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Data Driven Software Buying Decisions - by @mfauscette
"Peer review communities: Well I’m a little biased here since I work for one, but there is a lot of valuable data to be gleaned from peer reviews. From a references standpoint the crowdsourced nature of the reviews, which are in reality in-depth surveys, the information is much more likely to meet all 3 criteria."
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15 hours ago by jonerp
Resisting the lure of unicorn culture
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16 hours ago by slogger
Microscope photographs of microchips
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16 hours ago by nrrd
Facebook’s really big plans for virtual reality
Facebook's $2 billion purchase of VR company Oculus left some scratching their heads. Bloomberg sat down with Mark Zuckerberg to figure out why.
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17 hours ago by joeo10
Why We Are Undervaluing Ukraine's Tech Scene
The Ukrainian startup scene is stronger than ever despite multiple currency devaluations, the loss of Crimea and the ongoing war in the east. According to the latest Ukraine Dealbook report by AVentures Capital and Ukraine Digital News total venture investment in Ukrainian startups increased 237% year-over-year from 2014-2015, after having dropped 56% between 2013-2014. Last year there were a number of notable deals involving Ukrainian startups, the most significant being the acquisition of Looksery by Snapchat for $150 million.
With over 400 universities and colleges, Ukraine graduates around 15,000 IT professionals per year according to the recent IT Ukraine industry report. All large Ukrainian cities are home to coworking hubs and private IT schools that offer mentorship and courses taught by industry professionals.
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18 hours ago by rgl7194

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