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Thinkful | Javascript Best Practices Part 1
I think I saved this a few days ago, but whatever. A best-practices guide.
javascript  js  programming  howto 
august 2013 by charliepark
The Short and Sweet SSL How-to
I'm not totally convinced this'll work for my setups, but seeing as I have to reinvent the wheel every time I set up an HTTPS site, might as well file this one away.
SSL  tutorial  howto  from delicious
may 2011 by charliepark
How to Make an HTML5 iPhone App
A really good overview of how to turn a web app into an iPhone-ish app. Should revisit for PearBudget iPhone app enhancement. Via @dszp.
iphone  development  howto  offline  apps  programming  tutorial 
november 2010 by charliepark
The Basics Behind a Budget that Works
An *excellent* post from on budgeting. Totally nails it.
budgeting  howto 
june 2009 by charliepark
Presentation Tips
Edward Tufte's presentation tips.
speaking  presenting  howto 
february 2009 by charliepark
Learning Ruby
This is one of the best introductions to Ruby I've gone through. It doesn't make assumptions about what you know, and is really clear. A good precursor to getting into Rails.
ruby  tutorial  howto  edu 
december 2008 by charliepark
40+ Tutorials for Working with Wacom Tablets
Some Wacom tutorials. No idea if they're any good, but ... good Lord ... there are a lot of them.
wacom  tablet  tutorial  howto 
november 2008 by charliepark
Visual jQuery 1.2.6
A brilliant drill-down overview of the various things you can do in jQuery.
javascript  jquery  howto 
november 2008 by charliepark
PearBudget mentioned, in a "doing it right" example by rhjr.
Robet Hoekman Jr. wrote the brilliant book Designing the Obvious, and the newer Designing the Moment. We're stoked that he mentioned PearBudget in his article on designing sign-up forms.
signup  form  howto  design  ui  ux 
june 2008 by charliepark
Wow. Guess I'd never delicious'd the new URL. Here it is.
envelope  budgeting  money  budget  easy  simple  free  trial  online  web2.0  webapp  finance  howto 
may 2008 by charliepark
'Dilbert's' 9-point financial plan worthy of economics Nobel - MarketWatch
1. Make a will
2. Pay off your credit cards
3. Get term life insurance if you have a family to support
4. Fund your 401k to the maximum
5. Fund your IRA to the maximum
6. Buy a house if you want to live in a house and can afford it
dilbert  money  howto  retirement  article 
october 2006 by charliepark
Do It Now by Steve Pavlina
Fantastic article on staying on-task and on being productive.
gtd  howto  organization  DoThis 
february 2006 by charliepark

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