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Ghost Onboarding - How We Increased Conversion by Over 1,000%
What are the key "moments" that matter?

(beware of correlation vs causation issues)
business  conversion  metrics  pearbudget 
november 2014 by charliepark
PearBudget | a really simple budget
I broke down last night and started a budget. Thanks for making my research so easy! for the win
pearbudget  from twitter_favs
june 2014 by charliepark
PearBudget | a really simple budget
Loving . Check it out and get a month free! (Also subscribe, then I get another month free :)
PearBudget  from twitter_favs
april 2012 by charliepark
harvesthq's simple_xlsx_writer at master - GitHub
A gem to write Excel files ... useful as it can produce multiple worksheets!
excel  ruby  rubyonrails  spreadsheet  export  pearbudget 
september 2010 by charliepark
Holy Crap! I Eat Out A Lot!
Tony (the commenter, not the OP) has used PearBudget ($3/month) to cut their "dining out" spending by over $150 a month.
pearbudget  frugality  budgeting  testimonials 
february 2010 by charliepark
Devthought - Guillermo Rauch’s Blog » TextboxList meets Autocompletion
Facebook-style autocomplete ... beautiful for tagging implementation.
pearbudget  tagging  ajax 
october 2008 by charliepark
Protonotes: HTML prototyping collaboration tool.
A really cool Prototype add-on: persistent sticky notes. Maybe add to PearBudget?
pearbudget  javascript  prototype  js  ajax 
september 2008 by charliepark
Moneyist » Archive » Reasons Budgets Fail
A really solid article with lessons on getting a budget working right. He's using PearBudget, and does a grea job explaining how PearBudget's features work with budgeting best practices to help you budget better. I need to link to this from the PearBudget
budgeting  pearbudget  tutorial  lessons  instructions  help 
july 2008 by charliepark
Blue Anvil Journal » Blog Archive » Anti-aliased Rounded corners with JQuery
Using JQuery to round corners dynamically. Really should implement this in lieu of the CSS Sprites on PearBudget.
pearbudget  jquery  javascript  rounded  corners 
may 2008 by charliepark
If Monthly Budgets Don’t Excite You, Try This - Consumerism Commentary: A Personal Finance Blog
Flexo quoting an article at the Times that says that annual estimates end up being more accurate.
pearbudget  budgeting 
april 2008 by charliepark
Training Wheels: Why I’m Spending Less and Less Time Managing my Personal Finances
In short, I began to trust myself. I had seen the results ... of my good financial behaviors. ... Eventually, I began to trust these principles, and that trust led directly to a reduced need to keep running the numbers and micromanaging everything.
budgeting  success  pearbudget  simple 
february 2008 by charliepark
Be Transparent So Your Fans Can Advocate For You
"I wonder how many companies work really hard and wonder why no one notices. Could it be that you're not telling people about what you're doing?"
transparency  pearbudget  communication 
december 2007 by charliepark
CrunchBoard: senior web designer
Curious. WSJ has a personal finance tool of some sort in development. Probably heavy on stock information. Maybe a Google Finance competitor?
pearbudget  alternatives 
september 2007 by charliepark
Main Page - PlainOldWebserver
Wow. Maybe useful for offline data caching? Perhaps use to simulate online behaviors offline, storing data, then synching up when re-connected?
javascript  pearbudget 
february 2007 by charliepark
Drag and drop with the Grid - Part 2
Perhaps in future releases: drag-and-drop categories from one meta-category to another?
ajax  web2.0  javascript  tutorial  development  pearbudget 
october 2006 by charliepark
Budgeting Home
Free, easy-to-use budgeting system written in Excel. This is one of the most thorough and useful spreadsheets I've seen for someone wanting to set up a budget. (the University of Missouri Office for Financial Success)
pearbudget  review 
october 2006 by charliepark
10 Things That Will Make Or Break Your Website
A great post on things to keep in mind when developing apps / sites. Really, really good.
article  blog  development  web2.0  webapp  pearbudget 
october 2006 by charliepark
greater.012-007.png (PNG Image, 512x384 pixels)
Individual Motives | Social Value | Businesss / Organizational Value
pearbudget  webapp  socialsoftware 
september 2006 by charliepark
generation maxed: the inane purchases that nibble away at my budget
i have been using pearbudget, which is a free excel based budgeting program. fear not, my friend, no knowledge of excel is required to use this baby. i cannot say enough good things about it. the best part about the program is the fact it does not allow m
pearbudget  feedback  blog 
september 2006 by charliepark
Humanized > Weblog: Preferences: Hiding Interface Complexity
Keep this in mind as more features develop. KISS, and all that.
design  usability  pearbudget  dashboard 
july 2006 by charliepark
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