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Jan Lorenz, Fabrizio Zilibotti, Michael König - Distance to frontier, productivity distribution and travelling waves | VOX, CEPR’s Policy Portal - 19 November 2015
Received wisdom would make you think that you need lots of small firms that are innovating in order to push productivity in an economy. This column provides data suggesting that large firms with high productivity growth can act as technological leaders and supply the economy with a continuous stream of innovations. Overly strong patent protection can significantly reduce growth and increase inequality. -- downloaded pdf to Note
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Photography, Hello
Software ate the camera, but freed the image.
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Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab

The purpose of the Persuasive Technology Lab is to create insight into how computing products–from websites to mobile phone software–can be designed to change people’s beliefs and behaviors. Our major projects include technology for creating health habits, mobile persuasion, and the psychology of Facebook.
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Michael Schulson
Michael Schulson is an American freelance writer and an associate editor at Religion Dispatches magazine, where he helps produce The Cubit, a section covering science, religion, technology, and ethics.
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