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Blue Anvil Journal » Blog Archive » Anti-aliased Rounded corners with JQuery
Using JQuery to round corners dynamically. Really should implement this in lieu of the CSS Sprites on PearBudget.
pearbudget  jquery  javascript  rounded  corners 
may 2008 by charliepark
SmartyPig®: Simple. Smart. Savings.®
Happy Cog did this site ... they do the rounded boxes well. Pick it apart to see how they did them.
webdesign  rounded  corners  standardscompliant 
april 2008 by charliepark
CoAnti-aliased Rounded corners with JQuery
Cool script for rounding corners. Could be a good, clean, fast way to execute this.
jquery  corners  javascript  plugin  css  design  webdesign 
january 2008 by charliepark

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