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the three hot trends in Silicon Valley horseshit – Freddie deBoer – Medium
Comment: "I cannot express what a demoralizing and self-destructive enterprise it is to attempt to make a living off of Fiverr. Competing with third-world workers is not enough, if you dare to raise your prices to anything close to actual market value, you will find your page shut down and a curt letter in your inbox informing you that you are “Not providing value to Fiverr’s Customers.”"
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11 hours ago by atbradley
heatheryoun — Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America...
RT : Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America (Unabridged) - Jeff Ryan | Technology |454493777…
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New in Basecamp 3: List view for Projects and Teams
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13 hours ago by slogger
florenceest — Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America...
RT : Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America (Unabridged) - Jeff Ryan | Technology |454493777…
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karibla — Audible Technology Review, January 2010 -...
RT : Audible Review, January 2010 - Technology Review | Technology |349077819
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Docker Doesn’t Fear Kubernetes, Keeps Sights on the Enterprise Instead
"“So for us, Kubernetes is an interesting technology but it is not a particular competitive threat,” Golub said, in a press luncheon at Dockercon 2017, held last week in Austin. Over the past year or so, much of the buzz around containers have gravitated to Kubernetes, container orchestration software open sourced by Google. Especially after the successful Kubecon Europe conference last month, the software is being increasingly touted as the logical cornerstone for running cloud-native applications. But buzz does not alone a successful enterprise technology make, in Golub’s eyes."
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15 hours ago by jonerp
Hackers exploited Word flaw for months while Microsoft investigated| Reuters
Hackers exploited Word flaw for months while Microsoft investigated via Digg To understand why it is so difficult to defend computers from even moderately capable hackers, consider the case of the security flaw officially known as CVE-2017-0199.
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16 hours ago by joeo10
‘World’s Most Secure’ Email Service Is Easily Hackable - Motherboard
'World's Most Secure' Email Service Is Easily Hackable via Digg A service that claims to be the only way to do email in a secure way is actually riddled with flaws, opening it up to hackers, according to a researcher.
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16 hours ago by joeo10
Silicon Valley 1982
Extraordinary fanciful map; almost none of this is still there
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16 hours ago by nelson

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