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Got some time to kill and want to read a meandering essay by an algorithm with a short attention span? Tell us how many minutes you want to spend reading and a starting topic, and we'll whip something up.
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22 hours ago by wtokie
The State of Consumer Technology at the End of 2014
A broad overview of where the world of technology is in 2014, placed in the historical context of the three epochs: PC, Internet, and mobile
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yesterday by bradbarrish
Handwriting vs typing: is the pen still mightier than the keyboard?
Computers may dominate our lives, but mastery of penmanship brings us important cognitive benefits, research suggests
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yesterday by bradbarrish
When White People See Themselves With Black Skin, Something Interesting Happens
The antidote to racism partly lies in empathy, or the willingness to "walk a mile in someone else's shoes," as the saying goes. But scientists from universities across Europe are taking the maxim one step further, providing people an opportunity to experience life in someone else's skin by experimenting with virtual reality as a means of helping people shed racial stereotypes.
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yesterday by mstmorris
Graphene: Fast, Strong, Cheap, and Impossible to Use | The New Yorker
"The more innovative—the more breaking-the-mold—the innovation is, the less likely we are to figure out what it is really going to be used for."
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yesterday by kevan
The inside story of how the Uber-Portland negotiations broke down
The inside story of how the Uber-Portland negotiations broke down. So, what happened? via Digg
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yesterday by joeo10
The State of Consumer Technology at the End of 2014 | stratechery by Ben Thompson
Google seems strong, but as I’ve written previously, there is a lot about the company that feels like Microsoft: just as Microsoft jumped into the next epoch at the OS level for defensive reasons, Google too jumped ahead, also at the OS level, and also for defensive reasons. “Free” figured prominently in both strategies, and in the long run, it’s worth considering the possibility that Google’s Android dominance will have as much long term value to the company as Microsoft’s dominance of browsers – i.e., not very much at all. Ultimately, I expect an increasing amount of Google’s energy to go towards taking away what Microsoft has left: Chromebooks versus Windows, and Google Apps versus Office
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yesterday by dancall

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