interesting open street map styles (watercolor, toner, ...)
maps  design 
18 days ago
Going Critical — Melting Asphalt
Interactive exploration of diffusion through networks
interactive  networks  visualization  inspiration 
9 weeks ago
The Evolution of Trust
interactive prisoners dilemma game
10 weeks ago
self hosted
A searchable list of self-hosted software with screenshots
11 weeks ago
Articles – The Plain Text Project
articles and tools for using plain text
11 weeks ago
Framer Motion
An open source and production-ready motion
library for React on the web.
react  animation  lib 
november 2019
A lightweight javascript timezone library
lib  javascript 
november 2019
pahen/madge · GitHub
Create graphs from your CommonJS, AMD or ES6 module dependencies
lib  javascript 
november 2019
Armando Hasudungan - YouTube
nice hand drawn explanations of biological and medical topics
science  videos 
october 2019
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