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What Happens Next by bluflamingo
It shouldn’t be so easy, to go from ‘technically involved but functionally usually single’ to ‘co-parent to a half-alien child’ literally overnight, but Cam’s had five years to get used to the fact that things with John are either bizarre and confusing or oddly simple, more of the latter in the last couple of years. And it’s not like he’s never thought about maybe having kids some day, watching his cousins, his little brother grow up alongside him, get married and settle down while he went off to fly spaceships and get shot down. It’s just that somewhere along the way he accepted that there would be things he’d have to give up in exchange for cool ships, an amazing job and a boyfriend who, okay, mostly in another galaxy, but also someone Cam’s kind of helplessly in love with.

alt link: http://archiveofourown.org/series/10815
f:stargate  sga  sg1  f:crossover  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:lj  p:sheppard/mitchell  slash  mission!contretemps  earth!side  -rating:4/5  DADT  plot:established!relationship  plot:family!drama  plot:parenting  plot:coming!out  saved  ex-military!sheppard  main!char:mitchell  teacher!sheppard 
march 2011 by dievillain
I Got Soul But I'm Not A Soldier by minervacat
"No, I meant, no beer," John said. He was still standing stunned in the middle of Rodney's living room, watching O'Neill act like they were buddies, and he thought about the contents of the fridge - half a jar of mustard that hadn't gone bad yet, half a pound of something so molded that it might have been bacon, once, and two white paper Chinese food cartons. A fridge so typically Rodney that when John had opened it, he'd had to sit down on the kitchen floor, hard as if someone had shot him in the leg and he'd crumpled to the ground.

[Very sad. Rodney dies of a heart attack while John is offworld. John resigns.]
f:stargate  sga  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:author  slash  f:crossover  sg1  earth!side  post-atlantis  -rating:3/5  plot:angst  plot:character!death  p:sheppard/mckay  ss  notsaved  ex-military!sheppard  pilot!sheppard  teacher!sheppard 
march 2011 by dievillain
Ancient Music by Linaerys
NC-17 McKay/Sheppard. Doppelganger fic. A Sheppard and McKay who might have been encounter the ones that are. Romance, action, and bickering. This is also one of my early stories. I think it has some strengths, but some weakness in characterization. (18,000 words)

[John is out of the military & teaching math when he encounters an Ancient pendent that gives him dreams of Atlantis & Rodney. When he sees Rodney performing on piano, he meets him & they become friends & then lovers. John still has dreams & when he & Rodney go hiking, they encounter a star gate. They walk through & find themselves on Atlantis.]
f:stargate  sga  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:author  different_road_to_stargate  -rating:3/5  plot:action!adventure  plot:parallel!universe  ss  notsaved  ex-military!sheppard  plot:music  musician!mckay  teacher!sheppard 
march 2011 by dievillain
Elementary!verse by flyakate
Series of ficlets about Atlantis Academy elementary teacher John who meets & falls for Scientist/Professor Rodney. Total fluff.
f:stargate  sga  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:lj  non-stargate  slash  -rating:3/5  plot:fluff  plot:romance  p:sheppard/mckay  ss  notsaved  professor!mckay  scientist!mckay  teacher!sheppard 
march 2011 by dievillain
Lustrous by rageprufrock
Rodney finds Jane Sheppard, looking for help getting back to his own universe & his own John. Except Jane has a restraining order out against Rodney McKay and they are in the process of getting a divorce... Rodney cheated on Jane with Samantha Carter & is semi-violent)

Jane makes a note to write a letter and tuck it into Rodney's clothes as he leaves. John's all alone in another galaxy, there probably aren't that many people he can complain to and Jane thinks it's important that he knows Jane's on his side. She's started to think of him as a brother, a best friend-she wants him to be happy, and in a moment of bittersweet clarity, she realizes she's scared for somebody she's never met before. She wants John to have Rodney, but Jane's living proof it doesn't always s work out. She puts her face in her knees, pulls her legs up to her chest, and feels Rodney running his fingers through her hair, suds running soft and slick down the knobbed curve of her spine.
f:stargate  sga  complete  -wc:5k-25k  het  slash  different_road_to_stargate  earth!side  bashing!sam  -rating:4/5  site:a03  saved  plot:family!drama  plot:marriage  plot:parallel!universe  plot:angst  p:sheppard/mckay  girl!sheppard  plot:genderbender  teacher!sheppard 
august 2010 by dievillain
The Wedding Date By Elayna
Rodney McKay hires an escort to attend a wedding with him and gets more than he expected. Note: This is loosely based on "The Wedding Date"

[Monika wasn't available & sent John instead to be Rodney's pretend date to take to Sam's wedding. John is a math teacher in the ghetto & Rodney is a successful businessman who works part time consulting with the SGC. It doesn't take much for them to fall in love.]

alt link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/185827
f:stargate  sga  complete  -wc:5k-25k  p:sheppard/mckay  slash  sg1  f:crossover  earth!side  site:author  -rating:4/5  different_road_to_stargate  plot:fluff  plot:massive!au  plot:romance  saved  ceo!mckay  ex-military!sheppard  scientist!mckay  teacher!sheppard 
july 2010 by dievillain
Open Your Eyes by parrotfic
Sumner has a heart attack & Pegasus High needs a new Football coach. Enter John Sheppard with a few black spots on his record. Teyla & Ronon are his asst. coaches & Rodney is the physics teacher.

alt link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2620
f:stargate  sga  complete  -wc:25k-50k  non-stargate  p:sheppard/mckay  slash  earth!side  -rating:4/5  plot:highschool  plot:romance  plot:angst  plot:coming!out  saved  teacher!sheppard  teacher!mckay 
july 2010 by dievillain
sga_flashfic: Consequences, by tanaquisga (Five Things Challenge)
After he disobeyed an order when attempting to rescue Captain Holland, there were many ways the Air Force might have punished Major John Sheppard. Here are four AUs of what might have happened to him, and a look at what did happen.
sga  gen  fivethings  au  johnsheppard  pov-sheppard  pov-3rd  length-short  prison  teachers  teacher!sheppard  antarctica  afghanistan  ex-military!sheppard  tanaquisga  tense-past  pre-canon  characterstudy  flying  helicopters 
july 2008 by ratcreature

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