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Nicole Fenton | Interface Writing: Code for Humans
Lovely presentation on writing meaningful and humane interface copy by @nicoleslaw—
writing  ui  ux  interface  design 
june 2015 by charliepark
Skeuocard by kenkeiter
RT @couchand: @charliepark every credit card entry should be the Skeuocard.
creditcard  design 
august 2014 by charliepark
The iOS 7 Design Cheat Sheet - Ivo Mynttinen
A set of tables showing different pixel dimensions for iOS elements like screen size, status bar height, icon dimensions, etc.
ifttt-reading-front-end  ios  mobile  design 
may 2014 by charliepark
Red Pen
A great example of: 1) humane copywriting, 2) an effortless intro, 3) effective and not-overbearing transitions and animations, 4) good use of color, 5) nice design with good whitespace, 6) relying on the interface to communicate, rather than loading it down with words.
ifttt-reading-front-end  UX  UI  design 
may 2014 by charliepark
Twitter / stacyjclinton: I am so sad about the conversion ...
"I am so sad about the conversion to @CapitalOne360. Hard to trust such bad design!"
design  trust  finance 
february 2013 by charliepark
Access For People Without (Yes, Without) Disabilities
Sometimes, when people think of accessibility, they picture wheelchair ramps running up side entrances of buildings, on-board lifts on public buses, and large toilet stalls in many public bathrooms. Although these features provide invaluable and needed access to people with disabilities, they are “potent symbols of separateness,” as University of Oregon professor Polly Welch put it. If they are usable only by a person with a disability, the wider community does not typically appreciate the value of inclusion for this person.

But if everyone else also uses this accessibility feature, it has two dramatic effects: it increases the market reach for the business that sells and markets this product, and increases awareness of the economic and cultural value of the disability market.
universal_design  design  disabilities 
december 2012 by charliepark
29 Things I, as a designer, wish more tech startups knew, by Stephen Anderson @ The Pastry Box Project
Focus on the experience, not the product. Assume people won’t want to use your product—in fact, they don’t! Except for the early adopter/beta-junkie, most people have existing habits; you’re competing against the inertia of existing behaviors.
ux  design  startups 
september 2012 by charliepark
A List Apart: Articles: Community: From Little Things, Big Things Grow
"given fewer rules, people actually behaved in more creative, co-operative, and collaborative (or competitive, as the case may be) ways."
community  culture  ui  design  webapps  flickr 
july 2012 by charliepark
Jennys How to Kindle
A really good "for beginners" overview of things like toc.ncx files.
kindle  layout  design  publishing  toc  ncx 
february 2012 by charliepark
Natasha Fondren » Ebook Cover Design and Optimum Size Specifications for Amazon, Kindle, B&N, Nook, iBookstore, and iPad Formats
Kindle covers should be 600px x 800px, 72ppi for store, 300ppi for in the book itself (but still under 127KB). Might need to be JPG
kindle  cover  design  book  publishing  ebook  mobi 
february 2012 by charliepark
Lists / iOS UI Patterns (beta)
A great overview of different UI elements for iPhones and iPod Touches. Should be useful as we look at redesigning PearBudget for smartphones.
iphone  ui  design  patterns  usability  from delicious
march 2011 by charliepark
The toy will win
Similar to The Innovator's Dilemma. Lays out a case for why "simple and fun" beats "complicated and ... less fun."
ux  startup  strategy  design 
november 2010 by charliepark
7 Useful Design Strategies for a Successful Pricing Table | UX Movement
Not sure about these claims, sans-data, but some good things to think about regarding pricing pages
pricing  design  webdesign  strategy  pricingpage 
october 2010 by charliepark
Manifest - A Simple Wordpress Theme
This is the theme whose name I couldn't remember. Just stumbled across it.
wordpress  theme  simple  design  minimalist 
september 2010 by charliepark
The Scrappy Interaction Design Checklist (You Need This)
From Cindy Alvarez. A great overview (and PDF template) of the interactions startups need to plan for.
startup  interaction  design  interactiondesign 
september 2010 by charliepark
Ron's Evernote Tips
A nice, simple design for a company tumblelog.
tumblr  blog  design 
december 2009 by charliepark
Some amazing package design, via Jason Permenter. (They did Kraken Rum.)
design  branding  packaging 
december 2009 by charliepark
Presentation Zen: 7 Japanese aesthetic principles to change your thinking
Kanso - Simplicity or elimination of clutter.
Enso Fukinsei - Asymmetry or irregularity.
Shibui - Beautiful by being understated, or by being precisely what it was meant to be and not elaborated upon.
Shizen - Naturalness. Absence of pretense or artificiality.
Yugen - Suggestion, rather than revelation.
Datsuzoku - Freedom from habit or formula.
Seijaku - Tranquility. An energized calm, stillness, solitude.
zen  design 
september 2009 by charliepark
Studio On Fire // Design & Letterpress Blog
A beautiful blog from a really nice letterpress studio.
letterpress  blog  design 
march 2009 by charliepark
PearBudget mentioned, in a "doing it right" example by rhjr.
Robet Hoekman Jr. wrote the brilliant book Designing the Obvious, and the newer Designing the Moment. We're stoked that he mentioned PearBudget in his article on designing sign-up forms.
signup  form  howto  design  ui  ux 
june 2008 by charliepark
Hear 2.0: "It doesn't have a Wienie!"
The accents and afterthoughts make all the difference. See, too, Jared Spool's "fairy doors."
fairydoors  design 
may 2008 by charliepark
Customizing Web Content for Safari on iPhone
An overview of the -webkit-text-size-adjust CSS declaration, and why it's important for iPhone development.
iphone  mobile  design  text 
april 2008 by charliepark
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