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Nicole Fenton | Interface Writing: Code for Humans
Lovely presentation on writing meaningful and humane interface copy by @nicoleslaw—
writing  ui  ux  interface  design 
june 2015 by charliepark
Red Pen
A great example of: 1) humane copywriting, 2) an effortless intro, 3) effective and not-overbearing transitions and animations, 4) good use of color, 5) nice design with good whitespace, 6) relying on the interface to communicate, rather than loading it down with words.
ifttt-reading-front-end  UX  UI  design 
may 2014 by charliepark
A List Apart: Articles: Community: From Little Things, Big Things Grow
"given fewer rules, people actually behaved in more creative, co-operative, and collaborative (or competitive, as the case may be) ways."
community  culture  ui  design  webapps  flickr 
july 2012 by charliepark
Lists / iOS UI Patterns (beta)
A great overview of different UI elements for iPhones and iPod Touches. Should be useful as we look at redesigning PearBudget for smartphones.
iphone  ui  design  patterns  usability  from delicious
march 2011 by charliepark
Recreating the button | stopdesign
A detailed write-up of the thought process behind Google's new buttons in Gmail and Reader. From Doug Bowman.
webdesign  buttons  google  ui 
february 2009 by charliepark
Slider Gallery | jQuery for Designers - Tutorials and screencasts
Javascript to do the scroll-y product review window from the Apple site.
javascript  ui  jquery  apple  scroll 
july 2008 by charliepark
PearBudget mentioned, in a "doing it right" example by rhjr.
Robet Hoekman Jr. wrote the brilliant book Designing the Obvious, and the newer Designing the Moment. We're stoked that he mentioned PearBudget in his article on designing sign-up forms.
signup  form  howto  design  ui  ux 
june 2008 by charliepark
iPhone interface elements
Joe Hewitt's images and ui elements for iPhone web apps
iphone  ui 
april 2008 by charliepark
The Linguistic Command Line - Aza Raskin
"The quick-add feature doesn't even feel like an interface, which is the highest compliment an interface can get. The better an interface is, the less it's noticed."
ui  monotask 
february 2008 by charliepark
Account Sign-in: 8 Design Mistakes to Avoid
Good write-up from Jared Spool. Should run an analysis of how PearBudget measures up to these.
usability  forms  ui  ux 
january 2008 by charliepark
iPhone optimization, via Rails
A good primer on iPhone development, specifically for Rails sites.
rails  rubyonrails  iphone  ui 
december 2007 by charliepark
Steve Krug and Jennifer Tidwell MP3s
Steve Krug and Jennifer Tidwell — both UI mavens — spoke to the ... big breath ... New England Chapter of the American Society for Information Science and Technology.
webdeveloperworkout  mp3  usability  webdesign  ui 
december 2007 by charliepark
A Comparison of User Interfaces for Panning on a Touch-Controlled Display
"panning by pushing the background, emerged as superior in performance and user preference, and slightly better in intuitiveness than panning by touching the side of the screen"
PUI  panning  user  interface  ui  chi  webdesign  humane 
september 2007 by charliepark
Getting A Form's Structure Right - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design
This looks FANTASTIC. A great analysis of what to do and what not to do with form design.
accessibility  forms  usability  webdesign  ui  design  article 
september 2007 by charliepark
Seth's Blog: Coloring inside the lines
The same thing happens on your website every day. Sure, if I work my way through the sitemap and pay attention to your carefully crafted copy, I’ll probably find exactly what I need. But it’s way more likely I’ll just click on that cute picture or l
design  ui  usability 
november 2006 by charliepark

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