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All LED Lighting - Keith Dawson - Color Blues
"Boy, did he get an education (as did I). The first wrinkle, pointed out by Gordon Routledge, is that for light sources with a discontinuous spectrum -- LED, CFL, and HID -- the calculated CCT doesn't mean precisely the same thing as a blackbody radiator's color temperature. An LED light source's actual position in color space can be on the blackbody line, above it, or below it (yielding a blueish, pinkish, or greenish tinge, respectively) -- while still being accurately characterized as having a 2700K CCT.

The deeper problem is that the instruments and the formulae used to measure and characterize light do not correspond to the human visual system -- at least not closely enough to avoid the kinds of color aberrations that give decorators fits. This was pointed out by posters Kevan Shaw and James Benya. As Shaw put it: "The issue here is the human eye is far better at color discrimination than any meter and at the end of the day we are (or certainly should be!) lighting for the eye and what you see rather than any numbers."

Benya decried the "race to the bottom" in color rendering faithfulness driven by the singular emphasis on energy efficiency in LED lighting. With the exception of a couple of specialty suppliers -- he mentioned Soraa and Xicato -- most LED producers pay little attention to color rendering as long as they can hit a CRI of 80. But the efficacy numbers sure look good!"
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yesterday by pacpost
Fan Is A Tool-Using Animal—dConstruct Conference Talk
"So fandom dispatched a probe to see if I was worth further study. The emissaries talked to me a bit and explained that my site was missing some features that fans relied on.

In my foolishness I asked, 'Could you make me a list of those features? I'll take a look, maybe some of it is easy to implement.'

Oh yes, they could make make a list.

I had summoned a very friendly Balrog."
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yesterday by hanacy
All LED Lighting - Ron Lenk - Flicker & Its Discontents
"So here's what we learn. First, only a tiny percentage of the population can perceive 60-Hz flicker at all. Second, you don't have to provide constant light for the flicker to be acceptable: If your light drops to 40 percent of peak, that's still pretty much OK even to that 1 percent.

My conclusions: Most LED lights don't need to add in any energy storage because of concern about flicker. It should only be added in to specialty lights, where the customer is willing to pay a premium. The only place where it (might be) necessary is in commercial buildings, if the government someday rules that being bothered by flicker falls under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Seems unlikely."
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yesterday by pacpost
Smart Lighting: Who's dumb and dumber?, geof archenbald - MONDO ARC
"The problem is LED fixtures (even dumb ones) aren’t constructed from single components and thus become significantly more complex than the traditional light sources they replace. As a result they are inherintly less reliable at a system level. If you read back through the years, I have explained that system reliability is only as strong as the weakest component. In terms of LED lighting that is the electrolytic capacitors used to smooth output ripple current to meet EMC standards.

Therefore, why do lighting designers accept a company’s word (no matter what their size or brand) when they say they will guarantee a product for, say, ten years? Is it in the blind belief they can offer their clients such a guarantee and just pass the liability back to the supplier? It’s not really how a responsible supply chain should operate and no other industry operates like this. For example, the IT, telecoms and consumer electronics markets are vastly larger than the lighting industry and offer no more than a one or two year warranty despite the fact they spend £100’s of billions on R&D to deliver quality products each year! Every warranty I’ve read has so many exclusions in them yet everyone still requests them as though it’s a metric of quality – duhhh!"
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yesterday by pacpost
Inside the NFL’s virtual reality arms race
VR simulations are changing the way football is practiced at every level of the game.
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yesterday by joeo10
OTW Fannews: Staying Vigilant
The TPP could be a very negative treaty for fans, but it’s not the only worrisome copyright development out there
OTW_Fannews  Intellectual-Property  DMCA  Takedowns  News-Media  Movies  Technology 
yesterday by otw_news
Smart Lighting Berlin - MONDO ARC
"The key lighting companies such as Philips and GE highlighted the need to focus smart lighting on specific areas including:

• Street lighting (over 290 million streetlights are installed globally - less than 1% of all the streetlights are connected

• Public and Commercial Buildings (they represent 60% of global lighting-based electricity use but just 20% of office buildings today have some form of lighting controls)

• City-wide solutions

• Energy and Sustainability

• Communications

• Weather warnings

• Maintenance and Operations

• Physical Infrastructure

The key point of many of the presentations were that lighting companies are going to have to morph into data analytics companies very soon – how many do you think will make the transition?"
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yesterday by pacpost
Ocado Wants to See off Amazon Fresh by Licensing its Food Tech
The sophistication of the operation has many investors betting that the most important product for Ocado — the world’s biggest online grocery specialist — might not be food, but technology. With the stock trading at about 140 times estimated earnings, the stakes are high.
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yesterday by joeo10
IASC: The Hedgehog Review - Volume 14, No. 1 (Spring 2012) - Why Google Isn’t Making Us Stupid…or Smart - Chad Wellmon
New technologies, be it the printed encyclopedia or Wikipedia, are not abstract machines that independently render us stupid or smart. As we saw with Enlightenment reading technologies, knowledge emerges out of complex processes of selection, distinction, and judgment—out of the irreducible interactions of humans and technology. We should resist the false promise that the empty box below the Google logo has come to represent—either unmediated access to pure knowledge or a life of distraction and shallow information. It is a ruse. Knowledge is hard won; it is crafted, created, and organized by humans and their technologies. Google’s search algorithms are only the most recent in a long history of technologies that humans have developed to organize, evaluate, and engage their world.
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yesterday by msszczep
The Military Wants Swarm Bots It Can Retrieve in Midair
They'll bite through your aileron wires. They'll insert toasting forks in your tires. That is the tale of the Gremlins.
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yesterday by joeo10
flyjs/fly · GitHub
flyjs/fly Fly is a modern build system for Node based in co-routines, generators and promises. Fly has callback heaven, concurrent tasks, robust error handling, cascading tasks and a simple API. via Pocket
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yesterday by jeremyday
Solved by Flexbox — Cleaner, hack-free CSS
Solved by Flexbox All of the code samples on this site show how to solve a particular design problem with Flexbox. They show just the code that's needed to make the demos work in a spec-compliant browser. via Pocket
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yesterday by jeremyday

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