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Plans and Pricing - BrowserStack
A clean pricing page. Well done. Sarah's comment: "I like the cute little people."
pricing  webapp  example 
october 2011 by charliepark
HOWTO: Native iPhone/iPad apps in JavaScript
A good primer on web app development for iOS devices.
iphone  html  webapp 
july 2011 by charliepark
How We Doubled Our Conversion Rate In Two Days (AppSumo Blog)
A great overview of how Noah tweaked to increase conversions from 1.5% to 3%. Some good, specific examples.
optimization  ab_testing  webapp  startup  conversion  funnel 
august 2010 by charliepark
A free web app for making timelines.
timeline  webapp 
march 2010 by charliepark
Pricing Strategies
A concise post with some behavioral psychology / pricing strategy.
webapp  pricing  strategy  weblab  psychology 
november 2009 by charliepark
Pricing Tables: Examples And Best Practices | Design Showcase | Smashing Magazine
An overview of pricing tables. Almost a year old, but designs still look about like these. Some are pretty good; most aren't as good as they could be.
webdesign  webapp  pricing 
august 2009 by charliepark
Leveraging Cognitive Bias in Social Design
Joshua Porter covers how heuristics and cognitive biases affect rational decision making, and how to leverage that in web app design.
webdesign  webapp  workshop 
september 2008 by charliepark
Wow. Guess I'd never delicious'd the new URL. Here it is.
envelope  budgeting  money  budget  easy  simple  free  trial  online  web2.0  webapp  finance  howto 
may 2008 by charliepark
metacool: Thoughts on to-do lists
Make to-do lists public. Make them wikiable. Bring passive observers into the brand by engaging them in your process.
DoThis  webapp 
october 2006 by charliepark
10 Things That Will Make Or Break Your Website
A great post on things to keep in mind when developing apps / sites. Really, really good.
article  blog  development  web2.0  webapp  pearbudget 
october 2006 by charliepark
greater.012-007.png (PNG Image, 512x384 pixels)
Individual Motives | Social Value | Businesss / Organizational Value
pearbudget  webapp  socialsoftware 
september 2006 by charliepark

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