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The Essential Non-Essentials - Kinfolk
The heart of essentialism isn’t about asking how little we can live with, but determining what we simply cannot live without.
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july 2015 by charliepark
Nadia Eghbal : How to Live in San Francisco on $20K A Year
"Here’s the biggest secret about managing money when you don’t have a lot of it: it’s not about managing your dollars, it’s about managing your stress. If you get stressed out about money, you lash out by spending erratically."
budget  budgeting  minimalism 
june 2013 by charliepark
Here's THE ultimate minimalist wallet. : minimalism [Reddit]
A critique of the binder clip as wallet: "See, I have been using mine for years and now my ID looks like a dog pooped it out."
reddit  wallet  minimalism  binderclip 
july 2012 by charliepark
Simple is Marketable | Andrew Chen (@andrewchen)
When a product isn’t working, often the knee-jerk response is to “fully bake” the product by adding more features. However, I’ve found that when examining the data of new startups, the problem most often lies on the first couple pages of a product- often an unattractive value proposition, or clunky signup flow that kills the new user experience. Adding metrics to simple products often makes it clear exactly what’s going on, and most of the time, it’s a fundamental issue that needs to be fixed on the first page.

In this way, simple products with the “right” value prop will end up with better signup rates- this lets you put your attention on top-of-funnel issues rather than low-impact feature add-ons that won’t 10x the destiny of your product.
startup  simple  entrepreneurship  minimalism 
july 2011 by charliepark
A minimalist lifestyle does not make you a better person @ Things Of Interest
"If my house was burning down, and I could go and rescue one thing, I might not bother."
october 2010 by charliepark
Keep it simple, stupid
One of Smashing Magazine's posts with design inspiration. This one features very simple layouts.
minimalism  webdesign  design  htminimalism 
december 2007 by charliepark

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