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How I learned to stop floating and love the inline-block
Why aren't people talking more about inline-blocks? You can set vertical-align on them! Amazing!
CSS  frontenddevelopment  xhtml  webdevelopment  floats  inlineblock  inline-block 
july 2008 by charliepark
Assert valid markup
A way to check whether a rails app is conforming to W3c validity standards. Neat.
w3c  validity  xhtml  rubyonrails 
december 2007 by charliepark
the PearBudget blog | craigslist, redesigned
This Craigslsit redesign is better than the redesign from SXSW!
craigslist  css  design  redesign  xhtml  html  sxsw 
march 2006 by charliepark

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