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CSS Systems for writing maintainable CSS | Natalie Downe
Malarkey recommended reading this. No time right now. Soon?
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september 2008 by charliepark
Harvard Business Review - London
"Hand-picked by the editors of HBR, these articles will show you how to get more done, lead more effectively, and leverage your own unique strengths."
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january 2008 by charliepark
Good Experience - Customer experience case studies to start 2008
What do Amazon, Apple, SAS, Whole Foods, and Zappos have in common? They succeed by creating a good experience... for their customers, or their employees, or their suppliers, or all of the above.
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january 2008 by charliepark
The Rails Way -
add this to bloglines when you get a minute
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december 2006 by charliepark
Discovery Institute - Article Database - The Man Who Was Thursday, the Nightmare of Modernity, and the Days of Creation
A fabulous speech drilling into The Man Who Was Thursday, explaining the metaphors I was too obtuse to comprehend. [Via Greg Wilbur.]
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april 2006 by charliepark

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