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Cheaper bandwidth or bust: How Google saved YouTube
Leading the Web video revolution was an almost constant battle for survival.
video  history  internet  youtube  business  tech  technology 
20 hours ago by jacobraleigh
What do robots do? | ROUGH TYPE
“The system, with its subtly transformed purposes, seems to run very smoothly; it is productive, and it is more and more out of line with the nature of things and the real problems.”
Technology  dh 
20 hours ago by wtokie
The Sensor-Rich, Data-Scooping Future
G.E. is adding more sensor technology to products like street lights, heralding a sensor explosion that many believe will fuse the physical world with the Internet, anticipating and facilitating human behaviors.
article  nytimes  editorial  bigdata  technology 
20 hours ago by dwight
Global Information Technology Report 2015 - Reports - World Economic Forum
The Global Information Technology Report 2015 features the latest iteration of the Networked Readiness Index, which assesses the factors, policies and institutions that enable a country to fully leverage information and communication technologies (ICTs) for increased competitiveness and well-being.
technology  stats 
22 hours ago by dancall
These Laser Scans of London Are a New Way to See the World
ScanLab is at the bleeding edge of large-scale 3-D laser scanning, conjuring striking, ghostly reproductions of castles, museums, ice floes and more from billions of millimeter-precise dots.
article  3d  vr  technology  wired  bigdata 
22 hours ago by dwight
Write the Perfect Email to Anyone With This Creepy Site
Crystal is definitely creepy, perhaps useful, and almost certainly a look at how we'll communicate in the future.
article  technology  culture  bigdata 
yesterday by dwight

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