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How Analog Rituals Can Amp Your Productivity :: Tips :: The 99 Percent
"One consistent surprise is the role of monotonous rituals and what could be described as 'analog drudgery' among the especially productive."

"When I hear about such monotonous and repetitive work, my instinct is to make it more efficient. If Greenberg used a digital system — even a spreadsheet — he could save a significant amount of time. Even better, he could use an online project management tool that automatically bumped everything to the following day for him. Scratch that; he's a CEO! Why doesn't he have an assistant that does this all for him?!

For Greenberg, it's all about feeling the granularity of prioritization. By manually bumping a certain task every day, he feels that it is incomplete. He is faced with the reality and forced to either complete the task, delegate it, or bump it again."

"Yes, monotony and routine can be truly wearisome. They transform our colorful, over-stimulated existence into black and white. But a task left undone SHOULD be a burden."
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september 2010 by charliepark
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"The focus problem we have is basically the inability to concentrate on one article, essay, blog post or short story and read it until completion. Hyperlinks are often the problem but we are also tested by random thoughts, ideas or even conversations happening in the same room. We’re often frustrated to the point despair when we try ever so hard to just-concentrate-for-one-more para … and we’re gone. Dancing down the hyperlink highway with a spring in our step and youthful anticipation at what could be next. Alright, maybe its not quite that bad but you get the idea. I mean – it’s happened to you too, right?"
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september 2010 by charliepark
Craig Roth — A Member of The Gartner Blog Network
A thoughtful and well-written author, focusing on "enterprise attention management"
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How We Pay Attention : NPR
From Science Friday, the authors of The Invisible Gorilla talk about how we notice things.
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Bobulate » Blog Archive » When Only One Will Do
... a three-ring target on a piece of paper ... The words and ideas clients “repeat and get excited about” are jotted down in these concentric circles. The word repeated most often ... becomes the “emotional epicenter.”
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