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Earning income from stocks | Ask MetaFilter
some good stock advice (I think?) see Mutant's posts
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october 2005 by charliepark
NASD Home Page
Must register with these guys.
october 2005 by charliepark
dynamically generated graph in C
use with charts? note crosshair and automatic range measurement
september 2005 by charliepark
considerations for usability
When designing customizable categories, have the "minimize" option not make the column disappear, but shrink and float down to the "file cabinet."
september 2005 by charliepark Table Sort Demo
Sort columns of data in a table by clicking on the column header. Combine with drag-and-drop.
may 2005 by charliepark
Jeffrey Veen: Making A Better Open Source CMS
Good insights as to user-centric design and product structure. Also, marketing (a bit).
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march 2005 by charliepark

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