MCU: Bloodstains on the Carpet
Infiltrating organized crime rings is just part of the job for FBI agent Steve Rogers. That is, until he meets the enigmatic and seductive Black Widow, and gets a little more than he bargained for.
character:steve.rogers  character:natasha.romanov  pairing:steve.rogers/natasha.romanov  site:ao3  author:artemis_day  fandom:mcu  :alternateuniverse  :noir  -het 
2 days ago
BSC: The Baby-Sitters Club Gets Audited
Kristy gets audited by the IRS. Because it's illegal to earn thousands of dollars in baby-sitting money and not pay taxes on it.
site:fanfiction.net  character:kristy.thomas  character:original.characters  author:arglefumph  fandom:babysittersclub  -gen  :fanfiction  :crack  :humour 
4 days ago
MCU: Bloodstains on the Carpet
Infiltrating organized crime rings is just part of the job for FBI agent Steve Rogers. That is, until he meets the enigmatic and seductive Black Widow, and gets a little more than he bargained for.
:alternateuniverse  :fanfiction  site:ao3  fandom:marvel  fandom:mcu  pairing:steve.rogers/natasha.romanov  character:natasha.romanov  character:steve.rogers  -het 
14 days ago
VOLTRON: i miss you sideways daily
“I know how it is,” she sighs fondly, snatching up the empty plastic bags from the table and throwing them in the trash as they exit the cafeteria. “The three of you just zoom off to your own little world sometimes.”

“As long as we come back, right, Mom?” Katie teases, already thinking of next year, when she’ll don the orange and white uniform as well.

Her mom smiles, rising on her toes to kiss Matt’s cheek, pinching Katie’s side with her other hand.

“As long as you come back.”

(or: Katie and Pidge and her family. Before, after, and from now on.)
fandom:voltron  character:pidge  site:ao3  author:amillionsmiles  -gen  -family  :precanon  :backstory  :family 
5 weeks ago
MCU: Digital Haystacks
Now after losing nearly all the Avengers, losing Pepper, juggling Thaddeus Ross and the Accords and everything that came with that fallout, Tony found himself wanting to run his fingertips through terabytes of old data, looking for something that recognised his life before.

Why did he want Jarvis back?

“I miss my friend,” said Tony.
fandom:marvel  fandom:cacw  fandom:ironman  -gen  :fanfiction  :postcanon  :fix.it  site:ao3  author:goddamnhella  character:tony.stark  character:jarvis  character:vision  character:friday 
10 weeks ago
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE: In vain have I struggled
George Wickham spends a summer trying to seduce Darcy.

I wonder how you do see me?” Wickham said. He ran the riding crop up and down his lean thigh and Darcy’s mouth dried. He was right in front of him now, and Darcy wish he had never sat down.
“Companion, perhaps? Friend? No.”
Wickham knelt. Darcy’s blood roared. He could not move.
fandom:prideandprejudice  character:fitzwilliam.darcy  character:george.wickham  pairing:fitzwilliam.darcy/george.wickham  -m/m  :fanfiction  :precanon  :backstory  :pining  :porn  author:mildredmost 
february 2017
SENSE8: Palette
They’re little touches of paint that color the backdrop of his life.
fandom:sense8  character:wolfgang.bogdanow  -gen  :fanfiction  :characterstudy  author:chiiyo86  site:ao3 
february 2017
VOLTRON: Crystals in Moonlight
Allura's timer has three hundred billion ticks on it when she's born. That's a long time, and doesn't inspire confidence about her ability to rule.

Pidge doesn't know why she has alien numbers on her wrist, always counting down to some day in the future. She thinks maybe if she didn't have it, her father and brother wouldn't have been on the mission to Kerberos, though.
fandom:voltron  character:allura  character:pidge  pairing:allura/pidge  site:ao3  author:mementomoe  -f/f  :fanfiction  :alternateuniverse  :soulmates 
february 2017
Eight weeks and six days after Lily's funeral, Veronica takes her first case: catching Richard Casablancas, Sr. on camera with a local stripper. All she has to do is lie to her dad long enough to get the money shot. Should be easy, right?
fandom:veronicamars  character:veronica.mars  character:keith.mars  site:ao3  author:igrockspock  -family  -gen  :fanfiction  :family  :backstory  :precanon  :angst 
february 2017
VOLTRON: The Throne In The Hall
The only way to save this planet, and his friends, is to fight. It's not the same; it's close enough. Shiro doesn't have a choice.
character:shiro  fandom:voltron  site:ao3  author:buttered_onions  -gen  :fanfiction  :angst  :ptsd  :hurt/comfort 
february 2017
When Fran, Bernard and Manny wake up with no memory of the day before, they must reconstruct events from subtle clues around the bookshop - and solve a murder. (Or at least cover it up.)
fandom:blackbooks  author:nomad  character:fran.katzenjammer  character:bernard.black  character:manny.bianco  site:ao3  :yuletide  -gen  :humour 
january 2017
It's like she doesn't wake up until she's back at her father's house, blinking up at the ceiling of her childhood bedroom and thinking, my God, that chandelier is ugly.
character:elizabeth.james  character:nick.parker  character:martin  pairing:nick.parker/elizabeth.james  fandom:theparenttrap  author:jaegermighty  site:ao3  :fanfiction  :yuletide  :precanon  -het  :characterstudy  :grief 
january 2017
THE MUMMY: To Bring Me Love
The campfires were bright enough to rival the moon and stars. News had preceded their arrival and it seemed that every man, woman and child of the desert tribes had come together to celebrate the vanquishing of the beast. The Medjai camp was alive, teeming with horses and men. There would be a great feast.
-multi  pairing:ardeth.bay/evy.carnahan.o'connell/rick.o'connell  character:ardeth.bay  character:rick.o'connell  character:evy.carnahan.o'connell  :fanfiction  :postcanon  :porn  :yuletide  fandom:themummy  author:alby_mangroves 
january 2017
ADVENTURE OF MANA: I already hear the flowering spring
What the newest Gemma Knight did afterwards; or, How to pick yourself up after your true love has become a magical tree.
fandom:adventureofmana  site:ao3  author:melmillo  character:hero  character:heroine  character:marcie  :fanfiction  :adventure  -gen  -het  pairing:hero/heroine  :grief  :yuletide 
january 2017
MCU: Cut You Like an Arrow (There's Something in the Shadows)
Natalia Romanova walks into SHIELD HQ, brazen as day, with Clint Barton's name on her lips.

It’s 4:07p.m. on a Wednesday in August and Clint’s life as he knows it has come to a crashing end. It breaks up the monotony and the heat stroke death induced by being in the city at least.

Or how Clint's life turns out nothing like he ever expected.
fandom:marvel  site:ao3  character:natasha.romanov  character:clint.barton  author:zippit  -gen  :fanfiction  :alternateuniverse 
january 2017
MCU: Harmonies of Subjective
It's a starless night and Maria is waiting on two phone calls. One from the supposedly dead Nick Fury and one from Natasha Romanoff, newly minted as one of the world's most wanted.
fandom:marvel  site:ao3  character:maria.hill  -gen  :characterstudy  author:zippit 
january 2017
HARK! A VAGRANT: Duel to Be Kind
Peace was declared and Captain William Frederick is back home with his loving sister in his comfortable home in Wiltshire.

Would that the French had got him.
:yuletide  site:ao3  fandom:harkavagrant  author:incurablenecromantic  character:nemisis  character:pirate  pairing:nemesis/pirate  -gen  -m/m  :humour  :pirates 
january 2017
COLD CASE: Walked These Miles
Scotty's crawling out of his skin wanting to know if Lilly's okay after the events of the Jacobi case. He's also coming to some realizations that probably should've hit sooner, but he's never been the best at seeing what's right in front of him.
author:zippit  fandom:coldcase  -gen  character:scotty.valens  site:ao3  :yuletide  :angst  :missingscene 
january 2017
VOLTRON: need to believe you could hold me down
"Oh," Allura says sheepishly. "Oh no, that was just me."
Shiro's eyes widen. "It...wasn't the shapeshifting?"
"No," Allura says. "Just my normal level of strength."
"Oh," Shiro says blankly. "Oh. Okay."
fandom:voltron  character:allura  character:shiro  pairing:shiro/allura  -het  site:ao3  :fanfiction  :porn  :postcanon 
november 2016
Steve's mind whirls. It's too late for suppressants. If she wants to go somewhere safe she'll have to walk through not only the SSR halls but the wider halls of the War Room, broadcasting her heat the whole way. Her reputation will collapse, whether she wills it or not; no one will take an omega agent seriously.

He comes to a decision, and carefully shuts the door. Peggy frowns at him, and he gets down on his knees. He's flying by the seat of his pants, running on instinct; the fact that his johnson's starting to take interest only makes him more nervous.

"Ma'am," he says. "What are your orders?"
fandom:captainamerica  pairing:steve.rogers/peggy.carter  character:peggy.carter  character:steve.rogers  :abo  :kink  :porn  -het  site:ao3  author:kaasknot  fandom:marvel 
october 2016
PETER PAN: No Unworthy Aim
Hook should, perhaps, have died in England and awoken in Hell. Instead, he died in Neverland and awoke in the trenches of 1916 France. 

While trying to aid the boys of England, Wendy Darling found herself confronted with a man who had lost his right hand, his past, and his ability to dream.
fandom:peterpan  character:wendy.darling  character:james.hook  pairing:james.hook/wendy.darling  site:ao3  :yuletide  :hurt/comfort  :postcanon  author:sinope  -het 
october 2016
VOLTRON: a swallow for a dove
Lance has been waiting all his life to meet Katie Holt. He might have to wait a little longer.
author:catasterisms  fandom:voltron  pairing:lance/pidge  character:lance  character:pidge  :soulmates  :alternateuniverse  site:ao3  -het 
september 2016
VOLTRON: let me be your singing chords
Shiro and Pidge are captured by Sendak and Shiro's tortured in front of Pidge to force her to give up her Lion. She promises Shiro not to fold; whether or not she'll be able to is another question.
character:pidge  character:shiro  character:sendak  fandom:voltron  site:ao3  author:egelantier  -gen  :fanfiction  :hurt/comfort  :postcanon 
september 2016
VOLTRON: Leave Them Stunned and Stuttering
Five Times Shiro couldn't be knocked off balance, one time he was, and one time he trusted the team to see.
fandom:voltron  character:shiro  character:hunk  character:pidge  character:lance  character:keith  site:ao3  :fanfiction  :hurt/comfort  :foundfamily  author:bosstoaster  -gen 
september 2016
VOLTRON: Boom Crash the Sound of My Ship
After a Galra attack splits Voltron, the blue lion is damaged and falls toward the jungle planet below. Shiro follows, and now he and Lance are stranded in hostile territory, fighting to survive. Lance is injured, Shiro is having flashbacks, and help is far away. And the Galra just...keep coming.
character:shiro  character:lance  character:hunk  -gen  :hurt/comfort  :cuddling  :sickfic  :fanfiction  site:ao3  author:maychorian  fandom:voltron 
september 2016
VOLTRON: #1 Space Dad
The first time it happens, Pidge is just a moment shy of passing out.
fandom:voltron  character:shiro  site:ao3  author:potatoqueen  -gen  -family  :foundfamily  :fanfiction 
september 2016
VOLTRON: piling sandbags on parapets
"It's really not that bad," Shiro said.
Keith shot him a look of raging disbelief. "Pidge said you got tortured."
fandom:voltron  pairing:keith/shiro  character:shiro  character:keith  -m/m  -gen  site:ao3  author:alessandriana  :hurt/comfort  :missingscene 
september 2016
BOB'S BURGERS: The Legend of Cowgirl Kelly
The Belcher kids try to find the secret treasure of Cowgirl Kelly, while Bob just tries to beat Jimmy Pesto at the Wonder Wharf's Barbecue festival.
-gen  -f/f  fandom:bobsburgers  character:gene.belcher  character:tina.belcher  character:louise.belcher  character:bob.belcher  author:missy  :adventure  :fluff  :family  site:ao3 
september 2016
Aladdin and Jasmine steal some time to themselves while on a diplomatic visit to the Kingdom of DunBroch.
author:afterandalasia  pairing:aladdin/jasmine  fandom:disney  fandom:aladdin  site:ao3  -het  :fanfiction  :porn  :fluff  character:jasmine  character:aladdin 
september 2016
MARVEL/CAPTAIN AMERICA: anyway, here's wonderwall
The Winter Soldier tracks down each and every HYDRA agent that forced him to kill and watches them die. He also tries to become a well-rounded individual with interests and hobbies. The results are mixed.
fandom:captainamerica  character:james.bucky.barnes  -gen  :fanfiction  :postcanon  site:ao3  author:kiarasayre  fandom:marvel 
august 2016
MARVEL/THOR: Thor Pwns Wal-Mart: the saga of Jane Foster and Thor Odinsson OR Jane and Thor make a Porno (well, if anybody was filming it they would be)
This story takes place after the Avengers movie. Jane is really happy Thor's back. She's also rapidly running out of clothes. And food. And furniture. To begin with, Jane Foster finds out what happens when you take the god of Thunder shopping at Wal Mart. It rains a lot. There is a lot of sex. Everbody ends up in New York. Thor is very toppy and Jane doesn't mind one bit. A lot of limits are pushed, but not crossed. This story attempts to be true to my idea of the canon relationships as I see them in the Marvel Movieverse. Also have I mentioned that there is a ton of sex? I personally envision the Avengers as really complicated, messed up people, and that's how I tend to write them. Also, even though there's hardly ever more than kissing in super hero movies, I think after you save the world and nearly die and see your friends nearly get killed too, your blood's probably up a bit and you're gonna have needs. I love Thor's character, and I entirely disagree with his portrayal as a buffoon and an idiot. He's an alien, and he doesn't always get Earth culture, but he's a good man with very strong opinions about what he wants, nor is he afraid to take it. If you don't ship it, don't read it. Or do. You might change your mind.
author:charis2770  fandom:avengers  fandom:thor  fandom:marvel  site:ao3  pairing:thor/jane.foster  character:thor  character:jane.foster  character:natasha.romanov  character:clint.barton  :porn  :kink  :bondage  -het  :fanfiction 
august 2016
Faced with a choice between sending Natasha into a dangerous situation alone, or posing as her newly-wed husband, Steve knows there's only one thing he can do. Even if it means faking some things he never thought he'd do with anyone but his real best girl. Even if it means crossing a line he shouldn't be crossing when it comes to his feelings for Natasha.

Problem is, there's one more little detail about this mission Natasha 'forgot' to mention... and it might just change both their lives forever.
fandom:marvel  fandom:captainamerica  pairing:steve.rogers/natasha.romanov  pairing:clint.barton/natasha.romanov  character:steve.rogers  character:natasha.romanov  character:clint.barton  -het  :porn  :fluff  :fakemarriage  site:ao3  author:miko  :fanfiction 
august 2016
MARVEL/CAPTAIN AMERICA: Natalie, Natalya, Natasha
“He’s the best guy I know. He’s just… you know, not the kind the girls go with.” Bucky looks genuinely frustrated. “He’s kind of small, that’s all. He can’t help that, but he’s really nice, I swear. I mean, he makes me look like a creep without even trying.”

“Okay,” she says. It’s a chance for her to get more familiar with American culture as she’s meant to be doing. Training assignments are never exciting but this feels like punishment, playing at normalcy. She has too much time to compare her life as it is with everything it could be.

“I know he’s not the type you—” Bucky stops mid-sentence. “Pardon?”
fandom:avengers  fandom:marvel  fandom:captainamerica  pairing:steve.rogers/natasha.romanov  character:steve.rogers  character:natasha.romanov  -het  :fanfiction  :angst  :porn  :fluff  :feels  site:ao3  author:wintergrey 
august 2016
MARVEL/AVENGERS: Blood and Tears
Your tears haven’t been your own since you were very young. They have been a weapon, they have been a shield, and they have been a tool. You will cry for the mission but you never cry for yourself.
:fanfiction  fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  pairing:clint.barton/natasha.romanov  character:natasha.romanov  character:clint.barton  site:ao3  author:zinnith  -het  -gen  :hurt/comfort 
august 2016
LOST: I Know That Ghosts Have Wandered Here on Earth
It's funny, almost, the whole thing, but Juliet's looking at him serious as smoke in the goddamn jungle and Sawyer knows if he laughs he's gonna lose her for good. And maybe he can't say what he wants, exactly, but he's pretty sure that that ain't it.
fandom:lost  pairing:james.sawyer.ford/juliet.burke  character:james.sawyer.ford  character:juliet.burke  site:livejournal  :fanfiction  :feels  :angst  :characterstudy  :missingscene  -het  author:lowriseflare 
august 2016
When Kristoff agreed to take on Sven's beat for an indefinite amount of time, he'd expected slow news and ribbon cuttings. Not anonymous phone calls asking for an investigation regarding a missing person and puzzle pieces to a plan bigger than his small, two page section in the paper.
character:kristoff  character:anna  character:jane.porter  character:milo.thatch  character:olaf  character:sven  :alternateuniverse  :plot  :fanfiction  author:zamelot  fandom:frozen  fandom:disney  -gen  -het  character:elsa 
july 2016
DISNEY/FROZEN: Rise and Shine
The morning after Anna ties herself up with red ribbon ('Ties that Bind'), Kristoff and Anna talk about the experience, and share some more tender intimacy.
author:karis_artemisia_judith  fandom:disney  fandom:frozen  pairing:kristoff/anna  character:kristoff  character:anna  site:ao3  :fanfiction  -het  :porn  :fluff  :postcanon 
july 2016
DISNEY/THE LITTLE MERMAID: On Edge, Bright and Shining
Ariel is fascinated with this human act of shaving, the shining metal that they use. When Eric suggests that they try a little use of the razor elsewhere, she is fascinated by the thought.
fandom:littlemermaid  pairing:prince.eric/ariel  character:prince.eric  character:ariel  site:ao3  author:afterandalasia  :kink  :porn  -het 
july 2016
TANGLED: Court Dress
It’s Rapunzel’s first holiday since returning home, and everyone has stressed how important it is that the royal family wear court dress—including crowns—for a public spectacle.
author:anonymous  fandom:tangled  pairing:eugene.fitzherbert/rapunzel  character:rapunzel  character:eugene.fitzherbert  site:livejournal  fandom:disney  :porn  :kink  :fanfiction  -het 
july 2016
MARVEL: Things More Intimate
He'd asked her if he could draw her. She'd teased, wondering at the kind of drawings he meant. In the end ... in all innocence, maybe he'd drawn something more intimate still.
fandom:avengers  author:icarus_chained  fandom:marvel  pairing:steve.rogers/natasha.romanov  character:steve.rogers  character:natasha.romanov  character:clint.barton  :fluff  :feels  site:ao3  :characterstudy  -het  :fanfiction 
july 2016
MARVEL: blue skies over bad lands
The truth is that in the Red Room, there was no part of Natasha her that truly belonged to herself, so it had never bothered her to seduce men, to sleep with them. She had hurt herself, cut and burned her own flesh in pursuit of her missions. Her mind was the last fortress, and by the end, she had given over that as well. It was difficult to explain to the woefully unprepared psychologists trotted out before her that it hadn't hurt her in the least to sacrifice these things at the time, and even now, on the other side, she still carries few regrets. They are prices for war and survival.

Natasha is only learning now how to make choices for herself, how to claim ownership over herself, her body, her desires. It is as foreign as first learning to walk or speak, stumbling along the way.

The first time Natasha sleeps with Steve, it is a choice she makes for herself.
fandom:marvel  fandom:captainamerica  pairing:steve.rogers/natasha.romanov  pairing:james.bucky.barnes/natasha.romanov  character:natasha.romanov  character:james.bucky.barnes  character:steve.rogers  character:peggy.carter  site:ao3  author:sevenfoxes  :fanfiction  -het  :angst  :backstory  :alternateuniverse 
july 2016
MARVEL: A Glossary of the 21st Century
Steve's sick of not understanding what's going on, and the team are not all that helpful, so he starts keeping an illustrated notebook for further research. With the help of wiki, google and Logan he starts to settle in and find his place in the twenty-first century.
fandom:avengers  character:tony.stark  character:steve.rogers  character:natasha.romanov  character:bruce.banner  character:clint.barton  pairing:steve.rogers/natasha.romanov  -gen  site:ao3  author:kinky_kneazle  :fanfiction  :characterstudy  :foundfamily  :friendship  fandom:marvel 
july 2016
TANGLED: Absolutely Charming
If Blondie didn’t think they were charming, how in the world could he compare? Thieving and running from the law didn’t seem like Charming attributes to him.
fandom:tangled  pairing:eugene.fitzherbert/rapunzel  character:eugene.fitzherbert  character:rapunzel  :fanfiction  :postcanon  -het  site:ao3  author:yappichick 
july 2016
TANGLED: Shalott
We make prisons in our mind. Eugene searches for Rapunzel after she fulfills her promise and vanishes with Gothel.
fandom:tangled  character:mother.gothel  character:rapunzel  character:eugene.fitzherbert  pairing:eugene.fitzherbert/rapunzel  site:ao3  author:avelera  -het  -gen  :fanfiction  :alternateuniverse  :angst 
july 2016
TANGLED: The Next Birthday
"You know," Eugene's voice comes from the side of the tower, "I am really out of practice in climbing up sheer rock-faced walls and across rickety shingles. D'you think I should start a workout regimen again? I mean, I'd kind of let it slide because these are skills commonly associated with thievery and I'm all reformed, but - "
author:lalaietha  fandom:tangled  pairing:eugene.fitzherbert/rapunzel  character:rapunzel  character:eugene.fitzherbert  site:ao3  :fanfiction  :fluff  :postcanon  -het 
july 2016
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