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spock: lieutenant… this is a difficult request for... — the good kush™
spock: lieutenant… this is a difficult request for me to make and you are under no obligation to agree to it, but i implore you to seduce my fiancee, T'pring. it is custom to remain on vulcan for a minimum of 2 years following marriage. i cannot leave the enterprise, or……………………………….the captain. she must be convinced to reject me
uhura: what does she look like
spock: this is she *shows pic*
uhura: *frantically popping off her acrylic nails* damn say no more
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5 weeks ago by timberwolfoz
actually spock invented pon farr bc he was feeling...
actually spock invented pon farr bc he was feeling cranky and didn’t want to go through the embarrassment of admitting it. also to see jim’s titties.

I love this post because it carries the implication that he managed to get his fiancé, her boyfriend, and his grandmother, a high ranking politician, to play along with this, and I desperately, desperately want this fic

“Listen, T'Pring, I know we have not been in contact for 3.27 years, but there is a cute guy on my ship, and I need you to be my wing woman. Also I know you’ve been seeing Stonn so this would be a great opportunity to break up this engagement”

“Your logic is sound. I will be there”
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saying it outloud is hard (words are futile devices) - by idreamtofreality (Star Trek Reverse Big Bang)
Dear James Kirk,

That one line is mocking him. Why doesn't he know how to continue? He's written dozens of letters to Vulcan scholars—professional letters—so why can't he do this?

His tablet chimes, now. Spock raises an eyebrow at the notification.

To: S'chn T'Gai Spock
From: James T. Kirk
Subject: HELLO!!!!!!

He opens the message. It displays first in scrawled standard, and then the translator overlays it with perfect Vulcan script.

Hi Spock!!!! I'm Jim!! I'm eleven years old and I live in Riverside with my mom sometimes and my stepdad. Do you know where Riverside is? It's in Iowa on Earth! You're on Vulcan, right? What's it like there? What do you like to do? Write back soon!!!


Spock isn't quite sure how to react to any of this. He'd met humans before but…none like this. Is this what human children are like?

His tablet chimes again. This message is just a picture—a boy (Spock assumes it is Jim) with blue eyes so bright they're shining, dark blond hair, and a huge smile that makes the fat on his cheeks gather into a roundness that Amanda would deem "pinch-able." Below it, the caption reads: "This is me!!!"

Spock begins crafting a reply.
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june 2019 by runpunkrun
Nen-vulunaya, or First Impressions - by andloawhatsit
“It is a truth universally acknowledged,” said Amanda Grayson, more or less to herself while she fastened Michael’s safety restraint, then turned to ensure Spock’s was fastened as well (it was, of course, he being fastidious), “that a seven-year-old child, in possession of a fine Vulcan heritage, must be in want of a fiancée.” In a matter of hours, Spock and T’Pring would formalize their betrothal, and the S'chn T'gai family — Amanda, Sarek, the teenaged Sybok, the infant Michael, and of course, the child Spock — was readying itself to pile into the aircar that would take them to their ancestral place of Koon-ut-kal-if-fee.

“Mother,” said Spock, “I know of no other species which bonds as Vulcans do — as I am about to do; therefore it is not a universal truth.” He had been the centre of attention all day, petted and brushed and outfitted in fine robes sewn from handwoven cloth, posed in the garden while his mother took pictures with her holo-imager, but the pleasure of such treatment could no longer hold back his growing apprehension. However illogically, he soothed this feeling by pestering his mother.
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march 2019 by runpunkrun
The Promise - by coffee666
When they arrived home on Vulcan, it was nearing two in the morning. The sky was darker than Spock recalled, having got used to the Terran moon.

“What about I-Chaya?” Spock asked, stifling a yawn as they walked in the front door. The comforting familiar smell of his home had grown stale in their absence.

“It is too late to get him from the shelter. I will do it tomorrow. For now, you must go to sleep. You have school tomorrow.” Sarek said.

“Yes, Father.”

Spock went to his room and unpacked his backpack. He changed into his sleeping clothes and climbed into bed. It was strangely cold without the sehlat. Spock hear a chime, and realized it was his PADD. He picked it up from the nightstand.

Hey! This is Jim! We just got back about an hour ago. My mom said you guys won’t get to Vulcan until really late tonight, but I wanted to send you this picture anyways. Rosie says hello!

Below the message was a picture of a gentle looking black and white cow. Its muzzle was pink, and it had very small horns on its head. Jim stood beside it, his face pressed to its flank as if it were a pet.

In the private darkness of his room, Spock managed another smile.
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Strunk & White, Revised Edition
TO: Commander Spock, USS Enterprise NC-1701
FROM: Sybok, Vulcan Embassy, San Francisco, Earth
RE: T’Pring

StarTrek  T'Pring  00-03  Gen  CharacterPOV  Letters  Humor  Author:leupagus  Awesome 
july 2018 by LilyC
Now the Sons Look For Their Fathers/ But Their Fathers Are All Gone - by Straight_Outta_Hobbiton (Children Will Look To You/ For Which Way To Turn/ To Learn What To Be #1)
There is a lot of crying, a lot of shouting, a lot of red flashing lights and orders and alerts and blood, so much blood. Vulcans crowd the already overflowing Medbay, old and young and even younger, and there is too much going on for Leonard to focus.

He’s tired, and he’s scared, and he’s irritated beyond all reason, and that’s probably why he doesn’t think twice when the little Vulcan boy steps in his path, face screwed up and green with tears and screaming.

He just— picks him up. Scoops the kid off the ground and settles him on his hip, rocking him gently to quiet him before he can renew his screams so close to Leonard’s ear. The actions don’t even register as particularly odd to him, because honestly? It’s been an odd fucking day.
st:aos  gen  post-narada  mccoy  sybok  t'pring  progeny  disability  adoption  earthside  <3 
may 2018 by runpunkrun
There's Dust in Our Bones (and sand in our hearts) - by queervulcan (Our House Made of Cards #1)
About 3 hours later, when Amanda would wake up to the sun rising and check on her children, Jim could imagine the scream of panic she would find at his empty and made bed.

He never made his bed, even when she hassled him to.

She would find a note in the bare bedroom, taped to his pillow so the balcony doors he had snuck out of wouldn't blow it away.

It would read:

I'll be safe. I know the only person who was happy that I was there was Amanda, so this is my exchange for the previous year: thank you, for everything. For taking care of me, feeding me, clothing me, when you did not have to. Don't look for me, because I don't want to be found. If I come back, it will be because of Amanda.

Spock, Michael, you were right. I never did belong there.

Jim knew the exact moment Sarek found out, for there was a pulse of panic, purple and harsh, followed by shame, black and inky.

He felt a gentle probing against the shields they had started to teach him, and even now, Jim's greatest weakness was love.

He couldn't push Sarek away, not in the way they taught him for intruders. Instead, he built up defenses, ones that left him in a trance but protected.

He shut the door against Sarek's insist knocking.

He would open again when he was ready, whether it be tomorrow or ten years.
st:aos  au  gen  kirk  tarsus-iv  vulcan  amanda  meet-as-kids  reunion  grief  t'pring  starfleet.edu 
may 2018 by runpunkrun
Stars Trek Hollow - by thingsbaker (Star Trek/Gilmore Girls)
“Uh-oh,” Jim said, setting the coffee down. “That bad?”

“In some ways, much worse than I expected,” Spock admitted, and Jim slid into the seat across from him.

The afternoon crowd at the diner was light, and Jim’s part-time server, Pavel Chekov, was nowhere to be seen, though Spock could hear the day-shift chef, Janice Rand, singing softly to the radio in the kitchen. There was only one other table with customers, and they were local enough to get their own refills if needed. This was some of what Spock liked about Jim’s Diner. The informality was completely at odds with his own upbringing — and with the house he’d just left.

Spock cupped his hands around the warm mug, taking a moment to inhale the familiar aroma of Jim’s regular brew. He felt himself relax slightly, more when Jim started to speak. “What if — just hear me out, OK? What if, we could do fundraisers here. Once a month. And I could, the money I kick in for the vet center —“

“Jim,” Spock said, resting his hand on Jim’s covered wrist just briefly, “I would never ask you to give up your work for the center, particularly for something as relatively trivial as a school transfer.” Jim contributed a portion of his income to a local veteran’s center, which he had set up himself in his father’s name. The center was run by one of Jim’s old Army buddies, a doctor named Leonard McCoy, who was something of an acquired taste.

“Maybe,” Jim said. “I — public school, it’s not so bad. I mean…” he trailed off. The truth was, of course, that there was nothing truly wrong with Po’s current school. Jim was himself a product of Stars Hollow High, as were many intelligent, successful people. Po would be fine at SHH. And yet — “It’s just she has her heart set on it,” Jim said, as though reading his mind.

“Indeed,” Spock said, “which is why it is fortunate that my parents have agreed to pay for her tuition.”

“What?” Jim blinked. “Holy shit, Spock — the way you looked, I thought maybe they were going to try and repossess you or something. This is great, right? Or — no, clearly, it’s not great, you look like someone kicked you. What is it?”

“They have demanded, as payment, that Po and I attend a family dinner with them every Friday night.”
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  civilians  fusion  single-parent  progeny  hotel/motel  food  t'pring  jealousy  friends-to-lovers  infirmary 
february 2018 by runpunkrun
Plugged In - by SakuraMinamino (ShiKahr #1)
She stared at him, looking for something. She was the calculating type, and Jim was used to such looks from her so he continued to sit there and smile. Sighing, she straightened herself and prepared him some ale and placed it in front of him.

Jim thanked her, wrapping his hand around the handle and once again marveled at the sensation of being able to feel the smooth wood finish of the mug handle, and the foam touching his upper lip as he drank.

"There is a rumor floating around about a strange NPC."

"An NPC? What's so special about it? Does it have a secret quest or something?"

Moreau shook her head, taking his mug to refill it. "He started appearing two weeks ago. He doesn't interact with other NPC's, he doesn't have a quest, and his answers to players always vary when someone approaches him, but he appears at the same time everyday for exactly 3 hours then disappears."

Jim frowned. "Is he a player?"

Again Moreau shook her head. "Player information doesn't show up. No name, no interaction options, and you never see him messing with his player menu even when he disappears. "

Jim had to admit, it was piquing his curiosity. Was it some sort of hidden event or perhaps a glitch in the system? Glitches were very rare finds in the game. Those who caught one were given quite a bit of money in compensation. "Where can I find him?"

"ShiKahr's main tavern."

He couldn't cover the wince even if he wanted to. ShiKahr was not easy to get to. The Fire Plains and The Forge were two of the most dangerous parts of the game. Out of the 10 million players, only 100,000 had succeeded into making it into the city. What made it so hard to get there was the monsters that lurked in the deserts. The AI was nothing like anyone had ever seen. The same tactic wouldn't work more than a handful of times if other monsters were close enough to witness it. They learned, and they guarded the city. Getting in alone was practically unheard of.
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Between two Worlds - by alienated-alien
That bastard had sold him.

Jim clenched his teeth and balled his hands into fists.

The ceiling of the room he was in was rather high and seemed to be covered with mirrors. There was a single window on the opposite wall. It was, however, so narrow, that there was no way he would be able to fit through it to escape. He shifted marginally and was shocked to find, that he had been stripped down to his boxer-shorts. Horrified, he gathered the blanket up and wrapped it tightly around himself.

The door hissed open and Jim found himself scrambling into the far corner of the bed, pressing himself against the bedpost. A tall Orion stepped through the door, letting it slide shut behind him. The stranger crossed his arms, the black shirt straining over his muscular shoulders.

"Who are you?" Jim snapped, trying to hide the fear accumulating in his chest.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  en(sex)slaved  vulcan  gaila  royalty  joanna  books  bonded  t'pring 
march 2017 by runpunkrun
We Don't Talk About Film Club - by Straight_Outta_Hobbiton, notfreyja (Doubt The Stars #6)
“Oh, God, Jimmy —”

Amanda’s anguish is palpable, but for once, Spock ignores it, crossing the space between him and Jimmy in four long strides before stopping at his chair.

Jimmy, the shit, has the gall to smile at him, to smile as if Spock can’t feel the way he aches, from his joints to his teeth, from his stomach to his thoughts.

“Hey, Spock,” he greets. “You’ve talked to Gaila.”

“Hello, Spock.”

Spock glances up. Something about Gaila’s face comes across like ‘ he’s been like this all morning ’ mixed with ‘ do something, you moron ’, though Spock isn’t certain how exactly he came to this conclusion. Either way, he recognizes her exasperation and her desperation, and responds accordingly.

With a series of sharp, careful movements, he hefts Jimmy out of his chair and into his arms.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  meet-as-kids  bonded  tarsus-iv  vulcan  gaila  h/c  sarek  sybok  t'pring 
september 2016 by runpunkrun
The Nanny - by yaoichan12
Soren was seven and in school during the day and Spock was not having luck with finding a nanny to help care for Sylar. His son was colicky and did not settle down or hardly stop crying. The Vulcan Embassy had a day care center but they would not accept the colicky newborn. The nanny services he had tried did not work out and Spock was seriously considering just terminating his employment and taking his children back to Vulcan and back to his mother who could help him.

Spock sighed and tried coaxing a pacifier into his son’s mouth, but Sylar turned his head away and kept crying. His little cheeks flushed green, his small fists balled up and moving about. Spock was about to lift his hand to Sylar’s meld points to try and calm him that way when someone walked up to them.

“What is wrong, little grumpy pants?” a man cooed at Sylar.

Spock looked up and saw a very aesthetically pleasing human male with blonde hair and bright blue eyes staring at his son. The man looked to Spock and smiled. Spock’s heart clenched in his side and began to beat much faster than normal.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  t'pring  civilians  single-parent  progeny  domestic  dating  allergies  infirmary  bonded  mccoy  roommates 
june 2016 by runpunkrun
Letters From Across the Universe - by Lucy_Claire
Selek was an old, greying man with a very peaceful presence, he wasn’t as stoic as most Vulcans aimed to be but his facial expressions were always steady, subtly tweaking into a frown, a smile or a grimace. Spock could have sworn he sometimes saw him smile.

The healer informed Spock that he was completely healthy and his sudden irregular heartbeat was purely psychological.

Spock’s first thought was, Are my frequent emotional outbursts the cause of this madness? but he remembered that he hadn’t had an outburst in nearly two months, the entire time Jim had been responding to him regularly, sending him lengthy complaints about his job, the farm and the college coursework he was completing online.

His contact with Jim was essential to his ability to not be provoked into a fight, to focus better in his class and studies and to truly look forward to waking up in the morning, whether anticipating a letter or not.

His contact with Jim was essential to his stability, almost like their correspondence was a mental-link of shared thoughts, opinions, knowledge, emotions and experiences, almost like…almost like…

Spock headed for his father’s study and poked his head into the room. “Father?”

Sarek looked at him from behind his computer screen. “Come in.”

Spock hesitantly sat across from his father, trying to find the words to start. “Father, how exactly are bonds formed?”
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Enjoy Life - by Ymas
Bones crashes on the forth night after Jim has regained consciousness, and he crashes hard. He’s finally off shift and he’s drunk too much, but he comes tiptoeing back into Jim’s room in the middle of the night. Jim supposes Bones’ plan was to just sit by his bedside and make sure he’s alright, only he’s awake. And so Jim ends up rubbing circles into Bones’ forearm with his still annoyingly unresponsive fingers and reassuring him again and again that yes, he did everything right because yes, Jim is still very much alive.

Jim wishes for nothing more than that he could share his friends’ burden. But he doesn’t remember anything after his mad dash through engineering with Chekov and he just can’t get himself to feel upset about something he has no memory of. It feels a little like letting Bones and the others down because he can’t relate to what they have been through.

It’s later that same night when he finds out about Spock’s initial reaction to his apparent death. At first, he just can’t believe it and chalks it up to Bones’ alcohol-induced overactive imagination but Bones insists and Jim hasn’t really known him to exaggerate or lie when he’s drunk, only to lose the last of his inhibitions and be even more blunt and straightforward than usual.

So, Spock has totally lost it, apparently. Cried over losing Jim, then hunted down Khan with every intention of killing him barehanded and with no regard for his own safety whatsoever. Jim can barely wrap his head around it.
st:aos  kirk/spock  kirk&mccoy  stid  earthside  starfleet.edu  professors  kissing  dating  taking-it-slow  new-vulcan  t'pring  breakup  pining  masturbation  marriage 
may 2016 by runpunkrun
T'Pring had never expected to leave Vulcan, much less join Starfleet.
fic  star.trek  AOS  t'pring  spock 
may 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
raphaela667: T'Pring academy fic (sequel to "six things that changed")
It is six months before she completes her final exams - no use all of them skipping out on a full year of school, Lady Amanda said when T'Pring appeared to demand transportation to Iowa with the Lady when she went. It is then two months before her parents will allow her to attend Starfleet.

As such, she is a term below Jim and Spock.

This changes very little, really. Jim and Spock are inseparable, that first year. They cannot not touch. She never thought she was in love with Spock, and it is quite easy to spend time with them. Only it is difficult to be with them when they only want to have sex and she does not understand the charm of that, yet. Spock tries to explain once, haltingly. He blushes bright green and Jim sends her back to her dormitory, laughing darkly and pulling Spock behind him into their disheveled bed, not bothering to close the door because she has seen Jim shaking and bleeding on a bathroom floor because it is the only place with a lock and the only place he can feel safe and she has seen Spock ready to kill a man for looking at his mate, and there will never be anything of them she does not know.

She thinks, briefly, that they could teach her whatever it is of love-making that so fascinates them, but then she remembers how Spock treated the boy who touched Jim when they went to a club once, for Jim's eighteenth birthday. Remembers the way that Jim will find Spock's hand in a crowd and how Spock closes his eyes and presses their foreheads together before meals, only so that Jim will eat. They are singular, and they will not allow her entrance.
st:aos  au  t'pring  kirk/spock  update 
may 2016 by runpunkrun
Amok T'Pring - by triedunture
The view of the stars flickers and fades, and a young woman's pale face fills the screen. Her tapered fingers shake on her navigation panel like someone wracked with delirium tremens. Her hair is cut severely across her forehead and her ears end in elegant points.

"My god," Bones mutters, his eyes glued to the screen.

Jim focuses on the task at hand. "This is Captain Kirk of the--"

"Spock," the female Vulcan interrupts. Her mouth thins into a tight line.

"It is I," Spock says without inflection. He takes a step forward, standing right next to the captain's chair.

Jim gives him an annoyed glance and tries again. "And I am James Kirk, captain of the USS--"

"Parted from me and never parted," she says without taking her eyes from Spock. She speaks in Standard but with a much heavier accent than Spock's, a tang to her words. "Never and always touching and touched. We meet...not at the appointed place, for it is gone. We meet here." She gives a distressingly un-Vulcan wave of her hand to encompass her frustration with her craft's cramped interior. The tremor in her hand belies her calm face.

"Parted from me and never parted," Spock responds. "Never and always touching and touched. I await you." His voice is steady, almost serene. Kirk wonders if these words are a prayer or a formal greeting reserved for very close family.

"Open the bay doors and your waiting will be done! I grow weary of these pleasantries," she barks. Sulu and Chekov flinch in their seats, obviously not expecting such an outburst. The screen goes black without a sign-off.

"Well, she's lovely," Uhura drawls. "Who is she, Mr. Spock?"

Jim turns to watch his first officer's internal struggle. Yes, Mr. Spock, who is she, he thinks.

"She is T'Pring," Spock says at last, "my wife."

There's five or six full seconds of complete quiet on the bridge before Sulu says, "What."
st:aos  kirk/spock  t'pring  fuckordie  mccoy 
april 2016 by runpunkrun
Don't Stop Believing - by kianspo (Don't Stop Believing #2)
“Christopher, are you saying...” He made an effort to take his voice under control. “I realize that the distance is creating a certain difficulty, but...”

Pike lets out a laugh. It sounds hollow.

“Distance is not our problem, Spock. I don’t like it, but I could have accepted it, if it was something beyond your control. If there was some imperative need for you to stay away. But there isn’t. You’re hundreds of light years away from me – because you want to be. What I don’t understand is why. I didn’t understand it six months ago and I still don’t.”

“It is my duty to—”

“To do what? Derail the only captain in Starfleet who’s got the balls?”

“I am serving as first officer and science officer.”

“Oh, please.”

“I assure you, I attend to no other duties.”

“If you really believe that, you’re deluding yourself.”

“I do not believe it to be the case.”

“Then what is the case, Spock?”

They glare at each other across the table, and although Spock is aware that his behavior is unacceptable, he can’t bring himself to lower the intensity of his gaze.

“What’s happening to you?” Pike asks quietly, and Spock nearly winces. “Spock, I can barely recognize you anymore. You sound so distant over the comm, and now that you’re here, it’s like talking to a complete stranger. I miss my Spock, the one who could tell me anything. The one who used to trust me with his heart.”

Spock lowers his eyes. He is not questioning the physical inaccuracy of the statement. He is thinking of the last eight months that had passed since the destruction of Vulcan. He is trying to remember anything about himself during those eight months. He isn’t sure he can. He can give a precise account of every minute, and yet, he cannot see himself. It’s as if he wasn’t there. As if he never was.
st:aos  spock/pike  spock/uhura  kirk/spock  starfleet.edu  spock&uhura  xmas  snow  breakup  professors  gaila  pike  mitchell  grief  earthside  new-in-town  denial  music  angry  honesty  therapy  t'pring  jealousy  winona  mind-meld  <3 
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