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Inside the Koch Brothers' Industrial Empire
Koch Industries is enormous — it's the second-largest private company in the United States. You might know it because of the two famous brothers who run it, but we wanted to see what this behemoth actually does.
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19 hours ago by joeo10
JRD, the Other Resource Descriptor | hueniverse
XRD was a terrible idea. JRD is also a terrible idea, but it is implemented in JSON instead of XML. Sigh.
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19 hours ago by tommorris
Your Smart Home Knows a Lot About You - Digg
Your Smart Home Knows a Lot About You via Digg As the trend toward networked "smart homes" and "connected cars" continues, security precautions are more important than ever.
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20 hours ago by joeo10
VIDEO: Check out Facebook's alternative to the Dislike button, but watch out for scams!
VIDEO: Check out Facebook's alternative to the Dislike button, but watch out for scams!
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22 hours ago by slogger
“Just Googling it” is bad for your brain - Quartz
It’s hardly shocking then that most people surveyed would feel sad or panicked if they lost their connected devices, since they often remember more about our lives than we do.
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yesterday by alittlecode

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