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Mac software for editing videos. Could be really good, esp. for cleaned movies for LKF.
video  editor  mac  apple  osx 
july 2012 by charliepark
JAMES MICHIE » Blog Archive » Enough
Some good defaults for setting up a new Mac. Including turning off the Dashboard with defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean YES and pinning the Dock to the bottom left corner, with defaults write pinning -string end.
mac  defaults  apple 
june 2012 by charliepark
Why is installing software on a Mac so complicated? - Patrick Dubroy's blog
Found this a while back when looking up packaging apps for Macs. Tiny bit dated now.
apple  mac  software  package  dmg  pkg  zip 
december 2009 by charliepark
Jason J. Tennier, Super Genius: Removing Local Gems in Mac OS X
A blog post about where to find local gems in OSX. I'm still having trouble removing a couple of pre-1.0 gem releases, and that's messing up the rest of everything. Bah.
rails  rubyonrails  gems  apple  mac  osx 
december 2008 by charliepark

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