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Gridpak - The Responsive grid generator
This is awesome. Drag-and-drop tool for creating grids on different device widths.
responsive  grid  development  tool 
march 2013 by charliepark
The Web engineer's online toolbox
not totally sure which of these resources I might need, but there are a lot here (HTTP header checks, JSON linting, etc.), so this could end up being useful down the road.
html  development 
november 2012 by charliepark
iPhone SDK Examples
Some basic shortcuts and snippets for iPhone development.
iphone  development 
june 2011 by charliepark
How to Make an HTML5 iPhone App
A really good overview of how to turn a web app into an iPhone-ish app. Should revisit for PearBudget iPhone app enhancement. Via @dszp.
iphone  development  howto  offline  apps  programming  tutorial 
november 2010 by charliepark
Safari Dev Center - Apple Developer
Info on developing for Safari, both for the iPhone and the desktop
apple  development  iphone  reference  safari 
november 2010 by charliepark
Develop iPhone Web applications with Eclipse
Tutorial on using Aptana / Eclipse to develop and test an iPhone interface.
iphone  development  tutorial 
april 2008 by charliepark
The Blinksale API
Great documentation for developers accessing an API. A model of what API docs should look like.
api  documentation  development 
january 2008 by charliepark
RoRED looks incredible as a development environment for Windows
rails  ide  development  free  textmate  windows 
april 2007 by charliepark
Drag and drop with the Grid - Part 2
Perhaps in future releases: drag-and-drop categories from one meta-category to another?
ajax  web2.0  javascript  tutorial  development  pearbudget 
october 2006 by charliepark
10 Things That Will Make Or Break Your Website
A great post on things to keep in mind when developing apps / sites. Really, really good.
article  blog  development  web2.0  webapp  pearbudget 
october 2006 by charliepark

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