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Thinkful | Javascript Best Practices Part 1
I think I saved this a few days ago, but whatever. A best-practices guide.
javascript  js  programming  howto 
august 2013 by charliepark
Javascript OO Without Constructors
"augment"ing an object with additional properties
javascript  js  oop 
march 2013 by charliepark
Making the mobile web fast - Mobile PDX - Google Drive
Brilliant: download / paint just the top of the page, then get the rest after pageload.
mobile  webapps  javascript  js  webdev 
february 2013 by charliepark
Javascript plugin that lets you take a screenshot of the user's browser
feedback  browser  screenshot  javascript  js 
september 2012 by charliepark
Performance Calendar » The art and craft of the async snippet
You end up with something like this:
<script>(function(d) {
var js = d.createElement('script');
js.src = "";
(d.head || d.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]).appendChild(js);
async  javascript  js  code  programming 
may 2012 by charliepark
A set of plugins for jQuery / mootools / etc. that allow tables to have "sticky headers" when they scroll beyond the table header.
jquery  table  header  js  javascript 
october 2010 by charliepark
A brutal, but good, Javascript validator.
js  javascript  webdevelopment  programming  validator 
april 2009 by charliepark
Protonotes: HTML prototyping collaboration tool.
A really cool Prototype add-on: persistent sticky notes. Maybe add to PearBudget?
pearbudget  javascript  prototype  js  ajax 
september 2008 by charliepark
Automatic input focus | Lambda @ Copa
Using jQuery to focus on the first input. Should implement in PearBudget to focus on the Date field (or would that auto-select the calendar?).
webdevelopment  ajax  js  javascript  rails  rubyonrails 
september 2008 by charliepark
AJAX Libraries API - Google Code
Google hosting AJAX libraries' code.
ajax  javascript  js  google 
may 2008 by charliepark
IE and “Operation Aborted” » Clientside
The general rule of DOM manipulation is that you can't mess with it until it's loaded
javascript  js  ajax  IE7 
march 2008 by charliepark IE7 - Operation Aborted
IE does not allow an inline JavaScript block to append HTML elements to the BODY tag unless that block itself is a direct child of the BODY.
js  IE7  javascript  ajax 
march 2008 by charliepark
Datejs - A JavaScript Date Library
A javascript library for natural language date parsing.
date  js  javascript  time 
february 2008 by charliepark

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