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The Biohacker Selling RFID And Other Transhumanist Implants From His Garage - Digg
The Biohacker Selling RFID And Other Transhumanist Implants From His Garage via Digg Worried about your privacy and security? Want to get rid of your keys and your wallet? Then maybe it's time to inject yourself with one of Amal Graafstra's futuristic implants.
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13 hours ago by joeo10
Biofabrication: The New Revolution in Material Design | Fashioning Tech
Leather grown in a lab; parkas made from protein; and textiles printed from algae are a few examples of how designers are using synthetic biology to craft a more sustainable future for fashion. Just as nylon and other chemically, engineered synthetic fabrics shaped the fashion industry in the 1950s and 60s, the next material revolution is poised to combine biology and chemistry to offer something undisputedly new and different.

Below are four young companies engineering the future of sustainable fashion creating the most powerful mix of nature and technology.
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13 hours ago by cyberchucktx
Do You Even Lift Bro? GE's Hardiman And The Human-Machine Interface
In the days before cyborgs became a part of the popular imagination, much less artificial intelligence, researchers focused on “man-augmentation” systems. Humans would provide the brains and machines the brawn.
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15 hours ago by joeo10
Technology Has Completely Changed The Meaning Of The Word 'Death' - Digg
Technology Has Completely Changed The Meaning Of The Word 'Death' via Digg Hundreds of years ago, if someone looked dead, they were considered dead. Since then, a number of inventions — from CPR to the defibrillator to life support — has proved that notion incorrect.
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15 hours ago by joeo10
How YouTube Works: A Conversation With The Engineers That Make The Magic Happen - Digg
How YouTube Works: A Conversation With The Engineers That Make The Magic Happen via Digg Though YouTube has its imperfections, uploading and watching videos on the prolific platform is a generally seamless experience. This is pretty darn amazing when you consider all of the file types, resolutions and formats YouTube has to account for as it disseminates videos to one billion people across the globe.
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16 hours ago by joeo10
What's The Deal With Sensory Deprivation Tanks? - Digg
What's The Deal With Sensory Deprivation Tanks? via Digg All of the medical benefits that sensory deprivation tank practitioners claim seem a little far-fetched, but these big dark boxes filled with water and salt are still just really cool.
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17 hours ago by joeo10
403 Forbidden
Uber Flat Fares — Ride in San Francisco for only $2
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18 hours ago by kpieper876

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