketts — three families of poor white tenant farmers.
6 days ago
Brian Sabean cried last night and so did you - McCovey Chronicles
Last night, the Giants won the pennant. The Giants... won... the... pennant. It was a great night which stemmed from a great sight. I was elated, you were ecstatic, the Giants were deliriously blind, and then there was Brian Sabean: Look at him. Dad's crying. Seriously.
7 days ago
Travis Ishikawa sends the Giants to the World Series - McCovey Chronicles
For the next 50 years, you'll see video of Travis Ishikawa hitting a home run to send the Giants to the World Series. Every time it comes on, you'll smile. Every time you think about it, you'll remember why you follow sports, why you care so much about something that's supposed to mean nothing.
7 days ago
OS X 10.10 Yosemite: The Ars Technica Review | Ars Technica
When the book is finally closed on the product line known as OS X, last year’s release of OS X 10.9 Mavericks may end up getting short shrift.
7 days ago
Are Writers Born or Made? Jack Kerouac on the Crucial Difference Between Talent and Genius | Brain Pickings
“All of us, we’re links in a chain,” Pete Seeger observed in pondering the nature of creative work.
8 days ago
Nobel Lecture by Harold Pinter - YouTube
What every American need to see three times a year! This is a brilliant speech by Harold Pinter! Harold Pinter's Nobel Lecture was pre-recorded, and shown on video on 7 December 2005, in Börssalen at the Swedish Academy in Stockholm.
8 days ago
Bill Murray On The Howard Stern Show 10/08/14 - YouTube
From Today's Howard Stern Show, Howard interviews Bill Murray.Audio originally aired October 8th, 2014 on Sirius XM.
8 days ago
Robert Downey Jr. On The Howard Stern Show 10/07/14 - YouTube
From Today's Howard Stern Show, Howard interviews Robert Downey Jr.Audio originally aired October 7th, 2014 on Sirius XM.
8 days ago
Skulls and Bones - In Focus - The Atlantic
In a number of crypts, catacombs, chapels, and memorials around the world, human skeletons are arranged for public view.
8 days ago
Kevin Kelly, Cool Tools - XOXO Festival (2014) - YouTube
The founding editor of Wired and former editor/publisher of the Whole Earth Review, Kevin Kelly coined the “1,000 True Fans” theory, an idea underlying the crowdfunding and direct-to-fan revolution. Last year, he self-published Cool Tools, a massive 472-page, 11”x14” compendium of the greatest tools ever made, a catalog of infinite possibilities. Recorded in September 2014 at XOXO, an arts and technology festival in Portland, Oregon celebrating independent artists using the Internet to make a living doing what they love. For more, visit http://xoxofest.com. Video thumbnail by Ian Linkletter: https://www.flickr.com/photos/linkletter/15129960160/ Intro Music: Broke for Free, "Only Instrumental" http://bit.ly/xo2014broke
10 days ago
The 17 best bots on Twitter – Quartz
#Followabot The 17 best bots on Twitter Written by Zachary M. Seward@zseward October 10, 2014 It's lonely being a bot on the information superhighway.
10 days ago
My animating belief is that politicians and... - Slacker’s Grace
“My animating belief is that politicians and bullshitters and ideologues have taken the idea of societal change and replaced it with a particular notion of technology as the only or main causal mechanism in history. Somehow, we’ve been convinced that only machines and corporations make the future, not people and ideas. And that’s not true. Just take a look back in history at the mid-century “futurists” projecting they’d be living on Mars with their stay-at-home wives, playing pinochle in all-white communities.” —Alexis Madrigal
15 days ago
Claire L. Evans (YACHT) Talks the Rentals’ Lost in Alphaville | The Talkhouse Music
Alphaville is a 1965 science-fiction film by Jean-Luc Godard, the French New Wave auteur best known for inventing the jump-cut and hipping the world to the charms of Anna Karina. Although it takes place in a noir dystopian future, the film was shot in real locations around Paris.
15 days ago
16 days ago
Think Norway’s new bank notes are cool? You should see the ones they rejected – Quartz
The central bank of Norway has decided on the design of its next bank notes after a competition, based on the theme of “The Sea.” And—unsurprisingly, given Scandinavia’s reputation for beautiful design—they are pretty special.
16 days ago
De Chirico: The long way down - Telegraph
Ahead of a new show at London's Estorick Collection, Martin Gayford considers how the marvellous and mysterious proto-Surrealist, Giorgio de Chirico, ultimately lost his way Writing in 1960, at the age of 72, Giorgio de Chirico contemplated his long career in art with complete satisfaction.
18 days ago
Find Your Beach by Zadie Smith | The New York Review of Books
Across the way from our apartment—on Houston, I guess—there’s a new wall ad. The site is forty feet high, twenty feet wide. It changes once or twice a year.
18 days ago
Exquisite Corpse - A Journal of Letters and Life
I can't come anymore. I also can't stand my pink nail polish. It's called Baby. I got it at the Vietnamese place, Crazy Lady Nails, but it's fuckin' frosty and I hate fuckin' frosty. I also hate when I get the ugly old lady manicurist.
20 days ago
Lapwing Labs
Hackers obsess over automation. We want robots to do the grunt work so we can focus on the fun stuff. One area that's ripe for automation that hasn't seen much attention lately is setting up your computer. Today I want to show you some techniques to apply automation to the setup of your Mac.
20 days ago
Execute iOS
For years, Josh Long has wanted to learn iOS. Sam Soffes has been building iOS apps for the last six years. Follow along as Sam teaches Josh to build the new Execute app for iPhone and iPad, in only 3 days.
20 days ago
Mic'd Up: Antoine Bethea vs. Eagles
Auto Play On Off Share Link Email RSS Posted: Mic'd Up: Antoine Bethea vs. Eagles 49ers Studios had safety Antoine Bethea wired for sound in Week 4 against the Philadelphia Eagles.
20 days ago
How Apps are Made — Craig Mod
How are apps made? Painfully with deliberation or effortlessly without thought. Blind inspiration. Eight hours over a lazy weekend. Fifty grand a day. A million dollars a syllable. Do not look for the sense in it. Apps mirror life in their unfairness.
21 days ago
Southern Gothic - Hunting for the peculiar soul of Georgia.
Photographs by SEPT. 26, 2014 Hunting for the peculiar soul of Georgia.
22 days ago
Responsive Images: If you're just changing resolutions, use srcset. | CSS-Tricks
If you're implementing responsive images (different images in HTML for different situations) and all you are doing is switching between different versions of the same image (the vast majority of usage), all you need is the srcset attribute on the . Gaze upon this easy syntax:
22 days ago
Interview: Arvida Bystrom - Girly - SHOWstudio - The Home of Fashion Film
Lou Stoppard: Why do you think 'girly', childish aesthetics - pink, stickers, glitter and frills - are so popular at the moment?
22 days ago
Mark Kushimi — Freunde von Freunden
If the modern world was a Venn diagram it could be separated into technological innovators and analog traditionalists. In that singular area where technology and tradition intersect, you’ll find Mark Kushimi. By training, Mark is a graphic designer. He spends his days staring at a Mac screen.
22 days ago
An Inside Look at Anonymous, the Radical Hacking Collective
In the mid-nineteen-seventies, when Christopher Doyon was a child in rural Maine, he spent hours chatting with strangers on CB radio. His handle was Big Red, for his hair.
22 days ago
Jason Molina's long dark blues | Music Feature | Chicago Reader
On the day he died, a chilly Saturday in March 2013, Jason Molina was alone inside his two-story apartment on Indianapolis's Musket Street. A skillet's worth of spinach and garbanzo beans sat on the stove. Guitar-magazine cutouts plastered his empty fridge's door.
22 days ago
Before the Startup
One of the advantages of having kids is that when you have to give advice, you can ask yourself "what would I tell my own kids?" My kids are little, but I can imagine what I'd tell them about startups if they were in college, and that's what I'm going to tell you.
23 days ago
Namisu Official Shop
See this blog post for Nexus pre-orders after Kickstarter campaign. Shapeways Sales! Click here to go directly to our Shapeways Store http://bit.ly/1g7kdZu
24 days ago
Paris Review - Hate, Ben Morreale
Hate makes some write small: hate that flares the nostrils and constricts the teeth, vaporizes the blood upward. There must have been hate before love, for love is but a reflection of hate. Did Eve hate Adam or was it God that hated man? There are no benefactors of man, but God how many malfactors.
24 days ago
Upgrade #2: You Start From Zero - Relay FM
This week Jason gets to address a bunch of iPhone follow-up (which he is super excited about) and Myke quizzes him about his first week of writing at Six Colors.
24 days ago
Faith in eventually by Jason Fried of Basecamp
Making something new takes patience. But it also takes faith. Faith that everything will work out in the end. During the development of most any product, there are always times when things aren’t quite right. Times when you feel like you may be going backwards a bit.
25 days ago
Inside the building where Apple tortures the iPhone 6 | The Verge
A few blocks away from Apple's bustling campus in Cupertino is a rather nondescript building. Inside is absolutely the last place on earth you'd want to be if you were an iPhone.
27 days ago
Pynchon’s Cameo, and Other Surrealities - Paul Thomas Anderson Films ‘Inherent Vice’
Halfway through a long lunch at Tavern on the Green on a sunny September day, the trim, tanned filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson, dressed in a Southern California beach bum’s uniform — Quiksilver shorts, faded blue T-shirt, crumpled white bucket hat — went silent. Mr.
27 days ago
Abe Burmeister on Twitter: "Reposting Sun Ra's business card, because only a jazz musician from Saturn could get the phrasing just so http://t.co/Fdm4uxd7SN"
Reposting Sun Ra's business card, because only a jazz musician from Saturn could get the phrasing just so pic.twitter.
28 days ago
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