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‘Who are you Jan Thiel?’ Zola Jesus uncovers new Spotify mystery
Jan Thiel is certainly a mystery: the name of a beach in Curaçao in the Caribbean is what dominates the Google search results for the name. Even when you add ‘music’ to the search term, the results are still dominated by the resort. On Spotify, Thiel has 1.4 million monthly listeners at the time of writing but only 72 followers, while the five playlists he/she is most discovered on are all Spotify-curated
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4 weeks ago by thejaymo
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Discusses conversion of date-based filenames into URL
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november 2019 by tomcam
RT : Introducing : A new, more robust, easy to use & application! Research zoning, learn abou…
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december 2017 by anthonymobile

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