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Want to Make A Chart Memorable? Add Junk | eagereyes
I've been trying to think about this for a while ... chartjunk can be functional, if it gets people to engage with the data. Although I'm not totally swayed by the entirety of his argument, I think his point that distinguishing between charts for analysis and charts for general illustration. As he says in the piece: "A common criticism of charts is that they are filled with chart junk, and that removing the extraneous elements would make the chart better and stronger. That argument works for analytical charts, but not for charts that are used for presentation. The way memory works suggests that chart junk is actually very useful to not only get a point across, but make sure the reader remembers it."
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july 2011 by charliepark
Using Comics to Communicate Research Findings
Evangeline hand delivered all the comics to stakeholders within Adobe and a typical response was, “Wow! This is really cool.” Not something most researchers are accustomed to hearing after presenting research findings.

Initially Evangeline thought
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april 2008 by charliepark
Bullet Graphs for Not-to-Exceed Targets
Few recommends inverting some bars, having them progress (and presumably recede) from the right of the graph. Just like we do with the PearBudget sparkbars. Solid.
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february 2008 by charliepark

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