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jQuery Waypoints
@charliepark Hold the presses. This might be even more tightly scoped to what I wanted
javascript  jquery  scroll  plugin 
august 2013 by charliepark
tiltShift.js - a jQuery plugin using CSS3 filters to replicate the tilt shift effect
A good example of a plugin with a "how to use this" that's simple, clear, and short.
jquery  plugin  photography  images  example 
september 2012 by charliepark
Twitter / gregsidelnikov: #jquery Turn your code into ...
#jquery Turn your code into a jQuery plugin - (function($){ $.fn.yourPluginName = function(){ /* Your code */ return this; }; })(jQuery);
jquery  plugin  tutorial 
september 2012 by charliepark
jQuery sIFR Plugin
I'm not totally sold on the whole sIFR thing, but this could be an elegant way to implement it. Perhaps for Monotask?
jquery  javascript  sifr  plugin 
december 2008 by charliepark
xssterminate - Google Code
Useful for stripping HTML out of inputs. Rails plugin.
plugin  rubyonrails  security 
january 2008 by charliepark
CoAnti-aliased Rounded corners with JQuery
Cool script for rounding corners. Could be a good, clean, fast way to execute this.
jquery  corners  javascript  plugin  css  design  webdesign 
january 2008 by charliepark

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