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Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Doctor of
Philosophy in the Graduate School at The Ohio State University
Jennifer Bonnie Camden, M.A.
february 2017
New York Magazine - The Persistence of the Jewish American Princess by Julie Baumgold
This is a collage portrait of the stereotype out of pop culture, kind of? It has lots of references that I didn't get but there's still plenty of interest, and the tie to Rebecca in Ivanhoe was interesting.
jewish  medievalesque  romanticism 
february 2017
ivanhoe | History of Costume
Medieval Movies…and their Accuracy (Costumes)
Ivanhoe (1952): 4/5
The Court Jester (1956): 3.5/5
Monty Python and the Holy Grail: 2.5/5
Braveheart (1995): 4/5
A Knight's Tale: 2.5/5
medievalesque  romanticism 
february 2017
On Walter Scott's Ivanhoe | Open Letters Monthly - an Arts and Literature Review
For it is only on first viewing that Scott appears as a straightforward Romantic conservative, the editor of ancient ballads, the poet of medieval epics, the builder of a baronial pile in the Anglo-Scottish borders, the orchestrator of chivalric ceremonies during the visit of George IV in 1822, and even a modern knight as member of the Edinburgh light dragoons. We should remember that he was also a lawyer, and a canny one.
medievalesque  romanticism 
february 2017
Obsidian Wings: Mis-reading "Ivanhoe"
Just as the plot of Ivanhoe is not what Wachtell says, his themes and treatment of chivalry aren't what she, Twain, and most of Scott's 19th-century Southern fans say they are. Scott supposedly presents a romantic, glamourized picture of chivalry, but as Rosemary Mitchell points out, Scott's text is uncomfortable, nuanced, and even sarcastic about chivalry.
romanticism  medievalesque 
february 2017
On the Beam by rac
On the Beam, by rac
...the shortest distance between two solitary points isn't always a straight path.
Details: | NC-17 | 38k | 09/30/99
Pairings: Mulder/Skinner
Spoilers: Unrequited

"I didn't know you had property in West Virginia."
Skinner half turned in the doorway, framed once more by the bright florescent lights of the hallway. "Why should you? There's a lot you don't know about me, Mulder."
X-files  mulder/Skinner  short 
july 2016
Wakened by Silence by JiM
Title: Wakened by Silence [plain text]
Author: JiM [email/website]
Details: | Not Rated | 24k | 04/15/01
Pairings: Mulder/Skinner

He looked up and was curiously unsurprised to see Fox Mulder sitting on a granite boulder by the side of the trail, a red frame pack leaning on a tree beside him. But this was a Mulder he had never seen. No Brooks Brothers suit this time - just a pair of gray hiking shorts and a long-sleeved mint-green LL Bean t-shirt. Lightweight but decent hiking boots with raggwool socks neatly folded over the scree-cuffs. He looked long and lean and fit and entirely at home out here. But the smile on his face was the same as it had always been in Washington. Challenging, mischievous and ... a touch shy? Skinner was surprised by a surge of some unnamed emotion within.
X-files  mulder/Skinner  short 
july 2016
Rain by JiM
Title: "Rain"
Author: JiM
Date: 5/99
Pairing: M/Sk
Summary: A rainy Saturday and someone damp turns up on Skinner's doorstep
Desc: PWP
Feedback: JimPage363@aol.com
Note: For Kass, who wanted a Monday morning story.
X-files  mulder/Skinner  short-short 
july 2016
Fic: The Killer Inside: scout_lover
Summary: Galahad doesn’t like Tristan … does he?
Characters: Galahad, Tristan
Rating: G
"It is only, Galahad resolutely tells himself, the fascination of the terrible.

It is also, his treacherously honest self whispers back, the allure of the beautiful.

And he cannot look away, for Tristan in battle is both terrible and beautiful, the avatar of brutal death and of exquisite grace. "
short-short  kingarthur  galahad/tristan 
october 2015
FANVID - hannibal & will - running after my fate - wirwen - YouTube
Published on Sep 4, 2015
disclaimer: blood, physical abuse, emotional manipulation
"you don't want me to have anything in my life that's not you"
vid  hannibal  hannibal/will 
september 2015
mosca: Fic: Parallel Evolution (DS9, Garak/Bashir, Jadzia/Worf, Leeta/Rom
Title: Parallel Evolution
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Characters/Pairings: Julian Bashir/Elim Garak (explicit), Jadzia Dax/Worf (explicit), Leeta/Rom (suggestive), Odo, Quark
Rating: NC-17 for explicit m/m and m/f sex; see warnings.
Warnings/Enticements: Kink including pain play, genital injury, gender play, and voyeurism. Also description of panic attacks. In other words, a bunch of stuff that's pretty much canon.
Summary: Seven ways nature solves the paradox of high-level sentience and the reproductive instinct. Or doesn't.
Word count: about 2,700.
ds9  garak/bashir  short  trek 
march 2015
earlgreytea68: Beyond Scotch (1/1)
Title - Beyond Scotch (1/1)
Series - 10/10 in the Scotch series
Author - earlgreytea68
Rating - General
Characters - Lestrade, Mycroft
Spoilers - Through "The Reichenbach Fall"
Disclaimer - I don't own them and I don't make money off of them, but I don't like to dwell on that, so let's move on.
Summary - In which Lestrade tells Mycroft his decision.
mycroft/lestrade  bbcsherlock  short 
march 2015
In Dreams by moonflower-rose
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, Harry/Ginny, Harry/OFC, Draco/Blaise and Ron/Hermione
Summary: When the simple act of opening the front door plunges you into the depths of a political conspiracy, you know you should have stayed in bed.
Rating: R-NC-17ish.
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warning(s): Character death (not the main pairing!)
Epilogue compliant? For a split second, and then never again - EWE
Word Count: 37,500 give or take a few adjectives
novel  hp  harry/draco 
march 2015
deancas_xmas: [FIC] Take This to Heart for deancasdestiny
Pairing: Dean/Castiel, mentions of Sam/Jess, and past Castiel/Amelia, Dean/Cassie and Dean/Lisa
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 9,487
Author Notes: Written in response to the following prompt: AU - Castiel is a hunter, too. A new guy turns up in the hunter's chatroom that Dean frequents, and they proceed to talk (and argue and flirt). If there were sparks between them over the computer, there's fireworks when he meets Castiel Novak face to face on a case. Bonus if they are both obviously using fake names at first. This might not be exactly what the prompt suggested, but so it goes. Thanks to jilli_rose for reading, critiquing and cheerleading.
dean/castiel  au  long  supernatural 
march 2015
deancastiel: [FIC] I wanna hold you high and steal your pain (for talli_approved), 1 of 2
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: High School AU, homophobia, underage sex (maybe. I haven’t specified, but they’re 17 or 18), barebacking
Spoilers: None
Word Count: ~20 000
Notes/Prompt(s): Prompt: AU High school story. Dean and Castiel, first gay relationship, coming out, and the results of doing so (please portray both bad and good results.)
au  supernatural  dean/castiel  novella 
march 2015
singingintime: Symphony for Stars and Planets, Part 1
My thought is SpockxKirk AU where they are both musicians. I totally see Spock as first chair violin, and Kirk as a crazy band guy - maybe as percussion, cause those guys were always the most fun. They're both part of an Orchestra group ensemble thing, and they're scoring a soundtrack for a movie.
au  trek  aos  kirk/spock 
march 2015
ladyblahblah: Turn Not Back, 1 of 2
Title: Turn Not Back
Author: ladyblahblah
Beta: ninjaboots
Fandom: Star Trek Reboot
Pairing: Spock/Kirk, background Bones/Gaila and Uhura/Chapel
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Slight dub-con
Summary: Pon farr hits and Spock finds himself without a mate. Except . . . wait, when did that happen? Accidental!bonding fic.
trek  tos  long  kirk/spock  ponnfarr 
march 2015
hp10k_showcase: Between Conspirators (Harry/Draco)
Title: Between Conspirators
Author: mahaliem
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating R
Warnings: None
Word Count: 9894
Summary: Someone tries to recruit Draco to help kill Harry. Fortunately (?), Draco has a plan to stop the mysterious would-be assassin.
harry/draco  hp  long 
march 2015
kcscribbler: [ST:TOS] Oneshot - All I Ask
The impulse for a coda to The Menagerie is good and the scene is really sweet, although there's kinda something missing and the narration falters at times.
kirk/spock  tos  trek 
march 2015
Love Song 3 by dirtydiana
I like that the characters are pretty matter-of-fact and up-front about dealing with Don't Ask Don't Tell, when it comes up. That isn't the sole good point or even best point about this story, which is a solid drugged-touchy-feely-Daniel/guilty-Jack fic. It was memorable though.
sg1  jack/daniel 
march 2015
Ghost In The Machine by Anais
This is that rare thing, a casefic with an externalized plot which perfectly parallels the real, emotional arc of the narrative, deftly interwoven. It's rather gripping and genuinely moving, too.
jack/daniel  sg1  long 
march 2015
Eclipse by Kalimyre
All Daniel's POV and both charming and rather sweetly funny, but he is perhaps too unconfident. It's part of the plot, but it's easy to overdo that.
sg1  jack/daniel 
march 2015
pirateyes: Fic: whatever a moon - pinto
Title: whatever a moon
Author: pirateyes
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Chris/Zach
Words: 3640
Disclaimer: Not a word of truth to any of it. Well maybe a word, but I couldn't tell you which one.
Summary: Eight conversations about one thing. In which they discuss movies instead of books (blasphemy!) and skate around each other for far too long.
chris/zach  rpf  short 
march 2015
Violent Tendencies - Supernatural- "Love is a Battlefield" (1/3)
Theme/Topic: The prompt was: “Angel-pheromones or smth. Everyone wants a piece of Cas' ass. And I mean everyone. The crackiest the pairing the better. Dean is most definitely NOT amused by everyone hitting on/propositioning his bf.”
crack  dean/castiel  humor  supernatural 
march 2015
_disappoint_me_: Fic: Waiting
Title: Waiting
Pairing: ZQ/CP
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 7,771
Summary: Zach comes down with a nasty case of word vomit, which yields totally disastrous, and then totally awesome results.
Disclaimer: Not meant to be slanderous, libelous, malicious, or defamatory. Don’t be so uptight.
Author’s Notes: I love smut for the sake of smut. Trufax.
chris/zach  rpf 
march 2015
Finite by katlair (Inspector Lewis Secret Santa 14)
Title: Finite
Characters/Pairing: Lewis/Hathaway
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1,471
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine, only playing. No material profit made, only the social and cultural capital of fandom participation and creativity.

Summary: Christmas night seems like the perfect time for an important discussion about sleeping arrangements.

Author notes: Pre season 8. For the purposes of the fic you can assume that Lewis and Hobson have settled for a friendship. Thank you to M for a quick and efficient beta.
short  lewis  lewis/hathaway 
january 2015
reddwarfslash: [FIC] Shower Space
“What kind of person would need a shower this big? Someone with arms the size of elephant trunks?”
ust  short-short  reddwarf  lister/rimmer 
october 2014
smaych: Fic: Quiet - PG
"That thought alone was depressing. The closest thing he had to a friend was someone he knew exclusively by their last name."
ust  short-short  lister/rimmer  reddwarf 
october 2014
smaych: Fic: Domino - PG
"Rimmer couldn't even find the words to convey how impossible he thought it was to worry too much when you were being pursued by an enormous homicidal pizza topping."
reddwarf  ust  short-short  rimmer/lister 
october 2014
magichamster - Visiting Lister
Title: Visiting Lister
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Rimmer/Lister, Ace/Lister
Word Count: 2148
Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't own Red Dwarf, or any of the characters in it.
Spoilers: Dimension Jump, Stoke Me A Clipper
Summary: Ace goes back in time to visit Lister. Repeatedly.
Notes: For some reason, I wrote this in Lister's timeline, but from Ace's point of view. Hope it's not too confusing.
reddwarf  lister/rimmer  medium-length  rec 
october 2014
kahvi: Believing it's Not Butter - Ace Rimmer/Lister (imp) - PG
An Ace (i.e. asexual) Ace has an encounter with a certain mechanical intelligence.
short-short  reddwarf  gen 
october 2014
seana-s - Fic: Reams of Paperwork Part 1
part 2- http://seana-s.livejournal.com/19808.html

Title: Reams of Paperwork Part 1
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairing: Rimmer/Lister
Summary: In light of the events in Lemons and Entangled, Lister tries to talk to Rimmer about the issues that have been raised. Rimmer might not be so keen to listen.
Spoilers for RDX, especially Lemons and Entangled.
Word Count: 7000

This was both hilarious and touching, and captured a bit of the feel of X (and the issues it raises) as well as an ingenious approach to Rimmer that was quite charming. The pacing is slightly uneven and the second half rushes through some serious issues/conversations in a way that lost the feel of the beginning a bit but the temptation to write that type of romance resolution is obviously very widespread, and understandable.
lister/rimmer  reddwarf  medium-length   
october 2014
seana-s - Fic: Kershnickered
itle: Kershnickered
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Rimmer/Lister
Summary: Takes place during Fathers and Suns - a brief look at events between Lister making the videos for himself and waking up in the shopping trolley the next morning.
Word Count: 1824

An angsty vignette with no real resolution exploring the concept of Fathers & Suns a bit more.
lister/rimmer  ust  short-short  reddwarf 
october 2014
Seana-S: Fic: That McGruder Girl
Working Title: That McGruder Girl
Pairing: Rimmer/Lister (refers to Rimmer/McGruder - het! but only implied)
Summary: Pre-series - the aftermath of the McGruder incident.
Word Count: 4428

Premise is that Rimmer suspects he might be gay after his reaction to the McGruder incident. McGruder herself is treated well by the fic, though.
lister/rimmer  reddwarf  short 
october 2014
Seana-S - Fic: Heart Pains
Rating: R (language, nothing more)
Pairing: Rimmer/Lister
Summary: Lister's lifestyle catches up with him, and then his heart breaks...
Set some time post-RDX but teeny spoilers for some RDX episodes.
[WARNING: refers to angina and heart disease]
Word Count: 3243
short  lister/rimmer  reddwarf    rec 
october 2014
felineranger: Half The Battle
Brief fic inspired by the recent conversations about Rimmer's hard-light capabilities and his 'entaglement' with Lister.
short-short  reddwarf  lister/rimmer 
october 2014
gemjam - The Law of Mutual Attraction (Red Dwarf)
“I don’t like what having a body has done to me, how it’s made me feel,” Rimmer said.
lister/rimmer  reddwarf 
october 2014
Roadstergal - Cold
Starbug's heating unit fails. Wallowy reminiscence lacking a happy ending, as so much fic written prior to BtE was. Nice though, and the cold conceit is unusual and engaging.
medium-length  ust  lister/rimmer  reddwarf 
october 2014
Who's Bad? by Elvichar
"Yeah well - supposing someone suppressed a part of themselves, a part that was really disturbing. What would happen?"

"I suppose if they kept it in long enough they'd probably go mental and start chopping people up or summit," the computer said cheerfully, "With a great big axe. Why, are we talking about someone we know?"
reddwarf  lister/rimmer  ust  short-short 
october 2014
theMT - Planet Leave (Red Dwarf, ff.net)
"Lister!" yelled Rimmer, trying to push his way through Lister's crowd of admirers. "Excuse me; pardon me; sorry, not gay!; 'scuse me, sorry…"
short-short  reddwarf  ust  lister/rimmer 
october 2014
Britta - Bait and Switch
Rating: PG through NC-17
Summary: Walk a mile in another's shoes--ancient saying.

I don't find all the behavior involved very convincing and the B'Elanna character assassination is just weird, but the humorous bodyswap antics stay interesting.
startrek  voy  long  bodyswap  chakotay/paris 
october 2014
Command Performance by Emma Woodhouse
tw: dubcon, child harm

This is a really old-school slash story with an elaborate plot, melodrama and a purple tint, but idk, something about it felt especially representative of the genre and I enjoyed the ride. In spite of the purpleness and the associated OOC, other parts of the characterization were surprisingly good.
chakotay/paris  startrek  voy  medium-length 
october 2014
Off Shift Concerns
Tom attached his combadge and programmed the computer to do a site-to-site with a return on command. He took a deep breath, hit the interface and after a moment's disorientation appeared in the commander's living area. Thankful one more time for the biosignature aspect of the computer's data, he was not unpleasantly surprised by an awake Chakotay relaxing on the couch. The soft orange glow of the night lights in the bedroom and the sound of light snoring were the only things to greet him.
startrek  voy  chakotay/paris  short  via:southerly 
july 2014
Beauty and the Beast.pdf
Original Villeneuve fairy tale from 18th century France, 100+ pages, in translation.

There is a lot of crack here and more plot twists than Shyamalan ever dreamed of. It's also early science fiction as she appears to have invented streaming video and, more or less, satellite transmission, as a throwaway aside.
february 2014
Had to be you - Anonymous - Some Like It Hot (1959) [Archive of Our Own]

“Is that you, Mrs. Fielding?” said Osgood.

“Sure,” said Jerry.
yuletide  rec  !  short 
december 2013
Change of Heart - Anonymous - Lewis (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
James turns out to have a boyfriend and Lewis experiences a shocking awakening.
lewis  yuletide  lewis/hathaway  short 
december 2013
Northanger Abbey of Marin - Anonymous - Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen [Archive of Our Own]

No one who saw Catherine Moreland as a little girl could have supposed she was to be a heroine.

Fortunately, she'd discovered the wonder that was teen romances. Fortunately, she'd read Twilight.
yuletide  au  austen 
december 2013
Mansfield End - Anonymous - Mansfield Park - Jane Austen [Archive of Our Own]
An alternate ending for Mansfield Park.

Amazing, essentially flawless, page-turning, delightful, and superbly satisfying.
austen  yuletide  novel 
december 2013
Parades' Beginning, Middle and End - Anonymous - Norse Religion & Lore, Australian Mythology, Hindu Mythology [Archive of Our Own]

This is the story of how the Bifrost, also known as the Rainbow Bridge, and the biannual Bifrost Trans Pride parade came to be.

Although, admittedly, it may not seem like it at first. What with all the extraneous details and the random digressions about irrelevancies. Well, okay, it's actually only a little bit about the Rainbow Bridge or the biannual Bifrost Trans Pride parade.

But seriously, it does get there eventually.



-- I love the Angrboda POV, the jotun magic, and the crack. ~7k
december 2013
Our Slow Designs - Anonymous - 16th Century CE RPF [Archive of Our Own]
It seems like Marlowe/Shakespeare is getting more and more popular. This one isn't a modern AU at all, it's just young Shakespeare being hero worshippy and trying to save the dashing Marlowe from himself. ~9k.
yuletide  !  long 
december 2013
College First - Anonymous - The Addams Family (1991) [Archive of Our Own]

Wednesday struggles to feel comfortable with her identity as an Addams and a mother, while living in a world that is far too normal.
december 2013
With This Night's Revels - Anonymous - 16th Century CE RPF, British Writer RPF [Archive of Our Own]
An adorable modern au Shakespeare/Marlowe where the bar fight turns out differently. I'm not entirely sure why, but it was enjoyable. 2k.
short  yuletide 
december 2013
Careless Talk Costs Lives - Anonymous - Much Ado About Nothing - Shakespeare [Archive of Our Own]
A Bletchley Park AU (prequel to) Much Ado About Nothing. It's as great as it sounds and everyone keeps saying. ~9k.
yuletide  long 
december 2013
To Stand Upon the Deeping Wall, by Moirai
This conversation, flirty and then very serious, takes place just before the battle of Helm's Deep, which is another very popular trope in Legolas/Gimli. It's an unusually long conversation and an unusually excellent one - actually just now when I read it it filled me so completely with OTP delight and satisfaction that I am kind of bemused/confused that I can't remember reading it before. It's definitely one of the better Legolas/Gimli fics that I've read, especially the tone of their banter and dialogue and the lovely narrative voice.
short  legolas/gimli  rec  lotr  !   
december 2013
Watermark by Gloria Lancaster
Bathing in a river, flirting, etc, timeline uncertain.
short-short  legolas/gimli  lotr 
december 2013
We Must Hold Together by Sam Littlefoot
The somewhat popular trope where they sneak away from Aragorn at night during the hunt for Merry and Pippin in TTT and manage the energy to first-time.
legolas/gimli  lotr  medium-length 
december 2013
Thoughts about Amok Time by Hypatia Kosh
There's a link inside to the essay on Yahoo!groups and a big quoted chunk of it.
meta  kirk/spock  trek 
december 2013
Braids and Crowns - ama - The Lord of the Rings (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]

Legolas helps Gimli tend to his hair before the coronation of the King, and they make plans for the night to follow.
short-short  legolas/gimli  ust  lotr   
december 2013
cathexys | A/B/O second draft
Cathexys traces the roots of Alpha/Beta/Omega verse through werewolves, soulbonds, mpreg and Pon Farr.
december 2013
wait how did I
This is what they call not!fic, but it does use punctuation and paragraph breaks so it's still perfectly readable. ||

So, what if Derek comes back and is all “Scott please let me be your Beta, being an Omega is the worst, I promise I will follow all your orders and be a good soldier, I swear I can follow directions please let me PLEASE.”

And Scott squints at him and says “All of my orders? Like, ALL of them?”

And Derek nods furiously.

"Okay. Go get a massage."
gen  teenwolf 
december 2013
Date a girl who beatboxes.
So maybe it's not technically poetry, but.
october 2013
rhoboat | A League of Their Own Vid: Va Va Voom
Source: A League of Their Own
Music: "Va Va Voom"
Artist: Nicki Minaj
vid  rec 
october 2013
Cleolinda - Tea time
"iPhone fic" (ie, text message fic) in image format (full text transcript is linked at the top). Funny, cute, and about tea, but not without some character-related substance. It's more than just slang/textspeak gags and historical tea references, not that that wouldn't have been enough for me.
gen  sleepyhollow  short  humor   
october 2013
How To Deconstruct Almost Anything

september 2013
giddygeek: Chord Change, bandslash
that one where everyone on Decaydance is in love with Patrick
bandom  rec  patrick/pete 
september 2013
My Comics Geekery Stash, The Robot Butler
"You ever see that Disney cartoon when you were a kid, the one with the robot butler?" Tony asks, crossing his arms, watching as Jarvis pours two cups of coffee with exaggerated care. "I believe so, yes.""I always wanted one."Coulson glances at Tony. “Do you remember what happened in the cartoon? The robot butler tried to murder Donald Duck."
avengers  gen  rec   
june 2013
Sweet Silent Thoughts - schwutthing - Les Misérables (2012), Les Misérables - All Media Types, Les Misérables - Victor Hugo [Archive of Our Own]
This is a long, incredibly repressed, luxuriantly slow and patient seduction story bursting with sexual tension and an overtone of d/s but also emotions. I am honestly impressed. | "Written for the kinkmeme prompt: 'M Madeleine breaks in his new Inspector. Like a horse.'"
rec  long  lesmis  javert/valjean  !   
march 2013
Merlin Kink Meme - Spring Fever, Day 4: Fic: "Dragon's Flame"
This is a modern reincarnation fic based on the modern society portrayed in DWJ's The Merlin Conspiracy. TBH I thought "MERLIN" when I read it too but this is better than I could have hoped for! | “Bloody hell!” Merlin squeaked as a woman's face appeared in the water. He covered himself a best as possible with his hands. “Who are you?”She smiled serenely. “I am the Lady of the Lake.”“Well, you are currently the Lady of my tub, so can you leave? Can you leave?” Merlin asked, suddenly curious. “Or do I have to send you down the drain with the water?”
arthur/merlin  au  merlin  long 
february 2013
Which Had No Stone - sam_ptarmigan - The Hobbit
"Prompt: Bifur/Any - Someone in the company used to be Bifur's one. Until the axe happened, and Bifur forgot. Or did he?

"Fill summary: Bifur is drawn out by a half-remembered song and joins Dwalin for a late night smoke."

|| A bittersweet little vignette, almost gen. Bifur, Dwalin, and Balin, only a few hundred words.
hobbit  short-short  ust  rec  bifur/dwalin 
february 2013
lady_ragnell: A Metaphor of Human Bloody Existence
Summary: In which Merlin and Arthur (and others) band together to fight evil on the advice of a can of peas. | Modern small-town Britain AU with grocery store wars where the dragon manifests from drawings of dragons. Pretty adorable.
arthur/merlin  merlin  au  novel  rec 
february 2013
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! - adam/kris akira/hikaru alan/billy albus/scorpius andy/miranda arashi art arthur/eames arthur/merlin askewniverse atobe/jiroh atobe/sanada au aubrey/maturin austen aziraphale/crowley bandom batman batman/gordon bbcsherlock billy/elijah bob/ray bones booth/brennan brendon/jon brendon/ryan brendon/spencer brian/dom c3po/r2d2 casey/dan charlieandthechocolatefactory chris/zach clark/lex cook/archuleta crack criminalminds csi csiny danny/mac dcu dean/castiel derek/stiles diehard discworld doctor/jack doctorwho dom/billy domlijah ds9 duesouth duncan/methos eliot/hardison/parker elizabeth/jack elizabeth/will established falloutboy fast&thefurious frank/gerard fraser/kowalski frodo/sam fujicest future g/sam gaila! garak/bashir garcia/morgan gen gibbs/dinozzo goldenpair goodomens gsf han/luke harry/draco harry/snape heroes highlander hikarunogo holidayfests holmes/watson hotch/rossi house house/wilson hp humor idol illya/napoleon inception inui/yanagi inukai isumi/waya jack/bill jack/daniel jack/ianto jack/will jack/will/elizabeth jared/jensen jareth/sarah jeeves/wooster jensen/misha jim/blair john/matt johnny/evan jon/ryan jon/spencer jon/stephen josh/sam jun/aiba jurassicpark3 kamio/shinji kingarthur kink kirk/mccoy kirk/spock labyrinth laurence/tharkay legolas/gimli leverage lewis lewis/hathaway lifeonmars lister/rimmer long lotr lotrrps manfromuncle mark/eduardo masterandcommander matt/mohinder mckay/sheppard mcr medievalesque medium-length merlin merry/pippin miscslash mizuki/yuuta momokai mycroft/lestrade ncis ncis:la neverwhere nick/greg nimoy/shatner niou/yagyuu nolanverse novel novella novellette obi-wan/qui-gon ohmiya olympics originaltrilogy oshitari/mukahi panic! parody patrick/pete picard/q pirates poirot princeoftennis:fudomine princeoftennis:hyotei princeoftennis:rikkai princeoftennis:seigaku princeoftennis:strudolph princeoftennis:yamabuki pwp reboot rec reddwarf remus/sirius richard/marquis romanticism rps ryan/simon ryan/spencer sam/gabriel sanada/yukimura sentinel sg1 sga short short-short sickeninglyfluffy silverpair skating smallville socialnetwork spock/uhura sportsnight startrek starwars sulu/chekov supernatural takafuji teenwolf temeraire tezuryo thedailyshow thedarkisrising thedevilwearsprada theprofessionals tim/kon tng torchwood tos tpm travis/william trek uhura! ust vid viggo/orlando westwing whofic will/bran wip:abandoned wip:in-progress yuletide

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