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If hospitals were run like startups | Musings of a Meta-physician // Omar Metwally
I had to turn down offers from 3 large healthcare systems to become their Chief Medical Informatics Officer and walk away from a blossoming health tech startup that I had started with my friend to…
hospitals  technology  medicine  health-care 
5 hours ago by danhon
Comics capture digital readers – and grab more print fans
“In some places in America,” says Roberts, “the average person lives 50 miles or more from a comic-book store, and so for a lot of those people digital is the only real way they can easily get their comics.”
Misc  comics  digital  technology 
9 hours ago by jbaldwin
Why TV Lost
Facebook Killed TV — About twenty years ago people noticed computers and TV were on a collision course and started to speculate about what they’d produce when they converged. We now know the answer: computers.
media  tv  internet  technology  convergence  facebook 
10 hours ago by heimdalsgate
Blue Light Special: Ensuring fast global configuration changes
Blue Light Special: Ensuring fast global configuration changes
cloudflare  technology 
10 hours ago by slogger

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