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Barbed Wire Fences Were An Early DIY Telephone Network
Before Ma Bell came to town, and long before DSL, it was barbed wire, of all things, that brought rural communities together. A Sears telephone hooked up to barbed wire—miles of which were already conveniently strung along fences—connected far-flung ranches in the recently settled American west. Thus an ingenious and unregulated telephone system sprung up a hundred years ago.
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12 hours ago by Juha_Antero
Dan Kaminsky Will Be Taking Your Questions At Our DNS Meetup Next Week In San Francisco
Dan Kaminsky Will Be Taking Your Questions At Our DNS Meetup Next Week In San Francisco
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14 hours ago by slogger
This Rice Transplanter Machine Is The Best Way To, Uh, Transplant Rice - Digg
This Rice Transplanter Machine Is The Best Way To, Uh, Transplant Rice via Digg Do you have a bunch of rice that needs transplanting? Of course you do, and this machine is the right one for the job.
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16 hours ago by joeo10
Public/Private Partnerships Help Entrepreneurs Bring Ideas to the Marketplace - Area Development
By obtaining technology and scientific grants, government performance contracts, and economic development support, innovative companies can quickly flourish.
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16 hours ago by areadevelopment
The Who, What & Why of Activist Investors' Attacks | EE Times
- McKinsey seem to have incredibly rose-tinted glasses about this, presumably not to disrupt business in other practice areas such as banking...
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16 hours ago by renaissancechambara

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