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Beyond Devices
A blog about consumer technology from Jackdaw Research
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yesterday by moseschoi
Google’s product strategy: Make two of everything | Ars Technica
For Google, its entire product lineup is just a big series of A/B experiments.
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yesterday by dwight
Is Google Making Students Stupid? - Atlantic Mobile
Outsourcing menial tasks to machines can seem liberating, but it may be robbing a whole generation of certain basic mental abilities.

As all good teachers know, students need to experience confusion and struggle in order to internalize certain principles. That’s why teachers avoid rushing in to assist students at the first hint of incomprehension. It’s neither necessary nor possible to abolish calculators and spellcheck programs in classrooms, but periodically removing these tools can help ensure that students use technology in order to free their minds for more interesting tasks—not because they can’t spell or compute without assistance.
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yesterday by alemacgo
WEST: Women Entering and Staying in Tech
WEST (Women Entering and Staying in Tech) is designed to enable 1:1 mentorship for women in the early- to middle-stages of their technology careers. We believe that by providing more direct support, advocacy, and community development, we can help more women build rewarding careers in technology.
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yesterday by mstmorris

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