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The Wacky, Wiggly, Razor-Thin World of the Flexi Disc — Cuepoint — Medium
Discusses the rise and fall of the thin, flexible, and cheap phonograph records, which were distributed in everything from magazines to cereal boxes.
flexidisc  music  technology  recording  music_industry 
23 hours ago by johnmfrench
What Machine Learning Can and Can’t Do - by @mgboydcom
"But while machine learning may be helping speed up some of the grunt work of data science, helping businesses detect risks, identifying opportunities or delivering better services, the tools won’t address much of the data science shortage. At the end of the day, business users will still need a data scientist on their team to make the most of the tools, said Alon Bartur from Trifacta and machine learning author, Louis Dorard."
technology  top  stories  hadoop  instart  logic  machine  learning  predictive  analytics  skytree  sumologic 
yesterday by jonerp
The Failed Attempt to Destroy GPS — The Atlantic
Intriguing piece from Ingrid Burrington: "On May 10, 1992, the activists Keith Kjoller and Peter Lumsdaine snuck into a Rockwell International facility in Seal Beach, California. They used wood-splitting axes to break into two clean rooms containing nine satellites being built for the U.S. government. Lumsdaine took his axe to one of the satellites, hitting it over 60 times. ... Acting in a tradition of civil disobedience established by the Plowshares movement while citing the leader of the Underground Railroad and the heroine of the Terminator series, the Brigade's target was the Navigation Satellite Timing And Ranging (NAVSTAR) Program and the Global Positioning System (GPS)." [Originally read in February, bookmarking now.]
technology  military  cartography  2015_mixbook_semifinalist  infrastructure 
yesterday by jbushnell
OTW Fannews: Fanficcers for Hire
Fanfic isn’t just being sold after the fact by online giants -- some are hiring fans to write-on-demand
Commercial-Works-Authors  Commercialization-of-Fans  Fanfiction  Technology 
yesterday by otw_news
Android Wear
Choose the watch you like the best from a range of shapes and styles, and change its look whenever you want with downloadable watch faces. Dress code: Wear what you want.
watch  technology 
yesterday by sctonkin
Why America’s obsession with STEM education is dangerous - The Washington Post
Innovation is not simply a technical matter but rather one of understanding how people and societies work, what they need and want. America will not dominate the 21st century by making cheaper computer chips but instead by constantly reimagining how computers and other new technologies interact with human beings.
education  {article}  technology 
yesterday by talibusorabat
Shut in economy. Internet making us antisocial?
technology  article  social 
yesterday by playfulsystems
Salesforce abandons all future Indiana plans following passage of SB 101
On Thursday, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff announced plans to avoid the state of Indiana for any future company events following the passage of that state's Religious Freedom Restoration Act.
politics  technology 
yesterday by dhellmann
They Write the Right Stuff
As the 120-ton space shuttle sits surrounded by almost 4 million pounds of rocket fuel, exhaling noxious fumes, visibly impatient to defy gravity, its...
culture  development  software  technology 
yesterday by bradbarrish

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