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frivolous vitriol - four boots, five thousand two hundred and eighty feet, Sheppard/McKay, NC17
WIN. It's body swapping, but with fabulous detail in a way you rarely see! Somehow the execution is unique and fascinating; I was completely hooked. Also, Rodney's body is love.
sga  sheppard/mckay  in-city  off-world  alien-tech  ancient-tech  aliens-made-them-do-it  kink  bodyswap  via:mklutz 
april 2012 by aggybird
Weddings, Plural, and a Yak
Another Surfacing Zine rec-- amazing jealous-but-oblivious!John and pining!Rodney. Very sweet, very full of action.
sga  sheppard/mckay  aliens-made-them-do-it  kid-fic  angst  humour  domestic  in-city  off-world  sweet  pining!Rodney  oblivious!John  jealousy  via:mklutz 
april 2012 by aggybird
sardonicsmiley - Blessings (kink bingo) (5)
Uh, all I have to say is that if Sardonicsmiley can, I would recommend she just keep doing kink bingo -forever-.
sga  aliens/mckay  orgy  sheppard/mckay  aliens-made-them-do-it  kink  pwp  favourite  via:mklutz 
april 2012 by aggybird

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