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Jason Pontin: A Feminist Critique of Silicon Valley (MIT Technology Review)
Shanley Kane challenges the assumptions and practices of the tech industry.

“We are not getting hired, and we are not getting promoted, and we are being systematically driven out of the industry.”
feminism  technology 
11 hours ago by matthewmcvickar
American Innovation Lies on Weak Foundation
The iPhone in your pocket has more computing power than the Voyager spacecraft that left the solar system two years ago. High-tech cancer drugs are being approved every month. A few years into the future, Google’s Calico project promises to extend our life span.
technology  business 
12 hours ago by dhellmann
Rinse And Repeat – AVC
I’d like to call out a really great blog post (and talk) my colleague Nick Grossman delivered last week. He called it Venture Capital vs Community Capital, but to me its about the endless cycle of domination and disruption that plays out in the tech sector. via Pocket
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18 hours ago by clayhebert
Information Security for Journalists |
Download the book in PDF, ePub, MOBI, AWZ3, LIT and FB2 formats or view it online. This handbook is a very important practical tool for journalists and it is of particular importance to investigative reporters.
privacy  security  technology 
21 hours ago by DanHill
Android's faulty factory reset puts your data privacy at risk
Android's faulty factory reset puts your data privacy at risk
grahamcluley  technology 
23 hours ago by slogger
Mission Impossible: Hardening Android for Security and Privacy | The Tor Blog
Updates: See the Changes section for a list of changes since initial posting. The future is here, and ahead of schedule. Come join us, the weather's nice.
android  software  technology 
23 hours ago by DanHill
Instant Web · An A List Apart Column
What’s exciting about this user- and performance-focused mindset is that it will still be valid and useful even if we see some much-needed advances in browser-based capabilities. I hold out hope that components like HTTP/2 and service workers will allow us to build smarter, more performant sites. But we have the means to build sites faster right this minute. If nothing else, Facebook just turned that into a higher priority for the entire web community. And that’s a good thing.
programming  webdesign  webdevelopment  software  facebook  internet  technology 
yesterday by jtyost2
Farming in the Sky
Why agriculture may someday take place in towers, not fields
IFTTT  Digg  tech  technology 
yesterday by joeo10
Hard Drive Reliability Stats for Q1 2015
Over the past year we’ve been releasing hard drive reliability statistics based on the drives we use to store customer data for our online backup business. As of the end of Q1 2015 we had…
comparison  best  technology 
yesterday by bradbarrish
Hamburger icon: How these three lines mystify most people
The hamburger button has become a common symbol on our smartphones, tablets and computers. But, Chris Stokel-Walker asks, what is it, where did it come from, and do people really know what it…
technology  icon  design  tech 
yesterday by joeo10

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