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How far has the iPhone’s display come? This screenshot says it all
The iPhone has come a long way since its original 3.5-inch, 480 x 320 display. Now the iPhone 6 Plus ships with a massive 5.5-inch, 1920 x 1080 “Retina display...
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1 hour ago by michael.w
Estimote Beacons — real world context for your apps
Estimote Beacons — real world context for your apps Stick our tiny beacons in any location or to any object to create new, contextually rich mobile experiences. Estimote Beacons and Stickers are small wireless sensors that you can attach to any location or object.
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2 hours ago by abetancort
Anil Dash on Twitter: "How many major open source projects have had a release led by a woman of color? @WordPress 4.0 (led by @helenhousandi) is a quiet milestone."
How many major open source projects have had a release led by a woman of color? @WordPress 4.0 (led by @helenhousandi) is a quiet milestone.
culture  technology  business  discrimination  wordpress 
2 hours ago by jtyost2
Install PyCharm on Ubuntu - Bonus Bits Wiki
The instructions I followed to get PyCharm working on Lubuntu
technology  python  development  linux  ubuntu  java 
2 hours ago by andy47
On Death and iPods: A Requiem | WIRED
I miss the time when we were still defined by our music. When our music was still our music. I miss being younger, with a head full of subversive ideas; white cables snaking down my neck, stolen songs in my pocket. There will never be an app for that.
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10 hours ago by rstephens

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