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Add <h> element · Issue #774 · w3c/html
<h1 aria-level="3"> is read out as a <h3> element.
css  a11y  accessibility  html 
may 2019 by charliepark
Everything You Need to Know About the CSS will-change Property
Seems to me that having to monitor and un-set the CSS with JS might not be worth the benefit will-change provides, but it could be good to use in some circumstances.
CSS  ifttt-reading-front-end 
june 2014 by charliepark
Vertical align anything with just 3 lines of CSS | Z63
.element {
position: relative;
top: 50%;
transform: translateY(-50%);
CSS  vertical_centering 
january 2014 by charliepark
Viewport relative unit strangeness in iOS 6. - That Emil
Super frustrated by a rendering bug in iOS Safari, regarding vh units. Here's a good write-up of the issue. Ideas?
ifttt-reading-front-end  iOS  vh  CSS 
december 2013 by charliepark
Conditional Media Query Mixins | CSS-Tricks
See the bit at the end about the Grunt plugin for extracting all of the queries. Also about GZipping.
ifttt-reading-front-end  Sass  CSS  rwd 
november 2013 by charliepark
CSS | Semantic UI
Some pretty neat tricks in this doc. I don't agree with everything he advocates, but there's some good stuff in here.
CSS  guide 
september 2013 by charliepark
LukeW | Smashing Conf: CSS Application Frameworks
@lukew 3 quick typos in : medai > media; "to wrote CSS" > "to write CSS"; prefect > perfect
CSS  architecture  front-end-stuff 
september 2013 by charliepark
Responsive Web Design

Media queries can also be declared on the link tag, so that you can have conditionally linked css files as well. If you prefer to roll like that.

<link rel="stylesheet"
media="screen and (max-width: 640px)"
href="small.css" />"
rwd  responsive  css  media_queries  front-end-stuff 
march 2013 by charliepark
24 ways: A Harder-Working Class
references OOCSS and SMACSS, but describes how to use the class-attribute selector, so instead of .popup, you could use [class=popup] ... possibly useful for when you have things like:

and you can targe them with [class*=input-for]
css  classy-css 
december 2012 by charliepark
The EMs have it: Proportional Media Queries FTW! Cloud Four Blog
Instead of: @media all and (min-width:656px)
Go with something like: @media all and (min-width: 41em)
front-end-stuff  css  responsive 
december 2012 by charliepark
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