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3 Signs that You May Need to Upgrade Your Hearing Aid
If your otherwise dependable hearing aid is now failing to provide you with high quality sound and assistance, it may be time to switch to an upgraded device.
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38 minutes ago by Adventure_Web
Amazon and Apple engage in turf war for location of second headquarters - CNBC
Didi Caldwell, Global Location Strategies founding principal provides insight to two of the world's most valuable tech companies battling each other for some of the same cities to build new corporate campuses.
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1 hour ago by areadevelopment
A New Look Inside Theranos’ Dysfunctional Corporate Culture | WIRED
“Holmes told the gathered employees that she was building a religion. If there were any among them who didn’t believe, they should leave.”
How Theranos’ dysfunctional corporate culture shut down criticism & led to the startup’s collapse:
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3 hours ago by rasagy
VPNFilter botnet has hacked 500,000 routers. Reboot and patch now!
VPNFilter botnet has hacked 500,000 routers. Reboot and patch now!
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3 hours ago by slogger
Has dopamine got us hooked on tech?
Well-intentioned strategies often produce unintended consequences. “I don’t know whether [these apps] can generate addiction,” says Schultz, who, along with two other researchers, was awarded Denmark’s €1m Brain prize in 2017 for discovering dopamine’s effects. “But the idea behind behavioural economics, that we can change the behaviour of others not via drugs or hitting them on the head, but by putting them into particular situations, is controversial. We are telling other people what is good for them, which carries risks. Training people via systems to release dopamine for certain actions could even cause situations where people can’t then get away from the system. I’m not saying technology companies are doing bad things. They may be helping. But I would be careful.”
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7 hours ago by terry

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