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The stone's in the midst of it all - togina - Captain America (Movies), Captain America - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Sarah Rogers was born to fight an unwinnable war. She wonders how it could be, sometimes, that she gives birth to a boy who does not understand defeat.
captainamerica  gen  pre-canon  characterstudy  togina  length-medium  pre-war  sarahrogers  steverogers  buckybarnes  non-con  backstory  angst  young-steve  young-bucky  illness  ireland 
august 2014 by ratcreature

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angst  backstory  buckybarnes  captainamerica  characterstudy  friendship  gen  h/c  historical  illness  ireland  length-medium  length-short  non-con  poverty  pre-canon  pre-war  preserum-steve  sarahrogers  sholio  sick-steve  steverogers  togina  young-bucky 

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