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For the Good of All Mankind - apple_pi - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
"My head hurts,” Rodney said loudly, opening his eyes. “And my thigh hurts. Christ, what did you people do to me?” He wrinkled his nose. “And everything stinks, too."
f:sga  l:atlantis  p:rodney/john  k:firsttime  rating:nc-17  l:offworld  allergies  superpowers  words:5k-10k 
5 weeks ago by miss_speller
Ace day as I've been immortalised on the new career-related board game!! I have cool ,…
superpowers  STEM  Siemens  from twitter_favs
6 weeks ago by tolkien
7 Psychological Superpowers Few People Have (That You Can Use to Set Yourself Apart) by Ayodeji Awosika (Medium, 9/12/2018)
The sentence above describes a superpower few people have. It’s one I’ve only been able to exercise ten percent of the time, but that ten percent creates most of the positive results I get in my…
ayodejiawosika  superpowers  restraint  listening  humility 
10 weeks ago by davidkoren
Unsettling precedents for today’s world
November 26, 2019 | | Financial Times | Martin Wolf.

** Destined for War, Harvard’s Graham Allison
**  The Rise and the Fall of the Great Powers, by Paul Kennedy

Martin Wolf focuses on the three eras of conflict of the past 120 years. 
(1) the cold war (1948-1989) between a liberal democratic west, led by the US, and the communist Soviet Union, a transformed version of the pre-first world war Russian empire. This was a great power conflict between the chief victors of the second world war.....The cold war ended in peaceful triumph. 

(2) the interwar years. This was an interregnum in which the attempt to restore the pre-first world war order failed, the US withdrew from Europe and a huge financial and economic crisis, emanating originally from the US, ravaged the world economy. It was a time of civil strife, populism, nationalism, communism, fascism and national socialism. The 1930s are an abiding lesson in the possibility of democratic collapse once elites fail. They are also a lesson of what happens when great countries fall into the hands of power-hungry lunatics.....the interwar period ended in a catastrophic war.

(3) the decisive period 1870-1914 saw a rebalancing of economic power. In 1880, the UK generated 23 per cent of global manufacturing output. By 1913, this had fallen to 14 per cent. Over the same period, Germany’s share rose from 9 per cent to 15 per cent. This shift in the European balance led to a catastrophic Thucydidean war between the UK, an anxious status quo power, especially once the Germans started building a modern fleet, and Germany, a resentful rising one. Meanwhile, US industrial output went from 15 to 32 per cent of the world’s, while China fell into irrelevance. Thereupon, US action (in the 20th century’s big conflicts) and inaction (in the interwar years) determined the outcomes.....The pre-1914 period ended in a catastrophic war.

Today’s era is a mixture of all three of these. It is marked by a conflict of political systems and ideology between two superpowers, as in the cold war, by a post-financial crisis decline of confidence in democratic politics and market economics as well as by the rise of populism, nationalism and authoritarianism, as in the 1930s, and, most significantly, by a dramatic shift in relative economic power, with the rise of China, as with the US before 1914. For the first time since then, the US faces a power with an economic potential exceeding its own.....what lessons are to be learned from the eras above?
(A) One lesson is that one is that quality of leadership matters!!!!
Xi Jinping’s capacities and intentions are clear enough: he is devoted to party dominance over a resurgent China. But the political system of the western world and especially the US and UK, the two powers that dragged the world through the 1930s, is failing. US President Donald Trump’s erratic leadership recalls that of Germany under Kaiser Wilhelm. Without better leadership, the west and so the wider world are in deep trouble.

(B) Another lesson is the overriding importance of avoiding war.
(C) the most important conclusion is that avoiding yet another catastrophe is insufficient.......Our fates are too deeply intertwined for that. A positive-sum vision of relations between the west, China and the rest has to become dominant if we are to manage the economic, security and environmental challenges we face.
'30s  books  China  China_rising  Cold_War  Donald_Trump  geopolitics  Graham_Allison  history  Martin_Wolf  rising_powers  superpowers  thought-provoking  U.S.  U.S.-China_relations  WWII  Xi_Jinping 
november 2019 by jerryking
Waiting for the Sky to Fall by kathalcyon, shihadch
It turns out that happily ever after really only is something that happens in fairy tales, and life as a vampire slayer is certainly not one of those.

Three months after realising the dude of his dreams is in fact interested, Spencer Smith is finding that there's more to a relationship than smooth sailing and late night makeouts in cemeteries. With a strange pack of werewolves in town, cracks appearing in Brendon, Ryan and Jon's relationship, and a series of mysterious murders out in the desert, it seems like something is rotten in the state of Nevada. The spate of robberies and violence following My Chemical Romance on their summer festival tour is just another complication for the Scoobies at the Disco, something that doesn't seem nearly as important until two of their number vanish without a trace on the eve of the Vegas tour date.

These eight days are going to be one of the longest weeks of Spencer Smith's life.
Fic  TTS  Bandom  Slash  Moresome  Spencer/Bob  Ryan/Brendon/Jon  AU  SupernaturalAU  Fusion  Wereanimals  HighSchool_AU  Superpowers  Established_Relationship  WC:50K-100K  Aug2019  Rec 
august 2019 by paraka
How the West Was Won by shihadchick
Spencer really wishes that "sorry, I had to slay this vampire" was an excuse he could actually use for not having finished his homework. It's not like it's not true. (AU in which the Panic boys are still in high school, and Spencer finds out he's destined to be a Slayer, a la the Buffyverse.)
Fic  TTS  Bandom  Slash  Moresome  Spencer/Bob  Ryan/Spencer/Jon  AU  HighSchool_AU  SupernaturalAU  Superpowers  Fusion  Wereanimals  First_Time  WC:25K-50K  Aug2019  Rec 
august 2019 by paraka
How to Care for Six Super-Powered Kids - EmthelRackem - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve has no idea how to take care of himself, let alone these six kids that showed up at his door. They're all like him though, so really, how could he turn them away?

The government is after them, tracking them down, wanting to take them all back, but Steve's been protecting them. All of them.

Too bad the police had to get involved.
23k  steve/billy  superpowers  mom!steve 
august 2019 by katereis
Blast Boxers - Allothi - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Eames is a supervillain, and Arthur is the reporter he always kidnaps
4k  arthur/eames  reporters  superpowers  crack  humor 
august 2019 by katereis
i'll be your sinner in secret (i'll be your hero and win it) - Chapter 1 - seventhstar - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Yuuri, aka supervillain Eros, would like to date Viktor, the hot, dog-loving man of his dreams. But instead, he keeps just accidentally buying (and stealing) Viktor expensive things and then having to run away.
Yuuri/Victor  yurionice  au  superpowers  wip 
may 2019 by ataratah
Denominations - WriteThroughTheNight - James Bond (Craig movies) [Archive of Our Own]
"Q confirms that he's an Empath three months before his first day of primary school, and the deciding of Denominations that comes with it."


Q is smarter than anyone gives him credit for, and an Empath to boot.
james/Q  skyfall  au  canondivergence  pg13  superpowers 
may 2019 by kpossibles
Nobody Else Can Bind You - moonflowers - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Caught up in the strange sensation, he somehow dredged up the focus to look across to the other boy. Hargrove’s eyes were screwed shut. He was biting at his lip, sweaty and breathing hard, hoarse little gasps creeping through when he clenched his teeth against the pain. Steve opened his mouth to ask if he was okay, but the words were snatched away when he felt one final tug around his hairline where the asshole had smashed the dinner plate. Billy finally caved and cried out, tears in his eyes, a...
10k  steve/billy  superpowers 
may 2019 by katereis
Puppy Love - Jerakeen - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"You stole half the dogs in town," his dad says, hands on his hips. "I should arrest you.""They're in protective custody," Stiles corrects him. He's trying to sound serious, but it's almost impossible when you have a Pomeranian eating your hair. (Words: 7185)
Part 6 of the Scent of a Stiles seriesPart 4 of the Ten (stories) in Ten (weeks) ...or six. whatever. series
rating:teenandupaudiences  pairing:derekhale/stilesstilinski  futurefic  monsteroftheweek  wendigo  pets  puppies  canon-typicalviolence  harmtoanimals(off-screen)  stilescooks  domesticity  superpowers  scenting  tenintenchallenge  community:trope_bingo  betaderek  magicalaccidents  translationavailable 
april 2019 by hepalien
Denominations by WriteThroughTheNight
"Q confirms that he's an Empath three months before his first day of primary school, and the deciding of Denominations that comes with it."
Q is smarter than anyone gives him credit for, and an Empath to boot.
Bond/Q  00q  007  AU  empathy  empath  superpowers  Q-centric  James.Bond(Daniel.Craig) 
march 2019 by allhoneyboo

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