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Inbound Marketing for Startups - Nathan Speller
"What is our users' biggest area of pain? (Not just with our app; with life.) How can we help them get through that?"
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may 2013 by charliepark
The Making of Green Graffiti « Live Loku
This is brilliant. I wonder what that stencil is made of?
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september 2012 by charliepark
How to Demo Your Software Product | innonate
A successful demo is comprised to two important outcomes, no matter the audience:

As a whole, the audience comes away with some level of consensus that you’re a smart, self-aware person doing worthwhile things.
At least 1 person in the audience has an “ah-ha” moment and comes away with a mission to help your product succeed, either by providing a critical feature idea, a hire candidate, potential partnership, or — in the case of a demo to investors — the desire to fight to invest.


The Core: Software is Magic. A Demo is a Magic Show.

All software have this in common:

1. There are inputs.
2. Those inputs get processed by all of our hard work and labor that goes into our software.
3. And there are outputs which are nothing short of magical.

The Preamble: Demo the Problem. Don’t Talk to it.

Two small but still important points: Keep it Simple and Stay Cool

... People are drawn to those who handle stress like nothing ever happened. If you can keep your cool, keep talking, get a few jokes out, and find a creative way to let the show go on, you’ll win more hearts and minds than if all the technology even worked. Remember, generally speaking the point of a demo is to get people to think that you’re a smart person doing worthwhile things.
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june 2011 by charliepark
» Acquisition and Activation, Personified The Experience is the Product
Startups, you all know about the AARRR metrics. But it can be tricky to figure out how to apply them to your site.<br />
<br />
So I’ve taken a site we’re all familiar with — Facebook — and walked through how they might apply these metrics.
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april 2011 by charliepark
» 57 Questions About Metrics The Experience is the Product
Cindy Alvarez hits it out of the park with this rundown of the questions that get to the heart of the matter, in an AARRR / Startup Metrics for Pirates sense. GREAT STUFF.
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april 2011 by charliepark
Videos from “PR Secrets for Startups” Panel | 500 Startups Blog
Dave McClure, moderating a panel of tech journalists / startup PR folks, on how to pitch stories.
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september 2010 by charliepark
How to Pitch A Tech Blogger
Solid overview of the who, what, why, and how of pitching stories to reviewers at TechCrunch, RWW, etc.
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september 2010 by charliepark
Assembla Blog | Statistical Proof that Marketing Web Stuff is Useless
Registrations grow from marketing, and adoption grows from referrals.
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october 2007 by charliepark
the show with zefrank
branding as "emotional aftertaste" ... brilliant
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october 2006 by charliepark

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