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You probably think this song is about you by demorra / thebibliosphere
"He sighed inwardly again, wishing that someone else were here, like Yennefer, or Tris, or hell even —

“The call of the white wolf is loudest at the dawn,” sang a familiar voice, engulfing the noise of the tavern and swaddling it in a deeply pleasant sonorous tone that demanded to be heard. “The call of a stone heart is broken and alone. Born of Kaer Morhen, born of no love, the Song of the white wolf is cold as driven snow. Bear not your eyes upon him lest steel or silver draw. Lay not your breast against him or lips to ease his roar, for the song of the White Wolf will always be sung alone. For the song of the White Wolf will always be sung alone.”

“Fuck.” Geralt turned slowly in his seat, his yellow eyes falling on the familiar form of Jaskier, the bard’s fingers still strumming out the final chords of the song, seemingly oblivious to the applause and the scattering of coins being directed his way as he stared Geralt down angrily from across barroom floor."
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